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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1493 by

Chapter 1493

This was the second thing that made Elliot feel uncomfortable.

“When you went to bed in the afternoon, I always felt like I missed something and didn’t do it. So I thought of Xander.” Elliot didn’t want to tell Avery about Rebecca looking for him, for fear that she would be unhappy.

Avery: “I’ve never forgotten Xander. You said before that you wanted to accompany me to see his family, so I think we’ll go when your legs are healed.”

“Well. Where is Robert’s birthday?” Elliot asked, ” You can prepare first.”

Avery took a spoon and filled a bowl of soup and said,”Let’s do it at the hotel. The child is too young, and it is troublesome to take it too far. And your legs are not convenient. Just go and find a hotel nearby!”

“How many people?” Elliot continued to ask.

Avery: “You look please! But be sure to do a good job of security.”

Elliot: “Hmm.”

In the room.

Layla made Hayden a video call and showed him the marriage certificates of her parents.

“Brother, I took it out in my father’s study room secretly. The two of them are having candlelight dinner in the dining room now. It’s so romantic.” Layla put her phone on the table, because she wanted to hold her brother and prevent him from making trouble.

“Robert’s birthday is coming soon, have you thought about what gift to give your younger brother?” Hayden asked over the phone.

Layla frowned, then kissed Robert on the cheek: “He’s so young, I’ll just give him a kiss.”

Robert couldn’t help but smile after being kissed by her sister.

“Look at how happy my brother is! If I gave him a gift, he wouldn’t necessarily be so happy.” Layla laughed.

Hayden was more difficult to do.

Robert was reluctant to call Hayden, and he didn’t like to talk to him about videos.

When Hayden returned to Aryadelle to celebrate Robert’s birthday, Robert would definitely not want to be kissed by him.

“What gift do you think I should buy for Robert?” Hayden asked Layla.

Layla said, “I’ll tell you when you come back. When you come back, I won’t let you go. You promised to come back by the end of the year.”

“It’s not yet the end of the year.” Hayden told her.

Layla: “I don’t care. Our family hasn’t been reunited for a long time. Now that Mom and Dad have finally come back, it’s time for you to come back.”

“I’m going to school.” Hayden didn’t want to continue talking about this topic with his sister, so he hung up video call.

At dining room.

At the end of the dinner, Elliot told Avery about his plan to get ligated.

Avery was shocked when she heard the news and then said, “Because I just said that I won’t give birth in the future, so you want to do this? Elliot, there are many contraceptive methods. We can choose a method that is not harmful to both parties, such as wearing a co*dom.”

“Yes. There are many contraceptive methods, but when we are excited, we may forget contraception. When we were in Yonroeville, we didn’t take any contraceptive measures. Don’t you think it’s dangerous?” Elliot put forward his thoughts.

Avery blushed slightly: “At that time, I deliberately seduced you. I didn’t expect to seduce you successfully… Besides, you lost your memory at that time, and you don’t remember me. It will definitely not be like that again in the future.”

“Avery, don’t take any chances.” Elliot didn’t want any accident, “I’ve made an appointment with the doctor for surgery tomorrow.”

Avery looked at him with her eyes fixed: “Tomorrow? Why are you so anxious?”

“I’ll have surgery tomorrow. When the operation is successful, my leg will almost recover. It will not affect our lives by then.” Elliot told her the plan.

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  1. I’m afraid that if Elliot doesn’t tell Avery that Rebecca sent him the child’s photos when Avery discovers it there might be a problem between them. I thought they’ll be open with each other not hiding anything.

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