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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1485 by

Chapter 1485

“Just because the boss said that we have a husband and wife relationship, so you give people $90 more?” Avery teased him.

Elliot: “Today is our big day. It’s not too much to give a little red envelope, right?”

“It’s not too much, but with so many staff in the Civil Affairs Bureau, do you want to give everyone a red envelope?” Avery didn’t care about the money, she just thought Elliot behavior, a bit pompous.

“I brought candy.” Elliot turned back and glanced at the bodyguard.

The bodyguard was carrying a black bag in his hand.

Avery didn’t know that he prepared wedding candy in advance. So she walked up to the bodyguard and opened the bag, which was full of candy.

“Elliot, you are really thoughtful. Then, do you want to send candy to your company’s employees?” Avery walked over to him and took his arm.

Elliot: “When we had our wedding before, we sent happy candy to the staff.”

Avery: “Oh, I remembered. In fact, our wedding was only two months ago, but it feels like a long time has passed.”

“Well.” Elliot took the form from the staff and handed Avery a copy.

Avery suddenly remembered something, and immediately asked the staff: “I am remarried with him, is the procedure the same as the first time I got the certificate?”

The staff nodded: “Yes. Fill in the application form too.”

“Okay.” Avery was relieved. She didn’t do it in person for the first time, so today was the first time in her life for her.

She was inevitably nervous, always worried about what went wrong.

After filling out the form, Avery brought Elliot form over and checked it.

After checking it was correct, Avery handed the two forms to the staff.

Avery: “Husband, are you nervous?”

Elliot explained, “It’s okay. I was even more nervous during the wedding. At the wedding, we were all acquaintances. Now, no one knows us here.”

The staff said with a smile, “Mr. Foster, you don’t know us, but we both know you and Ms. Tate. As soon as you came in, we all recognized you.”

Elliot: “…”

Avery looked at his flushed face and laughed.

Soon, two freshly-baked marriage certificates were handed to them.

“Didn’t you say you were going to find Tammy? I’ll take the marriage certificate back and keep it.” Elliot took the marriage certificate from her hand.

Avery: “Well, let’s have a celebratory meal when I go back in the evening.”

Elliot: “Okay.”

After the two got into the car, the driver sent Avery to Lynch’s house first.

After Avery got off the car, the driver drove the car to the Starry River Villa.

Elliot held two marriage certificates in his hand and was very emotional. He opened the marriage certificate and looked at their group photo, stunned.

He rarely shares moments of life in the circle of friends, but at this moment, he couldn’t help taking out his mobile phone and took a photo of the two marriage certificates.

He uploaded the photo and attached the text: I only have one wife, and she is Avery.

He pressed the release button, then opened the window and let the air blow.

After a few minutes, he picked up his phone and saw the news just posted, and there were countless likes.

Ben Schaffer Comments: [Come back soon, I’ll be waiting for you at your wife’s house.]

Elliot replied: [Have you returned to Aryadelle?]

Ben Schaffer: [Yes! I came out of the airport and went straight to your wife’s house.]

Elliot: [Is there something wrong?]

Ben Schaffer: [After we met, I’ll say.]

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  1. Finally…
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  2. I always wondered about them having that marriage certificate, I knew it was going to be a problem. So happy it is now finalized!!!

  3. Doesn’t the ceremony seem like months ago. At least 3. He’s been back a few weeks and the fetus was 2 months old almost 3 when they left the other country. So it should have been like 3-4 mi this since the ceremony

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