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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1484 by

Chapter 1484

Avery opened her bag, glanced at the documents of the two, and breathed a sigh of relief: “I have all the documents. When the sky falls, the genius will not fall.”

Elliot: “Why did we not get the certificate until today?”

Avery was stunned for a moment: “If you didn’t go to Yonroeville at that time, we planned to get the certificate after the wedding.”

Elliot: “That’s too late. Hayden and Layla are both eight years old.”

“To be precise, there are Eight and a half.” Avery corrected him.

Elliot: “You didn’t want to get a certificate from me before, so you don’t believe me.”

Avery thought about this question carefully, and then said: “I think it is very troublesome to go through the formalities. Marriage and divorce are very troublesome. If we have a good relationship, but it doesn’t matter whether you have that marriage certificate or not.”

Elliot: “But this time it was you who asked for the certificate.”

Avery was embarrassed: “Can you not break the stage?”

Elliot: “I just want to know your mental journey.”

“My mental journey is very simple. When I don’t want to get the certificate from you, I won’t get it, but if I want to get it, I will get it.” Avery was succinct, with a hint of domineering in her tone, “What’s your opinion?”

“No opinion. You want to do it. You can do whatever you want and live as you want, that’s fine.” Elliot smiled.

Elliot was in a good mood when he got the certificate today.

Avery was also in a good mood.

It seemed like they had waited so long for this moment.

“Actually, getting the certificate doesn’t mean anything.” Avery sighed suddenly, “Look, Tammy and Jun have also obtained the certificate, but they are having a lot of trouble now. Tammy told me that Jun was going on a blind date with another woman in the ward. “

Elliot: “Are you sure this news is true?”

Avery: “I’m not in the ward, how do I know if it’s true. It was Tammy who told me.”

Elliot said, “Jun shouldn’t do such a thing. He really wanted to start a new life with another woman, so there’s no need to hide in the hospital for a blind date.”

“But Tammy has already gone to the hospital and slapped Jun.” When Avery said this, Elliot was very worried about the next development of the two of them.

It should have been a happy thing that Tammy was pregnant, but the two ended up fighting against each other.

“Does Tammy tend to be violent?” Elliot frowned slightly, “Tammy hit it right, but not once or twice this time.”

Avery also felt that it was not very good to do it, but everyone’s temper was different.

Avery: “Tammy is pregnant now, and it’s easier to lose control of her emotions.”

Elliot: “It’s just a matter of understanding.”

“Well. Tammy told me to leave it alone, saying that she had given up.” Avery wanted to control it, but couldn’t.

Emotions are a matter of two people, and outsiders can’t do anything at all.

Avery: “I’ll get the certificate later, you go home first. I’ll go see Tammy.”

“Okay. You make her less excited. It’s time to change her hot temper. Otherwise, when the child is born, I’m worried about the child. I can’t stand it.” Elliot reminded.

Avery: “You’re very welcome. Even if Tammy can’t take the child, her mother and nanny will help. The child will definitely be well taken care of. Now I’m just worried that Tammy can’t think of it.”

Tammy always showed a fiery look that she was not afraid of anyone, but in fact she was very sensitive and fragile inside.

Civil Affairs Bureau.

Before filling out the form, the two went to the nearby photo studio to take a registration photo.

This was a very simple photo studio, it won’t help with p-picture beautification, and the fee is very cheap.

After the photo was taken, the boss said, “You two really look like husband and wife.” Avery took the photo and glanced at it: “Is there any?”

“Yes, you meet every day, you can’t see it yourself.” The boss handed them the cropped photo, “$10, scan the code or cash?”

Just when Avery was about to scan the code, Elliot put a $100 bill. Hand it to the boss: “No need to look for it.”

Avery was stunned for a moment.

In the boss’s thanks, Elliot pulled Avery to fill out the form.

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