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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1480 by

Chapter 1480

Wesley saw his call and immediately answered the call.

“Do you think it’s appropriate to talk about you and Shea now?” Elliot voice came in a low voice, “Shea hasn’t recovered yet, are you so eager?”

His questioning made Wesley silent.

In fact, this matter was not what Wesley asked to talk about.

It was Shea who hoped that this matter would be settled.

It was impossible for Wesley to pour cold water on her.

And following her, it would make people mistakenly think that he was leading the matter behind the scenes.

“Well, wait until shea recovers. I’ll have a good chat with her.” Wesley said.

Elliot didn’t hang up because he still had doubts.

Elliot asked, “Can you tell your feelings for Avery and Shea? You chased Avery before. How can you like Shea?”

“If you like Avery, then you can’t like other women?” Wesley’s answer was open and aboveboard, “Avery is not only beautiful, easy-going, but also very capable. Many men like her.”

“Then you decide to be with Shea now, do you think she is easy to control? Or is it you? What do you want?” Elliot asked unceremoniously.

“Elliot, Shea is not your own sister. Do you think that when I am with her, apart from getting doubts from you, what else can I gain from you?” Wesley laughed at himself and continued, “This year, I have lost far more than I have gained a lot.”

Elliot felt that he had not finished speaking, so he did not speak immediately.

“If shea were your sister, I would be embarrassed to be with her. Now, she and I are both ordinary people. We are willing to be together and spend the future together, that’s all.”

Elliot roughly understood what Wesley meant. .

Wesley was not an ambitious person. From the fact that he left Bridgedale and returned to Aryadelle, he did not rely on his father, the dean, but only became an ordinary doctor. It can be seen that what he pursues is not a magnificent life.

“Although Shea is not my own sister, in my heart, she is closer than my own sister. If you dare to let her be wronged in the future, I will never let you go.” Elliot spoke harshly to Wesley.

Wesley: “I wronged myself, and I won’t wrong her.”

“Don’t say it so grandly. If you hadn’t asked Shea to donate blood to Robert, Shea would never have known about Robert. Avery was sad, so she chose to sacrifice Shea.” Elliot brought up the old story again.

Wesley felt a colic in his heart: “I’m not an immortal, how could I have expected such serious consequences for Shea’s blood donation? Besides, I have been regretting it. I really shouldn’t have told her about Robert. It’s time to tell her that her blood can save Robert. In this way, she won’t suffer any pain, and she and I don’t have to hide outside for that long.”

If Wesley didn’t tell Shea, then Robert might have died at that time.

–Why doesn’t Elliot understand this?

–It’s just that the depressed mood always wants to find an outlet.

“Elliot, don’t mention this again. You can accuse me, but don’t mention it again.” Wesley’s tone increased, “I will take good care of Shea in the future, whether you agree with me or not, we will both spend this life together.”

This conversation was completely beyond Elliot’s imagination.

After a year of precipitation, not only Shea has changed, but Wesley has also changed.

Wesley was no longer the gentle and introverted gentleman he used to be.

He was tougher and more mature than before.

Elliot no longer doubts whether he can take on the heavy responsibility of taking care of Shea.


Primary School.

This afternoon, the school held a celebration of 11th in the auditorium.

Avery, as the representative of the parents of the students, sat down in the front row of the audience.

Layla’s head teacher said to Avery: “After Layla’s performance is over, the host will invite you to come on stage and chat with you casually.”

Avery: “Layla didn’t tell me that I needed to come on stage.”

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