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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1477 by

Chapter 1477

The sun shines through the window and falls into the huge living room.

On the sofa, a man and a woman hugged each other and slept soundly.

Suddenly, a rapid and harsh ringtone came from the mobile phone.

Gwen opened her eyes first.

It was her phone that rang.

Gwen wanted to reach out to find the phone, but her arm was bound by something, so she couldn’t move.

She opened her eyes immediately, and after seeing what was restraining her, she immediately raised her feet and kicked Ben Schaffer off the sofa.

“Ah!” Ben Schaffer exclaimed, then opened his eyes.

“You old hooligan!” Gwen jumped off the sofa and scolded Ben Schaffer, “Think about what happened last night.”

Ben Schaffer was blank and forgot about the pain.

Last night, he invited Hayden Gwen to dinner.

He ordered a bottle of wine and drank it alone.

Hayden ate children’s meals, Gwen ate fruit salad. Ben was boring to drink alone, but he didn’t want to end the dinner so quickly, he could only drink one cup after another… In the end, he was drunk.

He couldn’t remember what happened after he was drunk.

“Gwen, can’t you? I drank too much last night, it’s impossible for you.” Ben Schaffer smelled an odor that didn’t belong to him, so he raised his arm and smelled it. .

It seems to be Gwen’s breath.

“You old hooligan, you drank too much last night and kept holding me and refused to let go. Hayden almost called the police, if I hadn’t stopped him. You should be in the detention center now.”

Ben Schaffer was shocked: “Is Hayden so heartless?”

“Isn’t the point that you are playing a hooligan to me?” Gwen was so angry that she ignored the phone call.

“Okay, sorry. I drank too much last night. How did I get back?” Ben rubbed his aching temples.

Gwen: “I hired two big men to drag you back.”

Ben Schaffer: “…”

Seeing that Ben really didn’t remember anything, Gwen didn’t bother him.

Gwen picked up her phone, saw the missed call from her agent, and called back immediately.

After calling, she immediately went to the bathroom to wash her face and was ready to go out.

“Are you going out? I’ll take you off.” Ben followed to the bathroom with a smell of alcohol.

Gwen: “No need. I’ll go to the company myself.”

“I just want to see your company. After I deliver you, I’ll go to the airport. I’ll go home with my ticket today.” Ben apologized to her again, “Gwen, I’m sorry. Next time I meet you, I won’t drink anymore.”

Gwen listened to his sincere tone and sneered: “You better bless me not to be famous, otherwise we will definitely not have the chance to meet next time.”

Ben: “Why? Are you going to leave the earth when you are famous?”

Gwen: “I am famous, and ordinary people want to spend money when they see me.”

Ben: “Then I don’t need to spend money.”

Gwen: “…”



Wonder Technologies.

The assistant pushed open the door of Wanda’s office.

“Ms. Tate, there is some exciting news, do you want to hear it?”

Wanda glared at the assistant.

The assistant immediately came to her ear and whispered, “A female cleaner in our company told people everywhere that she was Elliot’s biological mother.”

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  1. Elliot is like a cake everyone wants to have a slice of him. Where has this woman who’s claiming to be Elliot’s mother been since all this years? If he was a poor nobody no one would’ve wanted to identify with him. From one problem to another. No breathing space for him.

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