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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1476 by

Chapter 1476

Avery smelled a strong smell of wine in his breath.

Elliot was drinking. He looked at her with slightly drunk eyes, and said frankly: “I’m in a good mood today, and I drank a small cup.”

Avery: “You only stopped taking the medicine today.”

“Yes, I stopped taking the medicine today, so I drank a little.” Elliot said, wrapping his arms around her waist, “I’m going to sleep with you tonight.”

“Okay, you’ve already been drinking, why are you afraid of the cold virus?” Avery teased him, “No one will stop you from drinking?”

Elliot looked innocent: “No. They clink glasses with me.”

Avery: “…”

Elliot: “Don’t be angry. The champagne I drink is not high enough.”

Avery: “The alcohol is not high but it’s also wine. I didn’t stare at you for a while, and you started messing around. Fortunately, I didn’t let you go to work. If you were allowed to go to work, I don’t know what you would be like.”

Elliot looked at her angry expression, He leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.

“You’ve been chatting with Tammy tonight, what are you talking about?” Elliot’s breath gushed on her skin, intimate and warm.

“I asked her why Jun didn’t come, and she said her mother-in-law was hospitalized with high blood pressure. Do you know about this?” Avery was relieved because of his kiss.

Avery helped him and walked towards the master bedroom.

Elliot: “I also found out tonight. Jun was taking care of his mother in the hospital, so he didn’t come.”

Avery frowned slightly, “Tammy said that her mother-in-law might force them to separate. Do you think we can help them?”

Elliot said sharply, “Jun’s mother wants a child, but Tammy doesn’t give it. Their conflicts can’t even be resolved. As outsiders, how can we help? You persuade Tammy to do the worst. she must plan to give birth to the child first.”

Avery: “That’s what I advised her. Tammy really wants to give birth to this child, so she should be able to think about it.”

Elliot: “Well.”

The two returned to the master bedroom, and Avery helped Elliot to sit on the sofa.

Avery: “You take off your clothes, I’ll go get the water.”

Elliot fractured his left leg and is still splinted, so he can’t take a bath or shower.

“Avery, have you watched the news online?” Elliot unbuttoned his shirt one by one.

Avery responded: “I took a look when I woke up during the day. Are you trying to say that you were secretly photographed when you were discharged from the hospital? You look a little haggard in the photo. Why was your expression so serious at that time? “

“Because I didn’t see you, I was a little confused.” Elliot explained.

“Haha, I wanted to call you this morning, but I was so dizzy at the time that I fell asleep after taking the medicine.” Avery smiled and admitted her mistake, “The netizens look at me too highly, how dare I Break your legs? Even if you marry a hundred wives, I wouldn’t dare.”

Listening to her teasing, Elliot stopped when he took off his clothes: “One hundred wives, do you want me to die in bed?”

Avery: “Yeah, isn’t that easier than breaking your leg?”

“Avery, do you care about me and Rebecca?” Elliot asked, looking at her figure in the bathroom.

Avery came out with the water basin, “Can you believe me if I say I don’t care? If I go to get a license with a man, but I don’t have a relationship, you can’t stand it. A child came out. Elliot, you asked me this question, do you want me to comfort you in return?”

Elliot threw the shirt he took off on the ground, and pulled the belt buckle off with his fingers.

“I’m not wronged, I don’t need comfort. I want to comfort you, but I don’t know how.” Elliot pulled out the belt and put it aside.

Avery put the water basin on the table, then walked up to him and took off his pants.

The trousers Elliot wore were looser, so it was easier to take them off.

Avery: “Just be careful when taking off your left leg.”

Avery said lightly, “You better stop comforting me. The more you comfort me, the more cranky I am. people need to be content. Elliot, I am very happy when you are by my side now. Just don’t think about Rebecca and that child.”

Elliot: “Then don’t think about it.”

“Yeah.” After taking off his pants, Avery picked up the shirt he threw on the ground and put it in the laundry basket.



The sun rose slowly from the east.

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  1. Jennifer Valdez

    After everything that happened to them abroad, they should be fine by now… Mike doesn’t need to worry as he doesn’t know anything… Let the two settle their own issues…

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