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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1475 by

Chapter 1475


In the evening.

Everyone came to the Starry River Villa with gifts to celebrate Elliot’s discharge from the hospital and also to celebrate the reconciliation between Elliot and Avery.

After Avery took two doses of medicine, the fever subsided and her head was not so dizzy.

But after Tammy came over, she still put on a mask.

Tammy was pregnant and couldn’t get sick.

Tammy said, “Avery, you must have been too tired recently. When people are too tired, they are easy to get sick. Before I got pregnant, I also caught a cold once. I also took cold medicine. I asked the doctor if the child would be sick. It will be affected. The doctor said that since the baby didn’t bleed, it means that it has no effect.”

Avery: “Well. Why didn’t you come with Jun?”

After heard this question, the calm on Tammy’s face no longer existed.

“My mother-in-law was hospitalized because of my high blood pressure. Jun went to take care of him. I haven’t seen him for three days, and I suspect my mother-in-law won’t let him come to me.”

Avery frowned, “Your mother-in-law’s condition is very serious. Have you been to the hospital?”

“My mother-in-law has had high blood pressure for many years. Since I met Jun, she has been hospitalized several times. She has to stay for half a month each time. If I go to see her, not only will I not be able to comfort her, but it will only make her blood pressure even higher.” Tammy laughed at herself, and contined, “I can’t compromise with her. I have already decided what my child’s name will be.

“Okay! what’s the name?” Avery asked.

“If it’s the baby boy, his name will be Enzo, or If it’s the baby girl, her name will be Kara. What do you think?” Tammy was very satisfied with the name she came up with.

Avery thinks the name is good, but her mother-in-law is afraid that she will not give up.

Avery: “Tammy, ​​what will you do if your mother-in-law doesn’t allow Jun to be with you?”

Tammy: “I’ve been thinking about it these days. It’s enough for me to have children, but men are not necessary. Besides, without Jun, I can still find other men. The most important person in my life is definitely not a man with no blood relationship. The most important people should be my parents, and then my children. “

Avery felt that Tammy was much more mature.

Avery: “If only my mother is still alive. I want her to be happy, but there is no chance.”

“Avery, don’t be sad. The things we can do are actually very limited. Don’t look at how free and easy I just said. In fact Jun didn’t come to me for three days, I’m very angry.” Tammy pulled out a wry smile and continued, “But I can’t be sad all the time because of this, it’s not good for the child.”

Avery: “It’s good for you to think so. Be sure to take care of your own body. It will be a very happy thing to have a child born safely. It is completely different from the happiness of love.”

“Yeah! Elliot is almost recovering, right? I see him holding Robert with one hand, so relaxed.” Tammy looked towards Elliot.

Avery: “It should be almost the same. I told him not to hug Robert first. After all, he is still recovering, but he doesn’t listen. Because Robert doesn’t want Elliot but he wants to have a good relationship with Robert quickly.”

Tammy: “Haha, I see it. Now, Robert’s little mouth is pouting, not very happy.”

Avery walked over and took Robert from Elliot’s arms.

After Robert got into his mother’s arms, he immediately made a ‘Owow’ in aggrieved, and then called out to his mother softly.

“Robert is so cute. When he grows up, he will definitely be completely different from Hayden. He will definitely be a little warm man.” Tammy reached out and teased Robert’s little face.

Avery said, “Because they grew up in different environments. In fact, Layla’s personality was not gregarious before, but it changed a little after returning to Aryadelle.”

The smile on Tammy’s face disappeared.

The environment of a single parent family will definitely have a big impact on the children.

If Tammy can’t resolve the conflict with her mother-in-law, her children will grow up in a single-parent family in the future.

Avery: “Tammy, ​​you don’t have to worry so much. Although Hayden is not gregarious, he is also very good. Being lively has the advantage of being lively, and being introverted has the advantage of being introverted.”

Tammy was delighted, “If my child can have Hayden percent With an IQ of one, I’m going to be so happy.”

At 9 p.m., everyone left one after another.

After Avery put Robert to sleep, she came to Elliot.

She stood on tiptoe, approached his face, smelled it, and then frowned: “Elliot, what’s the matter with you?”

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