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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1474 by

Chapter 1474

Ben Schaffer’s roar was deafening.

Gwen was not so afraid of him at first, but seeing his angry look at the moment, her heart suddenly trembled.

“Uncle Schaffer, my aunt doesn’t eat heavy meal every night. She only eats fruit at night.” Hayden said, breaking the silence.

Ben Schaffer: “???”

The corners of his mouth twitched, and the blush on his face became deeper. Finally, an embarrassed cough started.

Gwen couldn’t help but want to laugh: “Forget it, I’ll go with you.”

After going out, Ben Schaffer was too embarrassed, so he kept walking with Hayden and kept asking about Hayden’s study.

Hayden was annoyed by his questioning, so he walked to Gwen’s side.

Ben Schaffer had to walk side by side with the two of them.

“Gwen, you’re so thin and exercising now, there is no need to skip dinner. You can eat less.” Ben Schaffer finally summoned up the courage to speak to her.

Gwen: “I want to eat too, but my boss won’t let me. You go and tell my boss.”

Ben: “Who is your boss?”

Gwen: “Manager.”

“Who is your manager?” Ben Schaffer asked.

“Do you really want to find her?” Gwen raised her eyebrows and asked him, “What does it have to do with you if I eat dinner or not?”

This question stopped Ben Schaffer. He seems to be really busy. But he just wanted to take care of her.

“Hayden, didn’t you invest in the company? You are the big boss behind the scenes. Go and tell the agent that you can’t keep your body by dieting. It’s unhealthy.”

Hayden: “I don’t care.”

Although he invested the money to open the company, he was only responsible for investing the money and nothing else.

Moreover, Gwen just didn’t eat at night, so she could eat a little for breakfast and lunch.

Gwen still does physical exercise every day, which shows that she is not so hungry.

The three went to a restaurant and sat down.

After Ben Schaffer ordered a table of dishes with the menu, he ordered a bottle of red wine with great interest.

Gwen thought he was a bit outrageous: “Are you addicted to alcohol? Would you like to find a few people to drink with you?”

Ben: “No, I’ll drink a little.”

Gwen: “You drink a little but you have ordered a bottle, why?”

“Can I still order a drink? This is not a bar.” Ben Schaffer guessed that Gwen might be distressed about the money, so he explained, “I can take the wine bottle home if I can’t finish it, and drink it when I want to drink in the future.”

Gwen: “I don’t like drinking.”

Ben: “Didn’t you drink well when you accompany you before?”

“Are you sure you want to turn your back on the old account?” Gwen raised her eyebrows, with an attitude of ‘the old lady will accompany her to the end’, which made Ben Schaffer persuade him.

“Bring back what you can’t finish drinking, you can take it to soak your feet.” Ben Schaffer said seriously, “Maybe it can be sterilized.”

Gwen: “I think you need it more. You can buy more wine, take a bath with wine, and your whole body will be healed. All need to be sterilized.”

Ben Schaffer: “…”

Hayden sat on the side, listening to the two of them coming and going against each other, like sitting on pins and needles. Before eating, he was already half full.

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