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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1473 by

Chapter 1473

Gwen was wearing a yoga suit and was sweating. Seeing Ben Schaffer, she was stunned for a moment.

“What? It’s such a surprise to see me?” Ben Schaffer glanced at her quickly as he spoke.

But he hasn’t seen her for a while, and he feels that Gwen has lost a lot of weight, and her temperament has changed.

“The access control system at home is broken.” Gwen took a step back to make way for him.

“Oh, why didn’t someone come to fix it?” Ben Schaffer entered the room and changed his shoes at the entrance.

Gwen: “No one usually comes to visit.”

“Then how dare you open the door if you don’t know it’s me?” Ben Schaffer was surprised by her weak sense of defense.

“I know it’s you. Hayden told me this morning that you would come over today.” Gwen walked to the living room and put away the yoga mat.

“Then why were you so surprised when you saw me just now?” Ben Schaffer changed his shoes and walked to the living room to watch her clean up.

Gwen said slowly, “I’m not surprised to see you. I was stunned by the speed of your aging. The last time I saw you, I didn’t think you were so old. Why haven’t you seen you for a while, so old More.”

Ben Schaffer: “???”

–How different can he be now from three months ago?

–Why is Gwen speaking so ugly?

Gwen was mad at him on purpose.

“Why don’t you talk? Are you angry?” Gwen cleaned up the living room and turned to look at him, “You don’t look in the mirror every day, do you? You are really aging a lot, are you tired from work? Or play with women? Too much, your body is weak?”

Ben Schaffer gritted his teeth. He had chosen a gift for her carefully, but now he didn’t want to give it to her.

“What’s in this hand?” Gwen saw the bag in his hand, so she asked, “A gift?”

Ben Schaffer took a deep breath and decided not to care about her.

After all, he was ashamed of her.

He handed her the bag: “A gift for you.”

“Oh, is it compensation for a previous miscarriage?” She took the bag and took out a jewelry box from it.

No wonder Gwen said that, ordinary friend, who gave such a precious gift.

Ben Schaffer couldn’t stand being stabbed by her words, “Gwen, can you talk to me? I’m very happy to see you.”

Gwen: “I’m not happy to see you happy.”

Ben Schaffer was left speechless by her, and lost his temper. He walked to the sofa angrily and sat down, changing the subject: “When will Hayden be back?”

Gwen: “Six, seven or eight in the evening.”

Ben: “It’s so late?”

“Is six o’clock too late?” Gwen put the jewelry box Open, and inside was a sparkling bracelet. She put the bracelet on, That was not bad.

“Isn’t he a primary school student? Domestic primary school students leave school at five o’clock in the afternoon.”

“Hayden is an ordinary primary school student but he is a genius.” Gwen teased, “I’m going to the training class to study accounting, shouldn’t it be too late? Wait for me to take the exam. Accountant certificate, maybe I can do better than you.”

Ben Schaffer felt his face being rubbed against the ground by her.

Ben: “Gwen, do you hate me so much?”

“Don’t make fun of yourself. I just don’t like your sh*t and I have to ask Avery to tell me about the big things. You’re not ashamed.”

Ben Schaffer was beaten by her. Powerless to fight back, defeated without a fight.

At 6:30 p.m., Hayden came home from school.

“Let’s eat out. I’ll treat you.” Ben Schaffer got up from the sofa and said to Hayden with a smile.

Hayden has no opinion.

“You guys go eat, I won’t go.” Gwen said lightly.

When Ben Schaffer heard her words, he immediately exploded.

“Gwen, are you so interesting? It’s just a meal, and it didn’t kill you. Are you targeting me like this?” Ben Schaffer blushed with anger, and quickly bullied his chest.

Gwen and Hayden were stunned.

31 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1473 by”

  1. Ok, so am I the only one wondering about Elliott saying that if Avery don’t continue to love him he would take everything from her including the children?

  2. Patricia C.
    Elliot did say that (assuming ‘the child’ still refers to ‘the children). He still refuses to understandstand why she did what she did for Shea – that hurt was too deep apparently.
    That may not be an easy thing to do – her son wld never tolerate that.
    Honest, with the attitudes these ‘parents’ have imbedded in them, I see no happy endings. (Fully expecting Avery to go nuts, again, when she realizes the position she is in, and, how nasty Elliot will be to her, in the future, still).

    1. I’m sure Mike will open his big mouth at some point. He usually does whenever Elliot does something to piss him off. As much as I love this “novel,” some of the characters lack too many brain cells & handle problems terribly. They continue to make it worse rather than trying to resolve it.

  3. To what I understand Elliot is finally back from old Elliot.
    Remember Mike didn’t see how Avery & Elliot overcame the problem in Yoeronville & made up.
    So Mike is talking about Elliot that he changed because of the surgery and married Rebecca. That means Mike thinking Elliot isn’t the same Elliot anymore and concerned to Avery that Elliot will take everything from Avery.
    On Elliot side, he only answered what Mike ask (what if Avery don’t love him anymore or might stop loving him) but he is confident that Avery love him and will do everything for him, that means it is impossible to happen that Avery will stop loving Elliot. 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Yes i hope what you say is true about elliot. Mighty elliot is back. I love this..elliot ruthless but still in love in avery n believe in her.

      1. Arinzone, I hope so too but if this novel isn’t done yet prior translating I guess it’s going to have more twist 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. That’s write Mike only thinks about Elliot that lost his memory he doesn’t know that he’s regained his memory.

    3. I feel the writer has something else in mind, but the thing is that relation ship has already seen so many ups n downs it is better the writer let them have a normal relationship n close their story. This seems to be dragging now uselessly

  4. I feel he’s letting her control the relationship without so much of his input. If she messes up again, which we know she definitely will, when thing go bad it will be on her. He was lost without his family, he’d want her to feel the same way. I wonder if her body is acting up because it’s time for her period and the taking of the embryo is affecting her body? Hmm what do you think?

  5. I think Elliot was sending Mike a message. Elliot said there is some things he could never forget…Mike is the reason Elliot left to begin with and is always trying to get them to split up. I think Avery needs better friends then Mike.

  6. Thank you very much for your hard work translating this book, I truly appreciate it. Anyway. I was still hoping that the baby Rebecca is carrying is not Elliot and Avery baby. So things would go smoothly for them since they’ve been through so much. I hope we do not have to wait for 18 years for them to find out that the baby is theirs. I know Avery did a bad thing by lying to Elliot when she wanted to save Sha, but she did so much for this man. Put her life on the line countless times so he would not only return home but save his life. Why would he want to take everything from her if she stop loving him??smh. They both love each other I hope that do not change. I hope the children start to love their dad just like how they love their mother. When will this book come to an end it’s like it’s on going. Omg. This like a never ending saga 🙃 I just want to see how it all ends and if they will be a happy family and finally defeat the evil people.

  7. I think Elliot’s response to Mike is due to Mike bullying him Mike doesn’t like Elliot, he knows that Avery loves him and he loves Avery as well. Avery going to look for him this second time really proved to him that Avery loves him and he confessed it to her, Elliot knows that Rebecca even though she says she loves him only wants to use him for her interest. My problem is Mike and Tammy who are always interfering in their relationship and calling Elliot names and insulting him any time they have a problem. Mike doesn’t want Avery to be with Elliot. There’s no relationship that has a smooth sailing but with understanding the two can solve their problems. I think Avery should draw a line between her friends and her marriage life. Not to allow any one to talk down on her husband.
    As for Rebecca she wanted Elliot’s child so much so let her bear the responsibility in 18 years time everything will come to light when the email Xander sent is delivered except Lorenzo knew about it and asked him to withdraw it before he was murdered if at all it can be withdrawn.

      1. I’m reading this on other sites because some post sooner. I’m on chapter 1482 which is the same as this chapter 1473. There are chapters missing about the time in the hospital in the other country before coming home and how they were able to leave. Also about how he arrived at the hospital at home.

  8. and the DNA test made by hayden before said that cole is just an uncle and concluded that it was elliot, their father.. the twists just doesnt make sense

    1. Did you read Avery knew Cole wasn’t the father but she was scared to have the twins because her husband didn’t want children and that why she said it was Cole.

      1. When Avery first brought the twins back Hayden and Layla took hair from Cole and did a DNA test that showed they were related to Cole but he was not their father. That is how they determined Elliot was their father. At the time the kids believed Elliot was related to the Foster family, however we now know Elliot is not a Foster.

  9. Haden is a notorious hacker and he can gain information by hacking into the lab and genealogy research records. Elliot loved Avery and she loved him. They have to build trust. Mike knew that and he wants to remain a part of Avery’s life so he is only looking out for his interest.

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