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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1468 by

Chapter 1468

“Well, let’s wait until Elliot is discharged from the hospital.” Wesley glanced at the time and asked, “Avery, Why did Elliot go to bed so early? Did he eat lunch?”

“I haven’t eaten yet. If he wants to sleep, let him sleep.” Avery was a little hungry, “Let’s go out to eat. There were nurses and bodyguards watching him here, he would be fine.”

Wesley: “Well.”

They came out of the hospital and found a restaurant nearby sit down.

When ordering, Wesley took the menu, told Shea what each dish was, and asked her what she wanted to eat.

Avery took the water cup and took a sip: “Brother Wesley, do your parents know what happened to you and Shea?”

“Yes. Shea went to my house today, and my mother talked to her.”

“They were right. What was Shea’s attitude?” Avery was afraid that Shea would be wronged in the Brook family.

“Avery, my uncle and auntie are very good to me.” Shea said actively, “Auntie said she likes me very much.”

Avery smiled knowingly: “That’s good.”

“If I were with Shea, I would not follow me. Parents live together.” Wesley thought about their future, “Shea said she wanted to raise a baby.”

“Very good. You should go back to work in the hospital next, right?” Avery asked him about his work plan .

“Well. I like this industry quite a bit.”

“Brother Wesley, you and Shea will go well next time.” Avery was happy for the two of them, “I’m waiting for your wedding.”

Wesley’s cheeks were slightly red: “Wait until Shea’s body recovers. The wedding is just a formality, I don’t really care.”

“It doesn’t matter if you care, you have to ask Shea if she cares.” Avery said with a smile.

Shea was originally willful in front of Wesley, but what Sandra said to Shea this morning, Shea remembered in her heart.

Shea couldn’t let Wesley be wronged, she needed to listen to Wesley’s opinions and felt Wesley’s psychology more.

“I listened to Wesley.” Shea said with embarrassment.

“Brother Wesley, Shea is because you said you don’t care about the wedding, so I’m embarrassed to say that I want a wedding.” Avery analyzed, “If you are afraid of trouble, you don’t need to have a grand wedding. You can go to the resort to hold a small and medium-sized wedding. There is still a sense of ceremony, after all, it is only once in a lifetime.”

Wesley nodded: “After Elliot is discharged from the hospital, I will talk to him first, in case he disagrees…”

“Don’t worry, Elliot has a sharp mouth and a beautiful heart, and Shea has already told him that he wants to marry you, so it is impossible for Elliot to ignore Shea’s wishes.” Avery knew Elliot too well.

Shea was a special existence to him.

Elliot could quarrel with Avery because of many things, but not to Shea.

After lunch, Avery asked Wesley to take Shea back to rest.

Shea was relatively weak now and was still recovering, so it was not suitable to stay outside for a long time.

After watching them go, Avery returned to the hospital.

Mike and Chad came over.

Mike brought Mrs. Cooper’s lunch, and Elliot was eating.

“Avery, go back and rest. Chad is here with Elliot in the afternoon.” Mike said to Avery, “Mrs. Cooper has a cold.”

Avery nodded, walked to the bed, and asked Elliot, “Do you want me to feed you? “

Elliot left hand was fractured, although it was not serious, but Avery couldn’t bear to see Elliot eat with one hand.

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  1. Instill don’t understand why Wesley hasn’t talked about the results of tye full physical examination he conducted on Avery.
    As in, why haven’t they talked about it.
    This author keeps having lots of loopholes in his stories.

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