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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1465 by

Chapter 1465

“Where did the process go?” Avery asked. She also planned to wait until Elliot was discharged from the hospital before doing this.

Unexpectedly, Ben Schaffer was already ready.

“It’s over.” Elliot said casually, “Adrian lives in my house now?”

Avery said,”Yeah, Adrian and Shea live in your house. If you mind, I’ll arrange another place for him. I see that he and Shea have a good relationship, so I don’t want to separate them.”

“I have no opinion.” When Elliot said this, the conversation changed, “If this is the case, then I can only go to live your home.”

Avery blinked and froze for a moment: “You are my husband, and you should have lived with me.”

“Avery, you said Elliot didn’t feel hurt his head. He didn’t think he was injured. He used to be smart.” Tammy glanced at the document, put it down, turned around, and laughed.

“Tammy, you need to be virtuous when you are pregnant.” Elliot said, his eyes shifted to Jun, “Your mother asked Ben Schaffer to give me a message.”

Jun’s mouth twitched: “My mother said What’s wrong?”

Elliot: “Your mother asked me to remind you that you can live in Tammy’s house, but the child must be surenamed Hertz.”

Jun: “…”

Tammy suddenly got angry: “Originally I didn’t want to argue about this, but since my mother-in-law has to fight, then my child has to have my surname.” After a pause, she said again, “Tell my mother-in-law what I said.”

Elliot: “Are you going to pass the phone?”

Jun: “Tammy, ​​I’m going to tell my mother…but I won’t talk about it for now. I’m afraid she will get emotional and come to quarrel with you…”

Tammy: “Do you think I’m afraid of her? She’s so ridiculous. She’s not named Hertz, and I don’t know what my child’s last name is, and she won’t be named her. What is she excited about?”

Jun: “Okay, stop talking about this.”

Tammy: “I have to.”

“Then let’s go back and talk!” Jun took Tammy left the ward.

Avery chased out and persuaded: “Tammy, ​​pay attention to your emotions, don’t get too excited.”

“Don’t worry. I’m in a good mood. As long as Jun is on my side, I’m not afraid of anything.” Tammy smiled at her, “Go in and take care of Elliot.”


After watching them leave, Avery returned to the ward.

She put away the documents on the desk and said, “These are for the lawyers, right?”

Elliot: “Ben Schaffer said the lawyers will come to pick them up later.”

“Well.” Putting the documents in the cabinet, Avery sat down beside the hospital bed, “Are you still used to using the new phone? Your previous model was discontinued, so I bought you the latest model.”

“It’s just a phone.” Elliot understated and laughed at himself, “I didn’t hurt my brain.”

“Haha…you have no contact on your phone. That’s it, I’ll share the business cards of our mutual friends on my phone with you.” Avery took out her phone.

“Avery, don’t you know there is a cloud disk? I can log in to the cloud disk and import the contents into the new phone.” Elliot opened the phone address book and showed her, “It’s done.”

Avery : “…”

“I want to get out of bed and go for a while.” Elliot put down his phone and begged her, “Can I go outside for a walk?”

“You can go for a walk in the corridor, if you want to go down, only In a wheelchair.” Avery said, giving him the crutches.

The two came out of the ward and saw a bodyguard head-on, coming with a package of express documents.

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