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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1462 by

Chapter 1462

What Shea wants to say is the same as Avery imagined.

Shea said she wanted to be with Wesley.

When Elliot heard it, his brows were so wrinkled that he could kill a fly.

Avery walked up to him: “Shea has the right to choose her own life. You can advise, but it’s best not to interfere.”

“You don’t care about this matter.” Elliot raised his head and looked at her sternly, “It’s up to you to follow Wesley’s relationship, don’t express any opinion on this matter.”

Avery knew that he was still angry because he was concealed, so she changed the subject.

“Are you hungry? Mrs. Cooper has stewed your favorite soup.” Avery opened the thermos box on the table, and a strong fragrance overflowed. Her stomach growled suddenly.

Elliot was thinking about Shea and didn’t hear her words.

Avery looked at Shea and said, “Shea, you ask Wesley to come and talk to your brother.”

“My brother will scold Wesley.” Shea was thinking about things now, covering everything.

“He felt happy when he scolded, didn’t he promise you to be together?” In front of Elliot, she gave Shea some advice.

Shea’s eyes widened, and she was dubious: “Really?”

Avery: “You try it.”

“Okay, I will go to Wesley tomorrow.” After taking a breath, Shea said, “Goodbye brother, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Shea said carefully, and immediately walked out. After Shea left, Avery took the soup and walked in front of Elliot: “Don’t you think Shea has become more and more like a normal person after two years of transformation?”

“Transformation? Isn’t it sick?” Elliot said..

“Shea is slowly recovering now. Don’t you put too much pressure on her and make her happy every day.” Avery fed a spoonful of soup into his mouth , “How does it taste?”

“I don’t have an appetite for anything right now.” Elliot pushed the soup bowl away, “You drink it.”

“What’s so frowning. You didn’t see Shea’s appearance before the kidney transplant operation. At that time, she only weighed 70 kg, and she was only skin and bones. If you saw what she looked like at that time, you would really go crazy.” Avery said and took a sip of soup.

The aroma of the ribs was all stewed out, and the lotus root was simmered for a long time and melted into the soup.

“That’s why you’re hiding from me?” Elliot demanded.

Avery said, “You asked me to tell the reason now, but I can’t tell you clearly. At that time, I was greatly stimulated and my mind was not clear. I always felt that you knew about Shea’s situation and would lose control. Elliot, it’s not that I don’t trust you, I’m just afraid that our peaceful life will be disrupted.”

“It turns out that the more you are afraid, the more you will be.” Elliot’s tone was full of helplessness, “But it’s all over.”

“So I tell you not to frown. No matter what the process is. So, at least the results are good now.” Avery drank the soup in the bowl, “You really don’t want a bowl? This soup has been boiled for at least ten hours.”

“Come here.” When I drank the soup, my appetite suddenly improved, Avery filled a bowl of soup and fed it to him.

Avery said, “Ben Schaffer and the others also wanted to come to see you today, but I’ll let them come back tomorrow. I’m afraid that you will see too many acquaintances today, and you will be so excited that you won’t be able to sleep at night.”

Elliot: “My psychological quality is so poor, Is it?”

Avery: “It has nothing to do with your psychological quality. You have survived this time.”

Elliot: “Don’t be so exaggerated. Lorenzo didn’t have the guts to kill me.”

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