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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1461 by

Chapter 1461

Then, the bodyguard pushed Elliot into the ward. The moment he entered the ward, the expression on his face was suddenly shocked.

“Dad.” Layla held a bouquet of pink carnations in her hand, walked quickly to Elliot, and put the flowers in his arms, “Welcome back!”

Elliot held the flowers in one hand, raised the other hand, and touched Daughter’s head: “Layla, Dad misses you very much.”

“Then don’t run away from home in the future. That’s what children are like. You’re so old, don’t be so childish.” Little grown-up gesture, educating dad.

At this time, Robert broke free from Mrs. Cooper’s arms and stumbled over to the ground.

Elliot saw his son running over, and his heart beat violently. He didn’t expect his son to welcome him so much.

Robert ran directly to Avery who was beside him, and hugged Avery tightly.

“Mom!” A crisp and loud voice spread throughout the ward.

Elliot felt a little embarrassed.

Avery picked up his son, pointed at Elliot, and said to his son, “This is Dad. Call Dad!”

Robert immediately stuffed his small head into Avery’s neck, not wanting to look at the strange man in front of him.

For a child of Robert’s age, seeing each other for a month or two is a pure stranger.

“My son has grown up a lot.” Elliot looked at Robert, who had grown taller and bigger, and sighed, “The last time we met, he was much younger than now.”

“If you watch it every day, you won’t have this feeling.” Mrs. Cooper said with a smile, “Sir, you are hospitalized with peace of mind. I will bring Robert to see you every day.”

Elliot immediately said, “Don’t bring him to the hospital. I’ll be discharged after a week.”

There were many patients and viruses in the hospital. He was afraid that the child would come over and be infected.

“Mrs. Cooper, take the two children back to rest first. Layla has to go to school tomorrow.” Avery hugged Robert and came out of the ward with Mrs. Cooper, “Elliot is not a big problem now. You don’t have to worry.”

Mrs. Cooper hesitated and asked, “Is everything resolved?” By the way, I brought you luggage. The pink and the blue box is yours.”

Avery: “Well, thank you.”

After watching them enter the elevator, Avery walked to the door of the ward and stopped.

Elliot has been helped by the nurse to sit down on the bed.

Shea stood in front of Elliot, staring at him without blinking.

“Brother, I’m so happy to see you.” A sweet smile appeared on Shea’s face.

“I’m so happy to see you.” Elliot’s eyes had a gentle smile.

Shea immediately leaned over and hugged Elliot gently: “You will always be my dearest brother.”

Elliot hugged her back with his unbroken right hand, “Shea, my feelings for you will not change. However, you privately decided to give Robert a blood transfusion, and concealed your news, so that I mistakenly thought that you were dead, these things made me very angry.”

Shea lowered her head, as if she did something wrong but admitted it obediently.

Avery suddenly softened. Just when she was about to speak for Shea, Shea said again: “Brother, I have something to tell you. When I finish speaking, you will be angry again.”

Avery couldn’t help laughing and crying.

Elliot was furious.

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