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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1457 by

Chapter 1457

Avery: [Did he say anything?]

Gwen: [Uh…he didn’t seem to say anything. It’s embarrassing, he probably thinks I’m a talker.]

Avery: [He just woke up today and is not in a good mood. If he wasn’t sick, he’d definitely talk to you.]

Gwen: [Oh, I thought he had always been so reticent to talk. Are you okay with him?]

Avery: [Well, we made up.]

Gwen breathed a sigh of relief: [That’s good! I knew you two would definitely make up. If Elliot doesn’t cherish such a good woman as you, then he is a fool]

Avery didn’t want to talk about this topic, so she sent a message to ask: [how are you? Has Ben Schaffer looked for you?]

Gwen: [On the day I pulled him out of the blacklist, he called me and said to test to see if he was pulled out. He was so boring, not at all like a man of his age.]

Avery: [It’s not interesting to be old-fashioned.]

After sending this message, her eyelids became heavier and heavier. She put down her phone, lay down on the bed, and fell asleep after a while.

A week later.

Jun felt that Tammy seemed to have completely disappeared from his world.

Tammy especially likes to play with mobile phones. She sends a circle of friends every day. But since the day they quarreled, she never posted on the circle of friends again.

Jun thought he was blocked by her, so he asked their mutual friend, but the friend said that he hadn’t seen her post on Moments.

This time the two of them quarreled, and he didn’t think it was necessary to have a cold war for so long.

Because Jun had already explained to her that he was different from his parents, and he couldn’t listen to his parents and do such absurd things.

Without waiting for get off work, he drove to the Lynch Group.

He entered the company and was about to walk towards the elevator.

The front desk immediately chased after him: “Ms. Lynch, haven’t come to the company for two days.”

“What’s the matter?” Jun’s temple jumped up.

The front desk said, “I don’t know. You can call President Lynch and ask.”

Jun came out of the Lynch Group and called his mother-in-law.

“Mom, what’s wrong with Tammy? The front desk said Tammy hasn’t come to the company for two days. Is she feeling unwell or what?” Jun asked anxiously.

Mary looked back at her daughter who was resting on the bed.

“Tammy, ​​it’s from Jun, why don’t you tell him?”

Tammy snorted coldly, “I don’t want to talk to him.”

Tammy’s voice was particularly loud.

Over the phone, Jun could hear the conversation between the mother and daughter clearly.

Jun’s temper was much more restrained now than in previous years.

If it was put on hold, he would definitely hang up the phone as soon as possible.

She had the temper of the eldest young lady, and he had the temper of the eldest young master!

“Tammy, ​​what are you doing with him? It’s not his bad idea. Besides, he called me.” Mary persuaded her daughter with kind words.

“He’s only calling now, it’s been a week.” Tammy became angrier the more she thought about it, she simply hugged the quilt and covered her head.

“Tammy, ​​don’t hold your breath. Pregnancy is prone to lack of oxygen.” Mary lowered the quilt that her daughter was holding.

On the other side of the phone, Jun froze when he heard the word ‘pregnant’.

“Mom! Mom! Sweetie is pregnant?”

The mobile phone in Mary’s hand made a super strong external voice.

Mary turned on the speakerphone: “Yes, come here.”

“Mom. If you let him come, I’ll leave.” Tammy sat up from the bed, “His parents are too much. I can’t being wronged like this.”

Jun understood her stubborn temper, and immediately said: “Mom, tell Tammy, I won’t go. Let her rest well and don’t get angry.”

After talking on the phone, Jun said Immediately call Avery for help, “Avery, Tammy is pregnant. But before she found out she was pregnant, she was very angry with my parents. I wanted to apologize to her but she refused to see me. Her stubborn temper didn’t listen to her mother at all. Now only you can help me…”

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  1. I had a feeling Tammy was pregnant!!!! Woohoo, So happy!!!
    So Avery and Tammy would’ve had babies around the same time… ❤️Avery better figure out that Rebecca is carrying HER CHILD!!!

  2. These chapters are better. Some good news. I think Avery will find out that the baby is hers and Elliot’s. I wish he would be well enough to travel so they would go back home.
    He does not need any money from this place.

  3. I would be happy if the next post said, and they returned home and everyone lived happily ever after! The end. 🤣

  4. I’m happy for Tammy teepee!!!!
    But I still don’t understand how Avery couldn’t feel that something was done to her on the day her baby was taken from her womb. This isn’t real it can’t be.
    And the bodyguard knew she was pregnant when Xander asked him about Avery and children. Why is he not curious as to what might have happened to the baby.
    I hope Rebecca will be exposed, and from there they’ll know the real reason why xander was murdered.

    1. Gracious… To explain the best and as PG as I can… They put her under unnecessary general anesthesia, not twilight. And as for the test she had done, which was also unnecessary since she previously had it done a few weeks before.
      When I had mine done… The make an incesion in your groin where your main blood vessel is so that they can follow the vessel up into your brain and get the images they need for the surgery.
      I figure they used this incision to extract the child. I am sorry if this was too much information for some!

  5. Hopefully the bodyguard who is talkative will inadvertently blurt it out causing Avery and Elliott to investigate. Xander really created a mess. Still hoping Xander planted someone else’s seed. I.e. Lorenzo’s. Not sure how that could be but…….stranger things have happened in this story. Very messy situation. Wesley did a full physical…why haven’t the results come back yet? If it was Avery and Elliotts how do they get the child back?1

  6. Avery would not let her keep that child if she found out it belongs to her and Elliott.
    That’s such an evil deed. I pray she found out before she leaves the hospital. And forces Rebecca into a confession.

    1. I don’t think the bodyguard knew. He would have said it. He likes Avery and would not have allowed it. Xander kept it a secret. If the bodyguard knew he would have been murdered together with Xander.

      1. Someone maybe due to find the letter Xander wrote to the unborn baby, to be delivered/opened 18yrs from now. Or, Rebecca has
        and raises the baby for 18 yrs and there will be a book #2.

      2. I agree Flossy… If I recall, when Xander was speaking about the subject with the bodyguard it was more of a “hypothetical” rather than a for sure, yes. He was trying to get info from the bodyguard on Avery to help him determine if she would be willing to push out the surgery for the child and risk her health.

  7. That would be so awesome if candy pregnant that would be so good they get back together More captive please

    1. It’s 5000 chapters in all so we are still expecting a lot of twist and turns. I think more chapters should be posted daily as most people won’t want to sit around reading the same story for so long

  8. More chapters please…glad Elliott and Avery have made up. I hope Avery and Elliott find that the baby Rebecca is carrying is their baby.

  9. I can’t handle much more. This is something I can not just forget about. Too exciting too wander what is coming next.

  10. At least for a short while there is a good and relieve plot after few hundreds of nerve wracking events…
    Hmmm, I think on this case since elliot said that he’s not holding any responsibility to the child even its his, this either would trigger Rebecca to blackmail Elliot to keep on her side through Avery, as we knew every is more soft when it comes to their children and would not just neglect their baby. Or Rebecca could keep the secret that the baby it’s Averys not just Elliot and Rebecca will raise the baby and brainwash so as the baby grow up would put hatred to Elliot and more on Avery for Avenge, unless someone will spill Xanders secret like someone manage to see the email or any staff in the hospital who knew about Xander did to Avery, could it be possible the vice pres of hospital knew it? 🤔…
    Anyone knew the chapter when the bodyguard knew about Xander plan the he had a feeling Avery is pregnant?, cannot remember he mentioned that to the bodyguard… 🤔

  11. Chiel, I think some readers misunderstood Dr X & the bodyguard’s conversation.
    Avery’s bodyguard doesn’t know that Avery was pregnant.
    It was in Chapter 1340

  12. What I think is Rebecca will use the DNA card hoping Elliot will stay. Elliot & Avery will think the only possible way that could happened they took from Elliot whIle he still under coma from the “monkey memory loss surgery“ 😁
    That means they think it’s Elliot & some random surrogate then transferred it to Rebecca. We know that Elliot isn’t going to stay even the child is him.
    Elliot is gonna go back to Aryadelle with Avery.
    Rebecca & Lorenzo will team up and they’ll raise the child hating Elliot and Avery and will use the child to avenge and destroy Elliot and Avery and all that matters to them.
    …Fast Forward
    It’s going to be battle between Hayden vs the child
    Avery finally received Dr X email
    The child will know the truth and the table
    turned. The child will destroy Rebecca and Lorenzo. 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. I guess only time will tell!!! What I have really been wondering is if the child will be a girl or a boy….
      I for some reason think that will play a really big part in what happens as well. We all know that Layla is basically a duplicate of Avery, and both Hayden and Robert are clones of Elliot… So, what if the child is a girl and not a boy like Rebecca thinks. That will be hard to explain…
      Um yes, of course she’s my daughter, she just happens to look like Avery and not me. 🤦‍♀️ hahahaha!!!
      Not that I want it to be a girl, I absolutely love Layla, and how she is daddy’s little girl, reminds me if me personally. But that would be interesting for sure!

  13. I give it to Zoe! I just pray not that Rebecca and Lorenzo went away to plan to poison/harm either Avery or Elliot or both. Lorenzo may want to avenge for Rebecca.

  14. How do ppl know there are 5000? I haven’t been able to find that.
    While I appreciate the translator, I can’t wait around for this to be translated without it driving me crazy!
    I think the baby will be a girl and look like Avery. Elliott wanted Robert to be a girl, so he will get another girl.

    1. I agree, JD. Waiting, checking for translated pages every 15 minutes is time consuming, and annoying. As much as I enjoy these stories, I had to walk away from one, before this one (after 2 months of reading). I have been searching for the completed book, in English. No luck, yet.
      Sadly, am unable to control my day, waiting for story updates (and, hopefully, more than 2 pages).
      I do appreciate the translators’ efforts and work. Am not sure if she/they appreciate or want critiques of their work, though, so they may improve, if needed.
      Hope to stick with this story with dependable updates, though. Very detail, story….hopefully, with a good ending

      More pages, pls???

  15. I think I missed something. They knocked on the body guard door no answer but now he is st the hospital with Avery. I need 20 chapters a day when are we getting more

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