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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1453 by

Chapter 1453

Tammy really worked hard to prepare for pregnancy.

“Lend me your cell phone.” He put down his bag and asked the nanny to borrow his cell phone.

The nanny immediately went to get the phone and handed it to him.

He used the nanny’s mobile phone to dial Tammy’s number.

After a few seconds, the call was connected.

“Tammy, tell me clearly, How did I provoke you, and you want to cut ties with me?” Jun planned to have a good talk with her, but as soon as he called, his temper flared.

“Whose number did you use to call?”

“The nanny at home. You are so naive. Do you think you are still a little girl like Gwen? You can always play the blacklist, you can count it by yourself. After we are together, how many times have you blocked me in total.”

Tammy listened to his roar and wanted to laugh: “If I want to block, block me, you can control it? Go and have children with other women, you give What am I doing on the phone? Do you think I’m not enough to respond?”

Jun was silent, then looked up at the nanny and asked, “You said that when Tammy came, my parents had already left, so what my parents said, Did you tell Tammy?”

The nanny immediately lowered her head: “Yes, I just want to persuade Tammy.”

“Get out of here.” Jun was furious.

Dudu Dudu! On the other side of the phone, Tammy hung up.

With a ‘bang’, Jun smashed the phone in his hand to the ground.



Elliot frowned after taking a few mouthfuls of porridge.

Avery put the bowl aside and wiped his mouth with a tissue.

Doctors and nurses had left the ward.

Now, besides the two of them, there were Avery’s bodyguards in the ward.

The bodyguard came to deliver food to Avery.

The bodyguards of the Jobin family who were guarding outside the ward before have already evacuated, so now the bodyguards can stay here without any scruples.

Avery unbuttoned two buttons of Elliot’s hospital uniform, and planned to bring water to wipe his body.

“It’s very late, you go back to rest.” Avery said to the bodyguard.

“Drive me away so early?” The bodyguard was reluctant to get up, “Okay, I’ll go, I won’t disturb the world of the two of you.”

The bodyguard took the garbage out and closed the door.

Avery walked to the bathroom, took a pot of hot water, and put it on the cabinet.

“Elliot, apart from the pain in your body, how is your head feeling now?” Avery asked because his head injury wasn’t serious.

Although Lorenzo was ruthless, he was a bit measured.

“It’s okay.” After eating a few mouthfuls of porridge, he felt refreshed.

“That’s good.” Avery picked up the towel from the basin, wringed it dry, and wiped his face, “I want to ask you a question about the child in Rebecca’s belly.”

She saw his calm eyes, and suddenly There were waves.

“Is the child in her womb yours? I won’t be angry if you confess to me now. But if you lie to me, I will definitely be angry.” Avery wiped his face and threw the towel into the basin .

Elliot looked at her sullen face, his voice was flat and hoarse: “It’s not mine.”

Avery didn’t relax because of this: “That child was not conceived normally, it was a test tube. Did you provide her with your?”

“No.” Elliot interrupted her. “Why doubt me?”

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