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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1452 by

Chapter 1452

The nanny supported Rebecca and persuaded in a low voice, “Miss, don’t be angry. You are pregnant with a child.”

Rebecca took a deep breath and tried to adjust her emotions.

When her father died, Elliot’s attitude towards her was completely undisguised.

The nanny helped Rebecca out of the ward.

“Miss, what do you think you are doing?” the nanny said worriedly, “If you want me to tell you, don’t punish Lorenzo. At least Lorenzo has his heart on you. You can see that Elliot doesn’t take you seriously at all. It’s irritating.”

Rebecca was stuck in his throat: “That’s because he didn’t know that the child in my womb was his. If he knew… His attitude towards me would definitely not be like this.”

Seeing her persistent and unrepentant, Nanny can only let her stubborn.

When the last bump in the head breaks blood, she will know who is really good to her.

The nanny said, “Miss, you’re less than three months pregnant now, so you need to keep your mood stable. Let’s go back first. Elliot won’t be able to leave the hospital for a while. When he’s about to be discharged, you can get the results of the paternity test. Show him and see how he chooses.”

Rebecca responded.

The nanny reminded, “Miss, you still have to prepare for the worst. If Elliot doesn’t want you and the child, you must be strong.”

Rebecca: “What can I do if I’m not strong? My father is dead, and I have no support. I am not strong, do I want to die?”

The nanny shut up and dared not say more.

When she reached the elevator door, the elevator opened slowly, and Lorenzo was standing inside.

When the nanny saw Lorenzo, her eyes suddenly lit up: “Lorenzo, accompany the lady to relax. I’ll go back first.”

After the nanny finished speaking, she walked away first.

Lorenzo came out of the elevator, looked at Rebecca’s aggrieved face, and explained: “I heard that Elliot woke up, so I came to see. Why didn’t you accompany him in the ward?”

Rebecca said angrily: “Elliot doesn’t want me to accompany him. He said he wants to go back to Aryadelle with Avery.”

Lorenzo sneered: “I already guessed the result.”

Rebecca: “Are you laughing at me?”

“I didn’t laugh at you.” Lorenzo Grabbing her wrist: “It’s too boring here, let’s go down and talk!”



Mary was full of anger after talking on the phone with Tammy but Jun was there, so after she hung up the phone, she could only quickly suppress her emotions and force a smile.

Tammy said on the phone that she and Jun were over.

Jun: “When? Tammy didn’t say it to me.”

And Tammy heard that Jun was now at her house, she decided not to go home tonight.

“Exactly, have you and Tammy quarreled about anything else?” Mary put down her phone and sat down on the sofa.

Jun shook his head: “No.”

Mary frowned, “There should be. Otherwise, Tammy wouldn’t be like this. When I asked her to find you in the morning, her attitude was quite good. I’m a little impulsive, regretting that I shouldn’t hit you. It’s impossible that nothing happened today, so she changed her attitude.”

Jun: “Oh? What is her attitude now?”

Mary told the truth to be honest, “Tammy hates you now. you don’t have to wait for her here anymore, she said she won’t be back tonight.”

Jun felt a thorn in his heart. He got up and strode away.

Driving home, the nanny handed Tammy the bag that Tammy had left at home in the morning and handed it to Jun.

The nanny: “Yes, this is where Tammy landed here in the morning. I don’t know if there are any important items in it, I dare not touch it.”

Jun took the bag and asked, “Did she meet my parents when she came over in the morning? Did my parents say something bad to her?”

The nanny shook her head: “No. When she came, your dad and mom were left.”

Jun opened the bag and found some makeup and a bottle of folic acid.

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