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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1445 by

Chapter 1445

In the room.

Tammy hugged the pillow and lay on the bed. She took the mobile phone, found Avery’s number in the address book, and dialed it.

After a while, the phone was connected.

“Avery, I quarreled with Jun. I think it was a mistake for me to remarry him.” Tammy choked, “Men can socialize outside every day, why can’t I?”

“Tammy, don’t cry. Please communicate this matter well, there must be a compromise solution.” Avery comforted.

“I’ve told him many times. I said that I’ve been busy for a month or two, so I won’t socialize often after that. He promised well but today he lost his temper. He even scolded my mother. I couldn’t bear it, so I beat him.” Tammy said as she raised her hand to wipe her tears.

Avery: “Why would Jun scold Auntie? He’s not such a person.”

Tammy: “I heard it with my own ears.”

Avery: “What did he say?”

Tammy: “I…I forgot. Because I was too angry. I didn’t remember too clearly. Avery, if you were me, what would you do? I’m so confused right now.”

Avery: “If Jun really scolds Auntie, it will definitely be unbearable. But I suggest you to ask clearly, what he said may not be what you think.”

Tammy replied in a hoarse voice. she change the topic: “Have you seen Elliot?”

“Well. He was seriously injured. He is still in a coma.” Avery was in the ward, escorting Elliot, “but it’s not life-threatening, it’s just that it takes a lot of effort to recover.”

Tammy: “How could this happen? Was it made by the Jobin family? This Rebecca is really incompetent.”

“Don’t mention Rebecca.” Avery glanced at Rebecca lying on the bed with her.

The ward was very large, and in addition to the hospital bed, there was an accompanying bed.

During Elliot’s hospitalization, Rebecca stayed in an escort bed every night.

Tonight, Avery will either go back to the hotel or sleep on the table in the ward. She didn’t want to go back to the hotel. She was afraid that after returning to the hotel, Rebecca would not let herself come to the hospital tomorrow.

But she didn’t want to sleep on the table either.

At about 10:00 p.m., her sleepy eyelids were fighting, and she glanced at Elliot who was motionless on the hospital bed. She thought for a few seconds, then walked to the side of the hospital bed and lay down carefully.

“Avery! What are you doing?” Seeing Avery go to squeeze the hospital bed with Elliot, Rebecca immediately got up from the escort bed.

Avery innocently said, “I’m sleeping. You took up the escort bed, I can only squeeze with Elliot.”

Rebecca’s scalp was numb, she said, “Come down quickly and don’t touch Elliot’s wound.”

Avery: “I can come down, you can let me sleep in the escort bed.”

Rebecca: “You..”

Avery got off the hospital bed and walked in front of Rebecca, and said, “Rebecca, pregnant women should not get angry too often. Otherwise, it’s not good for the fetus. Also, if you don’t have a good rest here, aren’t you afraid that the child will be miscarried by you?”

Rebecca: “Don’t stay there. Curse me! My child will be fine!”

Avery ignored her and went to lie down on the escort bed, occupying a seat.

Rebecca felt angry when she saw her brazenly occupying her own bed, but there was nothing she could do.

Unlike Avery, she couldn’t squeeze a hospital bed with Elliot.

After standing in the ward for a while, she walked to the bed and saw that Elliot showed no sign of waking up, so she left the ward indignantly.

Hearing the door of the ward closed, Avery opened her eyes. She was very sleepy just now, but as soon as Rebecca left, she lost sleep.

She got up and got out of bed, walked to the bedside, and gently held Elliot’s large palm wrapped in gauze in her hand. “Elliot, wake up soon. I’ll take you home.”

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