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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1440 by

Chapter 1440

Nick took his eyes away from Elliot, frowned, and asked without answering, “Did the doctor say when Elliot can wake up?”

“No.” Rebecca was reluctant to talk about Elliot’s condition.

Nick: “It seems that the injury is too serious, so the doctor can’t estimate when he will wake up.”

Rebecca did not answer this question, but said angrily: “The doctor said that his life is not in danger.”

Nick: “He went abroad to seek better treatment?”

Rebecca: “I thought about it but the doctor said that he is not suitable for transfer now.”

“Oh…then why didn’t a better doctor come to treat him?”

“The doctor said Elliot’s illness is not serious enough to ask a doctor outside.” After Rebecca answered this question, her tone became impatient, “Didn’t you say you have something to tell me? If it’s just an excuse to come to see Elliot, you have also seen Elliot now…”

There was a commotion outside the ward.

“Elliot!” Avery’s voice came from exhaustion.

Rebecca heard her voice, and a cold sweat broke out on her back.

–Is it her hallucination?

–How did she hear Avery’s voice?

Rebecca quickly walked out of the ward and saw Avery who was stopped by the bodyguard.

“Avery! Why are you here?” Rebecca’s voice was deafening.

Rebecca thought she would never see Avery again, but unexpectedly, Avery is here again.

Nick saw Avery come over but he was not surprised. He didn’t want to help her, but couldn’t help speaking for her.

Nick said to Rebecca, “Rebecca, did you forget that Avery is a relatively good doctor? Avery heard that Elliot was sick, so she wanted to come over to see his condition. Let her go see Elliot Right. Elliot is a living dead now, and he can’t see her, let alone go with her…”

Rebecca looked at Nick and said, “You brought her here, right? You said fake to ask me for something, but it’s real to bring Avery here. You do this, it really makes me sad.”

“Rebecca, since you are pregnant with Elliot’s child, why are you afraid of me?” Avery said excitedly, Pushing her bodyguard away, “I just want to see Elliot’s condition, in case I can help him and let him recover quickly, okay? You keep saying that you love her, then you shouldn’t stop me from going. Look at him.”

Nick teased, “Rebecca, be generous. She said you were pregnant with Elliot’s child, if that’s the case, Elliot will definitely be responsible for you and the child.”

Rebecca was entangled in her heart. Before she came back to her senses, Avery had strode past her and broke into the ward.

Nick followed her into the ward.

The two stood by the hospital bed and looked at Elliot, who was bloodless and motionless on the bed.

Elliot’s entire body was wrapped in white gauze except eyes. It’s hard to imagine Elliot so much suffered before.

Nick saw Avery’s eyes were scarlet and tears fell, so he took out a pack of tissues from his pocket and planned to hand tissues to her.

Unexpectedly, Avery turned around and walked in front of Rebecca.

With a ‘pop’ sound, a loud slap sound came.

She slapped Rebecca in Rebecca’s territory.

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  1. Rebecca is very lucky she is pregnant with Elliot and Averys child. Join territory or not, I’m pretty sure Avery just held most all of her anger in.

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