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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1435 by

Chapter 1435

Layla was not an ignorant child. In public, she loved face more than anyone else.

She was really sad to cry in the banquet hall. She felt that her father was hers, but Rebecca told her tonight that her father had a new child, and her father would not only be her father in the future.

As if her beloved toy was snatched away, how could she not be sad?

After Layla took a bath, Avery coaxed her to sleep, and then came out of the children’s room.

Robert also took a bath and was eating milk.

“Avery, go take a bath. When Robert eats the milk, I’ll take him to sleep for a while.” Mrs. Cooper said.

Avery: “Well.”

Avery touched Robert’s little head and went back to the room. After closing the door, she took out her phone and found Elliot’s number.

She wanted to dial, but hesitated again. How embarrassing would it be if Rebecca picked up the call again?

After thinking for a while, she found Nick’s number and dialed it.

The phone was dialed, and after a while, it was connected.

Avery: “Nick, it’s me.”

Nick said depressedly, “There’s a caller ID on my phone. You’re arguing with me so late, and you’re not letting anyone sleep?” “You woke me up just after falling asleep.”

Avery: “I’m sorry! I was in a hurry, so I forgot the time on your side.”

Nick: “What are you in a hurry for?”

Avery: “I called Elliot tonight, but Rebecca picked it up.”

“Oh, Elliot was beaten. , I guess the injury is not light.” Nick was awake, he simply sat up and took a sip of water, “Of course, I don’t know the specifics. Rebecca has protected him well and won’t let us visit.”

“What’s the matter? What happened?” Avery’s strings were tense, and she frowned.

Nick: “It’s a long story… We made a game and let Rebecca kill Kyrie.”

“Kyrie is dead?” Avery’s back suddenly turned a layer of hot sweat broke out.

“Yeah! This matter was kept quiet, and the funeral was held in a low-key manner. Because it was Rebecca who killed it. She didn’t want people to know about it.” Nick spoke of this, and his spirit suddenly rose, “I heard that Lorenzo put the Elliot gave him a beating. I just heard that we don’t know the details.”

Avery: “Can’t you go and see him?”

Nick said, “I can’t see it. Rebecca won’t let me see it. Since she killed her father, she seems to have changed. I’ve got someone. I also called Elliot, but no one answered. So I guess Elliot’s situation is not very optimistic now.”

Avery: “I’ll go to him now.”

“Hey, don’t wait. Come.” Nick had a headache, “Wait a while. If Elliot is really injured and is in the hospital right now and when he recovers, he will naturally contact you. Just wait.”

Avery: “Nick, thank you tell me this. Otherwise, I was almost deceived by Rebecca.”

Nick: “When I saw Elliot for the last time, his attitude didn’t change. He was still determined to go back to Aryadelle and didn’t want to stay here.”

Avery: “Yes. What you said made me feel much more at ease.”

After hanging up the phone, Avery thought about it, and it was difficult for me to calm down.

–Elliot can’t be reached now.

–If he is injured, how is he injured?

–If I wait, who knows how long it will take and what will happen?

Avery quickly made up her mind– ‘Go to Yonroeville and find Elliot’

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