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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1434 by

Chapter 1434

After Mike asked these words, Layla in his arms cried even louder.

Avery: “Can you stop the crow’s mouth?”

Mike immediately shut up.

Avery coaxed her daughter, “Okay, Layla, don’t cry. It’s no big deal. your father told me clearly that the child in Rebecca’s womb is a test-tube baby. It’s not her and your father’s. We trust Dad, Okay.”

Layla buried her head in Mike’s neck, her voice muffled: “I don’t trust him. I don’t trust him anymore.”

Avery: “Baby, you don’t trust him. It’s fine. But don’t let this affect your mood. When you didn’t have a father, you were happy every day, right?”

Layla: “That’s because I have my brother with me…”

Avery coaxed, “Your brother will back at the end of the year and it will be the end of the year soon. Although you don’t have a elder brother to accompany you now, you have a younger brother to accompany you!”

“My brother, Robert is too young.” Layla said with disgust.

“But Robert loves you as much as your elder brother. Look at you crying just now, and Robert crying with you.”

“That’s because I scared him.” Layla raised her head with tears in her eyes.

Seeing her daughter’s sober and aggrieved appearance, Avery couldn’t help laughing.

“Mom, don’t laugh at me.” Layla blushed.

“Okay, mom doesn’t laugh at you anymore. Actually, mom understands your sadness, but mom wants you to be strong. If I can be with your dad, that’s the best thing, but if I can’t be with him, then we have to live a good life, right?” Avery reasoned with her daughter softly.

Layla nodded. “Mom, I won’t cry anymore.”

“You’re so good. You cried so loudly just now that the aunts and uncles in the banquet hall came to ask what’s wrong with you. They all care about you. We need to see more people who care about us.”

Layla was silent for a few seconds, then asked : “Mom, dad won’t come back, will you go to him again? Mom, I don’t want you to leave me again.”

Avery’s expression was a little stiff.

Seeing this, Mike immediately settled the situation: “Layla, even if your mother goes to your father, you will accompany your brother. Besides, I think that since your father promised that your mother would return to Aryadelle, he will definitely not break his promise. Your little head melon seeds, think more about how to bring learning up.”

When she heard the word “learning”, Layla suddenly had a headache.

Bringing the two children home, Avery said to Mike, “It’s still early, you go back to the hotel to play with them. I’ll put the children to sleep, so I won’t go out.”

“Okay, but you should contact Elliot, Let’s see what happened.”

Even if Mike didn’t say anything, Avery would contact Elliot again.

Rebecca’s flamboyant attitude tonight is too arrogant.

After Mike left, Avery took her daughter to take a bath.

Robert was carried away by Mrs. Cooper.

“Mom, I’ll take a shower by myself. I have to do my own business.” Layla said, and began to undress herself.

“Then mother goes out?” Avery knew that her daughter would take a bath. Mrs. Cooper told her.

But in the days when Avery just returned to Aryadelle, Layla asked her to help wash.

Layla pulled her arm and said, “Mom, don’t go. You’re here with me or you can bring my homework in and help me check it.”

“Okay, mommy will get your homework.” Avery Bring her daughter’s homework and open the homework book.

Essay topic – “My Dad”

Layla didn’t let Avery teach her to write this composition.

However, there is a tutor to guide her, so this composition is also written in a relatively long length.

“My dad is a tall man with big eyes. He has deep dimples when he smiles. But he usually doesn’t smile because he’s a serious guy. He likes to smile at me because he loves me. I…”

Avery felt a pain in her heart after reading the composition written by her daughter, thinking of her daughter crying tonight.

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