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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1433 by

Chapter 1433

Unless Elliot took the initiative to ask someone to answer the phone for him.

“Avery, Elliot always let you go back to Aryadelle, not because he was worried about your safety, but because he felt that you were in Yonroeville and hindered our life. After you left, he promised me that he would accompany me in the future. And our children, will not leave us. Please don’t disturb our life in the future. If you need child support, you can ask me for it. I can give you as much as you want. Don’t bother Elliot anymore. I don’t want to contact you again.”

Rebecca’s tone gradually became impatient.

“Give him your phone. If he tells me that, I promise that I will never disturb you again.” Avery shouted every word.

Rebecca: “Sorry, he can’t talk to you. Because I asked him to promise me not to talk to you in the future. I’m pregnant now and my mood is unstable, so he loves me very much and doesn’t dare to make me angry. If I get angry and cause an accident to the child, no one can take the responsibility.”

Avery: “…”

“Avery, I have finished telling you what I should say. Elliot and I are going to rest.” After Rebecca finished speaking, she waited for another two seconds, seeing that she didn’t speak, so she hung up the phone.

Rebecca put down the phone and looked at Elliot on the hospital bed.

Elliot was seriously injured.

The doctor said he might not be able to wake up for a while.

Even after waking up, it takes a long time for the body to recover to normal.

Lorenzo took half Elliot’s life.

Rebecca was very angry. But she now needs Lorenzo to help her with her father’s funeral. So she planned to wait until Elliot was discharged from the hospital, and then find Lorenzo to settle the account.

Elliot was laying on the hospital bed. Rebecca looked at Elliot’s face wrapped in heavy gauze, thinking in her heart, just to take advantage of the time he was in the hospital, to cut off his relationship with Avery.

If it wasn’t for this opportunity, she would have no way to deal with Avery.

As if from the moment she killed her father, the ambition within her awakened.

In order to achieve what she wants, she understands that she has to do anything. She doesn’t want others to look down on her, she wants to be like her father, who others will be afraid of when they talk about it.

Even if it can’t be done completely, at least it can’t be bullied casually.


In the banquet hall.

Because Layla was crying too sadly, Avery couldn’t care about her emotions and immediately coaxed her: “Layla, don’t cry. The child in that woman’s womb is not your father’s. Your father explained it to me.”

Layla was aggrieved, and the tears couldn’t stop.

Robert stood next to her, watching her sister cry non-stop, and also started crying.

Avery couldn’t coax the two children alone, but fortunately Mike came over in time and picked up Layla.

“Let’s go back first.” Avery hugged Robert and said to Mike, “Don’t affect other people’s mood.”

“What’s going on? I can hear the two children crying from far away.”

Avery whispered, “Layla called Elliot, but Rebecca answered. Rebecca said that Elliot would not return to Aryadelle in the future. She also said that the child in her womb belongs to Elliot which is ridiculous.”

Mike Stopping: “It wouldn’t be true, would it? Otherwise, why would she take Elliot’s mobile phone to answer your call?”

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  1. Maybe I’m getting Elliot’s character mixed up with Shauns from let me go mr. hill . However , I thought Elliott’s character was portrayed as physically strong and being a fighter unless he willingly let Lorenzo defeat him .

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