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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1432 by

Chapter 1432

“Avery?” There was a female voice over the phone.

Layla was stunned, not expecting a woman to answer the phone.

–Could this woman be Dad’s new wife?

“Who are you?” Layla asked loudly, frowning.

On the other side of the phone, Rebecca was stunned.

She thought it was Avery’s call, but she didn’t expect it to be a girl’s voice.

–Could it be Avery and Elliot’s daughter Layla?

Rebecca quickly adjusted her messy mood and said, “Are you Layla? I’m your father’s wife. My name is Rebecca. I don’t know if your mother has mentioned me to you.”

Layla’s brows were instantly locked, and her face became gloomy.

“I’m calling my dad, not you. Why are you answering my dad’s call?” Layla yelled uncontrollably.

Avery heard Layla’s roar, and immediately hugged Robert and rushed over.

Seeing Layla’s emotional breakdown, Rebecca explained calmly: “Layla, I know you can’t accept me, but I’m your dad’s legal wife now. And I’m pregnant with his child now. I can accept yours existence, I hope you can accept my existence. Otherwise, only you will suffer.”

“When did you become pregnant with my dad. You said you were pregnant with Elliot’s child?” Layla was shocked.

After all, children are children, and their psychological endurance is not so strong.

“Yes. I’ve been with your dad’s child for two months. Layla, I know it’s going to be hard for you to hear this, but you should respect your dad’s choice. Your dad will stay with me in the future. You are no longer a three-year-old child. I hope you can persuade your mother to let her think about it, and she can find a man again. “

After Rebecca finished speaking, she could already imagine how angry Avery would be when she learned this information from Layla.

“Layla, What’s wrong with you?” Avery saw that Layla was holding the phone, crying with tears, and immediately put Robert down.

“Mom!” Layla immediately jumped into her mother’s arms when she saw her, and cried out in grievance, “I called Dad, his new wife, Rebecca answered. Rebecca said she was pregnant with my dad’s child.”

Listening to Layla With the broken cry, Avery put her arm around Robert and took the cell phone in Layla’s hand with the other.

The call continues.

Avery put the phone to her ear and gave a hello.

Rebecca heard Avery’s voice and immediately responded: “Avery, I didn’t mean to make your daughter angry. She asked me, and I can only answer her truthfully.”

“You told my daughter that you were pregnant with Elliot’s child? Rebecca, do you know what the word ‘truthful’ means? Do you think I don’t know if the child in your womb belongs to Elliot? ” Avery asked her.

“Your self-righteous tone is ridiculous. Well, the child in my belly is not Elliot’s. Elliot is going back to Aryadelle to reunite with you. Is this what you want to hear?” Rebecca laughed and continued, “You just Continue to deceive yourself.”

Avery seemed to have been slapped twice, her cheeks burning hot.

“Where’s Elliot? Why did you answer his call?” Avery didn’t want to argue with Rebecca.

Avery wants to talk to Elliot and ask Elliot to tell her whether the child in Rebecca’s womb is his. Will he ever return to Aryadelle?

Rebecca asked, “Avery, did you meet Elliot on the first day? Do you think I can use his cell phone to answer the phone without his permission? Let me tell you straight, he said me to took your call.”

Avery felt like she was slapped twice.

This time, her face is not fiery hot, but fiery pain. It was because she knew Elliot that her face hurt.

–It is impossible for outsiders to take Elliot’s mobile phone, He always answered the phone by himself.

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  1. Jennifer Valdez

    Arrhhh, maybe something bad happen to Elliot??? Avery should be ild enough to analyse… And know she’s talking to an enemy…this conversation shouldn’t continue…

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