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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1430 by

Chapter 1430

“Lorenzo, Stop it.” Rebecca shouted loudly. She quickly rushed to Elliot and protected him.

Lorenzo withdrew his hand, but still did not lose his breath.

“If you kill him, I won’t let you go.” Rebecca looked at Lorenzo fiercely, “You are just an outsider. It’s not your turn to intervene in our Jobin family’s affairs.”

Outsiders’ the word stabbed. Lorenzo looked at Rebecca’s familiar face, as if looking at a stranger. After Rebecca married Elliot, she completely changed.

In Rebecca heart, only Elliot. If Elliot wanted everything from the Jobin family, she would give it away.

As an outsider, Lorenzo could only watch her do one stupid thing after another.

Just when Lorenzo was about to leave the ward, Rebecca looked at his back and whimpered: “Lorenzo, don’t go.”

Rebecca said angrily, but she didn’t want to drive Lorenzo away. Just seeing Elliot bleeding so much, she was very angry.

But what would Rebecca do if she faced such a big mess after Lorenzo left?

Lorenzo stopped and looked back at her: “Didn’t you say I’m an outsider?”

“You’re not an outsider.” Rebecca held back her tears, “But don’t bully Elliot anymore. I decided to kill my father myself. Yes I am an adult and I am responsible for everything I do.”

Lorenzo sneered: “Okay! You are responsible for yourself.”

Rebecca prayed, “Lorenzo, don’t go. I need you to help me. We are still the same as before, okay?”

“Okay!” Lorenzo clenched his fists, endured the heartache, and asked, “Then what do you need me to do?”

“Go to the doctor. Go to the doctor immediately.” Rebecca roared.

After a while, the doctor came.

Elliot was sent to first aid to stop the bleeding.

After another doctor checked Kyrie’s body, he announced: “Mr. Jobin is dead.”

Rebecca: “I know… what should I do next?”

“Miss Jobin, we need us Find out the cause of Mr. Jobin’s death?”

Rebecca: “No.”

“Then…you can hold a funeral for Mr. Jobin.” The doctor said.

Rebecca looked at Lorenzo: “Lorenzo, you are responsible for my father’s funeral. Also, if there is something wrong with Elliot, I won’t let you go.”

Lorenzo’s face was ugly and he didn’t answer her.



Today, the Sterling Group entertained the executives of the Tate Industries, and Avery also brought Layla and Robert.

The reason why she brought her two children was mainly because several executives of the Sterling Group asked her to bring the children over to have a look.

Elliot has been away for a while, and he still doesn’t know when he will return. Everyone misses him a lot.

“Layla, you are a big star now. My eldest and second child like you very much. Originally they wanted to come over to play with you, but I was afraid that they would scare you, so I didn’t bring them here.” An executive flattered Layla, “I heard that you are also very good at studying, you are amazing!”

“My mother taught me well.” Layla said modestly.

“Hahaha! Your mother is great, and so are you.” The executive said, and the conversation changed, “Layla, when will your father come back? If your father comes back to accompany you, he can teach you a lot “

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