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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1429 by

Chapter 1429

“Then kill me first.” Rebecca stopped him, “Lorenzo, I did it. You saw with your own eyes the poison I fed Dad.”

“You stupid woman. There is no cure.” Lorenzo scolded angrily.

Rebecca cried bitterly: “Brother Lorenzo. I’m sorry. I didn’t discuss it with you in advance.”

“Don’t call me brother. You are really stupid this time. Come on! How did the adoptive father raise a white-eyed wolf like you.” Lorenzo hated that iron was not steel.

This was the first time Lorenzo scolded her.

Rebecca body softened and she fell to her knees on the ground. She said, “I did it by myself. You want to blame me and don’t blame Elliot.”

“You’re still talking for Elliot at this time. What does he give? What kind of ecstasy did you pour? Rebecca, do you believe that he will return to Aryadelle right away? Do you really understand or fake it? If it wasn’t for the adoptive father to block him, he would have left long ago. You shouldn’t think it’s righteous After my adoptive father dies. Will he live a good life with you? He doesn’t love you at all. Stop dreaming.”

Rebecca stared at him blankly: “Elliot won’t leave, I’m pregnant with his child.”

Not long after, the second master and Elliot were came to the hospital.

The second master saw Rebecca kneeling in front of Lorenzo, and Lorenzo’s face was not right, so he sent Elliot to the ward and slipped away.

Seeing Elliot, Rebecca immediately choked and said, “Elliot, my dad is dead. I killed him.”

Elliot strode up in front of her and pulled her up from the ground.

After Rebecca stood firm, Lorenzo raised his foot and kicked Elliot.

“You use Rebecca to kill my adoptive father, what kind of man are you?” Lorenzo rushed towards Elliot like a beast, wishing to swallow him alive.

Seeing this, the nanny immediately entered the ward and pulled Rebecca out.

Rebecca was crying so hard that she wanted to go in and pull the crazy Lorenzo: “Lorenzo, don’t fight. I did it all. It’s nothing to do with Elliot!”

The nanny forcibly pulled Rebecca away.

“Miss! What you did is so absurd. You didn’t even tell me in advance. I almost made Lorenzo drink that soup… Miss, you are so confused. Your father is gone. Who will protect you in the future? Do you expect outsiders to protect you? You are too naive. In this world, apart from your father, even Lorenzo can’t treat you sincerely.”

“I don’t regret.” Rebecca had tears in her eyes, “My dad doesn’t look down on me at all. He’s alive, and he won’t be nice to Elliot.”

“Elliot, you keep your mouth shut. All he thinks is Avery. Miss, why can’t you figure it out?”

“I am pregnant with his child, and he will definitely not leave me and the child.” Rebecca cried with scarlet eyes, gasping for breath, “If he wants to leave, I will Just tell him that the baby in my womb belongs to him.”

“What if he still has to leave?” The nanny asked her.

Rebecca shook her head. She hadn’t thought about that.

–What happened today was so sudden that she didn’t have time to think calmly at all.

“Miss, your father is dead. Most of his inheritance must be left to you. You have to think carefully about how you can ensure that these properties will not be taken away by people with ulterior motives.” The nanny continued, “I’m talking about people with ulterior motives, including your second master, third master, fourth master, and Elliot… Of course, including Lorenzo.”

“Among these people, Lorenzo should be the best for you. ” The nanny added.

Rebecca shook her head: “Lorenzo just wants my property. People like Lorenzo are the most dangerous. Elliot clearly doesn’t like me, so no matter how bad Elliot is to me, it can’t be any worse.”

The nanny was speechless. She didn’t know what to say.

Rebecca was no longer a child, she had her own thoughts and opinions. Otherwise, she wouldn’t kill Kyrie with her own hands.

“Elliot!” Rebecca suddenly exclaimed and strode towards the ward.

In the ward, Elliot fell in a pool of blood, but Lorenzo’s beating continued.

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