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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1427 by

Chapter 1427

“After you called me, I went out.” Rebecca adjusted her mood and entered the ward with the insulation box, “Dad, I’m here to see you.”

Kyrie responded, The expression on his face was a little uncomfortable.

Kyrie don’t know if Rebecca heard what he said just now.

“Didn’t you say last night that you would come with Elliot today? Why didn’t he come?” Kyrie felt unhappy when he saw Rebecca coming alone.

–Is Elliot getting closer to him?

“Elliot drank too much yesterday, and has a fever today. He originally wanted to see you but I was afraid that he would pass the disease on to you, so I asked him to rest at home.” Rebecca said, opening the insulation box, “Today I have stewed your favorite yam pork ribs soup, and I will serve you a bowl.”

“I ate too much for breakfast, so I can’t drink the soup right now.” Kyrie said.

A disappointed expression appeared on Rebecca’s face, and then she closed the insulation box.

Seeing her disappointment, Lorenzo immediately said, “Let me have a drink.”

Rebecca’s heart beat faster, her face turned red, and the fingers holding the insulation box trembled.

Seeing this, the nanny wanted to take the insulation box from her and give it to Lorenzo.

“No!” Rebecca pushed the nanny’s hand away, “This is a thermal insulation box for Dad, not for Lorenzo. How can Dad drink Lorenzo’s drink? There is only a bowl and a spoon in it.”

Rebecca’s reaction made Lorenzo embarrassed.

The nanny was also very embarrassed: “Miss, it’s okay to give Lorenzo a drink. I’ll wait.”

“No. I won’t give Lorenzo a drink. I brought it to my father.” Rebecca forcibly Stabilizing her emotions, “I brought it to my father myself. I only took it for my father.”

Seeing her angry, Lorenzo immediately said, “I won’t drink. Don’t be angry.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier if you wanted to drink? I’ll use two thermal insulation boxes before I can give you a drink.”

Lorenzo was speechless.

Kyrie sneered: “Lorenzo, look at what you look like now. Rebecca is so petty and scared you into this? You learn from Elliot, men should focus on their careers.”

Lorenzo immediately lowered his head “Adoptive father, what you said is true.”

“Rebecca, did you hear what I said just now?” Kyrie looked at his daughter and continued, “I did say some unpleasant things just now, you can’t be angry. If you are really capable, you can prove yourself. Instead of being petty.”

“Dad, what did you say about me? Are you talking bad about me behind my back?” Rebecca looked at him curiously.

Kyrie’s cheeks suddenly turned red: “Since you didn’t hear it, forget it. You bring me some soup and I’ll try it.”

Rebecca: “Oh, good. Would you like some spare ribs? Today’s spare ribs are very fresh.”

“Don’t eat it. I don’t want to eat more soup, I’m not hungry.” Kyrie said.

Rebecca took a spoon and filled a small bowl of soup, then said coquettishly, “Dad, let me feed you a drink. So that you won’t get your hands dirty.”

“I’m too old to move.” Kyrie teased. Then he let out another breath, “But since my good daughter wants to feed me, of course I can’t refuse.”

A smile appeared on Rebecca’s face: “I know that my father loves me the most.”

A spoonful of soup was fed into Kyrie’s mouth.

Kyrie drank the soup and aftertastes it for a while: “It’s a bit salty.”

“Really? Then I’ll put less salt next time.” Rebecca said, scooped another spoonful and fed it to Kyrie’s mouth.

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