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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1425 by

Chapter 1425

“Rebecca, don’t worry, when your father is dead, Jobin Industries will still be yours, we will not hurt you or bully you. I kidnapped Elliot with your fourth master for your own good. Your Dad is full of hostility to Elliot now, and he will never delegate power to Elliot. Maybe one day he will kill Elliot. If you want to live with Elliot, your dad must die.”

“No, I can’t do it. I can’t hurt my dad. My dad is very good to me.” Rebecca cried out.

“How is your dad treating you? What are you kidding? Your dad never thought of giving you the inheritance.” The second master smiled contemptuously, “Don’t think it’s unbelievable that I let you kill your dad. Your dad has a brother, you may have never heard of it. Your dad killed his brother, and only then he got the Jobin family’s property from your grandfather and set up the Jobin Industries.”

Rebecca’s face turned pale. She couldn’t believe what she heard.

“If you don’t kill your dad, your dad may give Lorenzo some of his property. Don’t look at how much Lorenzo seems to like you. He pretends to be affectionate, but it’s just to get you and your family. When your father dies, the property of your Jobin family will become yours.”

Rebecca felt that the world in front of her had turned into pitch darkness. She was born in a greenhouse and was used to being flattered and cared for by others. Now she is suddenly asked to kill, and she will kill her own father, how can she do it?

“Rebecca, I have finished telling you what I should say. I will send someone to deliver you a poison later. If you don’t feed this poison to your father, then I will feed it to Elliot. After all, your father If he doesn’t die, everything that Elliot talked to us before will not come true. He cheated on us, we must kill him.”

After the nanny investigated the surveillance, she returned to the living room.

Rebecca was sitting on the sofa, her fingers tightly clutching the phone, her body trembling slightly.

“Miss, I checked the surveillance. Elliot went out at 2:00 in the morning. He answered a phone call and went straight out.” The nanny told her the information from the investigation, “I don’t know who called him. There must be something wrong with talking on the phone so late.”

Rebecca turned a deaf ear, her body motionless.

The nanny continued to comfort her: “Miss, don’t worry, his phone may be out of power when his phone is turned off. Maybe he will come back later.”

Rebecca shook her head dully: “I’m a little hungry. I’ll go get something to eat first.”

“Okay. Miss, don’t worry. I don’t think anything will happen to Mr. Foster. Even if he really wants to leave you, he will definitely make it clear to you. He is a decent person after all.”

“Stop talking, I want to be quiet.” Rebecca said in a hoarse voice, “I’m a little thirsty, pour me a glass of water.”

The nanny: “Okay.”

Rebecca ate a meal After a tasteless breakfast, She received a call from Lorenzo.

The moment the phone rang, her soul almost went out of her body. She thought that someone from the second master had arrived.

“Rebecca, when did you come? Your father mentioned you just now.” Lorenzo asked.

Rebecca quickly adjusted her mood, “Oh…I have to wait. How is my father feeling today?”

“That’s it. Because of Elliot, Your dad has not been very happy.”

“Lorenzo, don’t you like Elliot?” Rebecca asked.

Lorenzo was silent for a few seconds, and said indignantly: “Of course I don’t like him. If it weren’t for him, you would be my wife. Rebecca, how much I like you, you don’t know.”

“Lorenzo, don’t say such disgusting words. If I wasn’t Miss Jobin, would you still like me so much?”

Lorenzo: “I…”

Rebecca sighed heavily, “You won’t. If Kyrie’s daughter was an ugly woman, you would say you like her. Lorenzo, I didn’t sleep well last night. I didn’t mean to be quarrel with you. The nanny boiled the soup today, but it’s not ready yet. I’ll take some over when the soup is ready.”

“Okay. Rebecca, I know you’re not happy after marriage. If you scold me casually, I won’t be angry.” Lorenzo coaxed.

Rebecca hung up the phone.

If Elliot hadn’t been kidnapped and she hadn’t been threatened, she wouldn’t be so unhappy.

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