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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1423 by

Chapter 1423

Avery was giving him orders, not discussing with him.

After saying this, Avery hung up the video.

Elliot put down the phone, walked under the shower, turned on the switch, and the warm water quickly slid down his body along his short hair.

Elliot was very upset.

Avery said she was coming to rescue Elliot. It’s like Xander’s girlfriend has to come to avenge Xander.

If Xander was still alive, it would be impossible for his girlfriend to risk her life to avenge herself.

Elliot still remembers Xander’s girlfriend’s eyes when she was trampled on the ground by the bodyguard after she assassinated Kyrie.

His eyes are very bright. The anger in his eyes is not obvious, some are just relief.

Elliot decided to save her at that time, precisely because of her stubborn eyes, which reminded him of Avery. He thought that if he died in Yonroeville, Avery might be like Xander’s girlfriend, running desperately to seek revenge for Kyrie.

Elliot didn’t want Avery to save him. Whether he needs rescue or not, he doesn’t need Avery.

After taking a shower, Elliot came out of the bathroom. At a glance, he saw Rebecca standing beside his bed.

Rebecca said, “Elliot, my father will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, let’s go to the hospital to pick him up tomorrow. I will ask my father to forgive you. Don’t say anything tomorrow, I will make him to forgive you.”

Elliot walked to her side, picked up the hangover soup, and took a sip.

The soup is a bit sour, and it is very refreshing to drink into the stomach.

Ellio finished the soup, and Rebecca immediately took the empty bowl.

“It’s very late, you go to rest. We’ll talk about tomorrow’s business tomorrow.” He looked at Rebecca’s unease face, his eyes slid a little bit until it landed on her stomach.

Rebecca followed his gaze and glanced at her belly, and said with a smile: “The child is still very little.”

“Well, I know.” Elliot tone was very light.

When Avery was pregnant with Robert, Elliot was always by her side. He knows how hard it is for a woman to get pregnant and how great a child is to be born. So he couldn’t live up to Avery.

The next day, 8 a.m.

After finishing dressing up, Rebecca came to Elliot’s door and knocked on the door.

Rebecca told him last night that she was going to the hospital today to pick up Kyriee home.

Although Elliot didn’t explicitly agree last night, Rebecca didn’t think he would refuse.

Rebecca knocked on the door twice, but there was no response. She was heartbroken and opened the door without authorization.

She saw that the quilt on the bed was neatly folded, which was folded by the nanny.

And the nanny told her just now that Elliot was still sleeping and didn’t go downstairs.

Explain that this is not what the nanny folded today.

This further shows that Elliot didn’t sleep on this bed last night.

Rebecca suddenly felt hypoxia.

–Elliot is not in the room or the villa, where has he been?

–When did he leave?

Rebecca immediately went back to her room to get her cell phone and dialed his number.

  • Sorry, the number you dialed has been switched off, please try again later.

Shut down!

Elliot turned his mobile off.

This is the first time Elliot has shut down since he came to Yonroeville.

Rebecca suddenly felt like the world was spinning. Don’t know what to do.

–Could it be that Ellio… returned to Aryadelle?

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  1. Thank you for these chapters, it gave me a few to read before starting my day! ♪┌|∵|┘♪ └|∵|┐♪
    More please for later!!

  2. I hope kyrie is dead and Elliot travels back to aryadelle and because of which Rebecca’s baby should also die after all she is no less evil. Quietly keeping someone else’s baby and killing the evidence. Elliot and avery should now be concluded to happily ever after

  3. If he got back in aryandale Is nick got jet plane?Still can be seen in computer record that he gone by plane right and kyrie would know, so I doubt he left that easy…
    Made me think what 2nd and 4th brother proposed to him?
    Or he maybe caught by lorenzo and kyrie then taught him a lesson? Then Rebecca would not be happy and beg his life…. Don’t know… 😐🤔

  4. Where did he go? I hope not abducted by Kyeri’s people. Maybe to the hospital kill Kyiri. I hope the author is winding up the book. I love the shock Wanda experienced when Avery took the PR department staff. Avery won. Yey!!!💃💃. Cole and Henry’s shock at finding out that they can do nothing about Elliot’s shares.

    1. This is a translation from a Chinese novel.. the Chinese version is still ongoing and has 1800+ chapters 😅. So the book isn’t winding down yet

      1. Alla, what is the original title of novel in Chinese? How did you find it? as I am trying to search it but could not find…. Oh dear 1800 and on going.. Like a soap drama in TV indeed… 😩😁🙉

          1. I was paying to read it and it got expensive. I think I’ve spent over 100. I think this site has the best translation and there have been more chapters released on here.

  5. How did Xander do the transplant without Avery knowing is it that Xander will push the embryo out or by surgery because I don’t get it

    1. I was paying to read it and it got expensive. I think I’ve spent over 100. I think this site has the best translation and there have been more chapters released on here than the sight you pay for.

  6. Jennifer Valdez

    I don’t want Elliot & Avery’s child to stay inside Rebecca’s stomach… She’s not a good sapling, she will not treat the child well…

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