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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1420 by

Chapter 1420


After Avery had dinner, she took Robert for a walk in the community. She was supposed to take Layla out for a walk, but Layla needs tutoring.

After the summer vacation, an exam was first arranged in the school, and as a result, Layla’s ranking dropped.

Without waiting for Avery to talk to Layla, Layla took the initiative to ask for tutoring.

Avery used to worry that her child would not pay attention to learning, but she didn’t expect her worry to be completely unnecessary.

“Boss, when you were in Yonroeville, you gave me a bonus when you said it back.” The bodyguard followed Avery and walked slowly, “I didn’t plan to say that because your company was about to go bankrupt before, didn’t you? However, you have now invested in the Sterling Group…”

Avery laughed: “I’ve been too busy these days, I forgot. Even if I’m going to go bankrupt, the bonus that should be given to you.”

With that, Avery took out her mobile phone and directly transferred a large sum of money to the bodyguard.

The bodyguard immediately flattered: “Boss, you look so beautiful when you transfer money to me.”

Avery: “Don’t praise me. Every time you praise me, I break into a cold sweat.”

“Can you not be so tired next time? The Sterling Group is a shareholder, and it also takes up the majority of the shares. You can let the people of the Sterling Group take care of it. You just need to receive dividends every year. If I were you, I would retire directly.” The bodyguard chatted with her.

Avery: “If I play at home every day, then I don’t need a bodyguard.”

The bodyguard was shocked then said: “Then you should go to work every day. I think young people still need work to enrich themselves, otherwise it will be boring.”

Avery was amused by his reaction, “You take Robert and I’ll make a call.”

Robert walks a little more steadily now, and is not too willing to sit in the cart.

The bodyguard took Robert over, picked him up, and held it high.

“I’ll take Robert over there to play with the children.” The bodyguard pointed to the fountain.

“Okay, I’ll go look for you after the phone call.” Avery agreed that Ben Schaffer’s matter had to be done.

After the bodyguard carried Robert away, Avery dialed Gwen’s number.

The call was quickly connected.

Gwen asked, “Avery, are you looking for me or Hayden? Hayden may have gone to school.”

Gwen now lives with Hayden.

First, Gwen was afraid of living alone. Second, the house where Hayden lived was quite big, and Hayden was usually at school, so the house was basically empty.

So Gwen proposed to hold back, but Hayden didn’t object.

Avery said softly, “If I’m looking for him, I’ll call him directly. Gwen, I’m looking for you because I want to talk about Ben Schaffer.”

Gwen felt nervous when she heard his name: “What’s the matter?”

Avery said, “Ben Schaffer wants you to remove him from the blacklist. He promised me that he would not harass you. He said he was afraid that you might have trouble in the future and could help you. I think he is sincere. I want to take care of you. It’s the kind of care that a brother takes care of a sister.”

Gwen teased, “Oh… he’s so shameless. He asked you to tell me. With you and Hayden taking care of me, how could I need him to take care of me? But since he found you, then I’ll pull him out of the blacklist with reluctance.”

Avery said, “If he harasses you and makes you feel uncomfortable, tell me, I’ll go find him.”

Gwen sighed, “I’m not a child anymore, if he harassed me, I’ll block him again. My life is so good, although Elliot doesn’t recognize me and you treat me like a sister.”

Avery said, “It’s not that he doesn’t recognize you, he’s a slow person.”

Gwen said, “Anyway, I think Hayden is much easier to get along with than him.”

“Maybe the two of you have fate.” Avery is very pleased that their relationship is so good, “How is your work?”

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