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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1417 by

Chapter 1416

Elliot immediately helped her to the bathroom.

After the nausea passed, her face turned pale.

“Elliot, I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold back just now.” Rebecca wiped the water droplets from her face with a towel, and then asked, “Who did you talk to on the phone just now, What happened? You look bad.”

“You don’t have to always apologize to me.” Elliot strode towards the living room.

Rebecca followed him to the living room.

Rebecca guessed, “Elliot, did my father lose his temper with you? He felt that the people around him did not protect him, so he lost his temper with everyone, and he also scolded Lorenzo.”

The woman who assassinated your father was hidden by me before. But today, Lorenzo found it.” Elliot thought it necessary to explain the matter to her, “so your father stopped all my work.”

Rebecca’s face suddenly turned black: “My father blames you. I’ll beg him.”

Elliot interrupted her, “Do you think it’s useful for you to beg him?”

Rebecca looked at his sullen face, and a fear rose in her heart: “What should I do? My father doesn’t believe you anymore, maybe he will help Lorenzo up.”

“Lorenzo likes you so much, if Lorenzo likes you so much, It doesn’t matter to you that Kyrie is lifted up.” Elliot said lightly.

Rebecca frowned, very worried, “Elliot, you are my husband. I can’t let my father treat you like this. You hide that woman just because you have a good heart and you can’t kill like them.”

Elliot corrected her, “You’re wrong. I saved that woman because she didn’t deserve to die. I even regret that she didn’t kill your father.”

Rebecca was shocked.

Elliot calmly said word by word, ” Rebecca, your dad and I will eventually go to opposite sides. Today is just the beginning of the deterioration of the relationship. I or him, you can only choose one of the two.”

Rebecca can’t choose this multiple-choice question.

One is the man who raised her, and the other is the man she wants to be with her whole life.

Elliot said, “I’m wrong, it can’t be said to be one of two choices. If your father can’t kill me, then I will kill him. After he dies, I will go back to Aryadelle.”

Rebecca’s tears fell, “Elliot, don’t go. Don’t leave me. If you have to go back to Aryadelle, can you take me with you.”

–Just think Elliot was leaving her, and her heart seemed to be torn apart, and it was extremely painful.

–It didn’t hurt so much to think that her father would die.

Rebecca finally said, “Between Kyrie and Elliot, I’ll chose Elliot.”

Elliot rejected her, “Impossible. You and your children stay in your motherland. Lorenzo will accompany you.”

“But I don’t want Lorenzo.” Rebecca broke down and cried, “Elliot, if the child in your belly is yours, won’t you be so cruel to leave me?”

Elliot: “The child in your belly is not mine.”

Rebecca choked, “What if it is yours? I can’t even assume that Is it?”

Elliot’s eyes were cold, and his voice was even colder: “Don’t deceive yourself.”

“Why do you hate me so much…why?” Rebecca sat on the sofa and was crying into tears.

Elliot picked up the tissue box and handed it to her: “Rebecca, I don’t hate you. I just don’t love you. Stop crying, let’s eat.”

After Elliot finished speaking, he strode towards the dining room.

The nanny immediately came over and wiped Rebecca’s tears with a tissue: “Don’t cry, miss. Don’t break your body by crying. You are pregnant with a baby now, so think about it. As long as you give birth to your baby smoothly, everything will be fine. “

Rebecca looked towards the dining room.

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