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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1414 by

Chapter 1414

Mrs. Cooper said kindly, “I have a relative who has been trying to get pregnant for a long time and didn’t get pregnant. Later, I found a very good old doctor and prescribed medicine for a few months, and then I became pregnant successfully. I was thinking, Isn’t Tammy preparing for pregnancy, why don’t you also go to the old doctor? If it works the best, there’s nothing to lose if it works.”

Avery looked at Tammy.

“Okay! You can tell me the contact information of the old doctor, and I’ll take a look at it.” Tammy turned her head and said to Avery, “Mrs. Cooper is right. There’s nothing to lose if you try.”

“You Bring the prescription back and show it to me.”

Mrs. Cooper: “Okay.”

Avery blushed slightly, “I don’t quite understand it but I can check it.”

Tammy said, looking at Mrs. Cooper, “Hahaha! I think Mrs. Cooper recommended it. It’s definitely reliable. It should be fine. If I can successfully conceive a baby, I will give you a big red envelope.”

Mrs. Cooper smiled back: “No, no, as long as It’s better than anything that you can conceive a baby. I’ll call now and ask for the contact information.”

Mrs. Cooper said, and walked out of the dining room.

Layla took a bite of the rice, and then said to Avery, “Mom, I won’t have a baby in the future.”

“Why don’t you want to have a baby?” Avery didn’t know why her daughter thought of this, “You still Little, wait for you to think about this later.”

Layla pouted, “I don’t want my belly to bulge. It’s not beautiful. Why don’t boys have children?”

“Layla, this question is a great question. Let your mother study it carefully, how to make a man have a baby.” Tammy felt like a mountain in her heart because of the problem of having a baby, “If I can make a man have a baby, I can work hard to become an excellent entrepreneur like Elliot.”

Avery poured cold water on her: “If you kill me, I can’t make a man have children.”

“Then can you help me become the second Elliot?”

“I’ll give you Elliot directly, okay?”

Tammy took the spoon and filled it with After a bowl of soup, “I want it, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to give it. Hahaha! Do you keep in touch with Elliot?”

“Occasional contact. Elliot is still under the surveillance of Kyrie, and he is not very free. So we usually send messages.” Avery took a mouthful of rice and continued, “But Elliot promised me that he would go back to Aryadelle.”

“He would be stupid if he didn’t go back to Aryadelle! Hayden and Layla are so good. If I had two such wonderful children, I wouldn’t need a husband.”

“Little sweet Auntie, and my brother.” Layla reminded Tammy that she missed one.

Tammy: “Haha! Our Robert is super cute, and he will definitely be as good as you and your brother in the future. Your father is probably thinking about your heart and lungs in Yonroeville.”

Layla blinked her big bright eyes and pouted, “But Dad didn’t make a videocall for me. Even if someone is watching over him, is there someone who is watching over him when he goes to the bathroom? If he really misses me, he will definitely have time to make a video call for me. He doesn’t miss me at all and my brother. maybe soon, Dad and his new wife will have many children.”

Tammy: “You think it’s a piglet. Generally speaking, there is only one child at a time.”

Layla: “My mother gave birth to two at a time. I have a summer vacation. In the TV series that Uncle Eric took me to shoot, the heroine gave birth to four at a time.”

Tammy was speechless.

Avery didn’t know how to answer her daughter’s words. Only when Elliot comes back and the family is reunited can his daughter’s concerns be relieved.



After spending a week in the intensive care unit, Kyrie was sent to the general VIP ward.

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  1. Jennifer Valdez

    When dad was there or dad wanted to talk through video call, Layla didn’t treat her dad well… or refused to talk to him, so what’s there to complain little Layla?

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