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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1411 by

Chapter 1411

“This move will draw wages from the bottom of the pot. Elliot especially likes to do it.” Ben Schaffer explained to her proudly, “Although the initial investment is huge, but after the opponent is killed, the right to speak will be in our hands. “

Can we dig to move others? Wanda must have given others a lot of benefits, and maybe even promised shares…” Avery said.

Ben Schaffer said, “What Wanda can give, we can give. And we can give more. If it were you, would you choose to join the Sterling Group or the Wonder Technologies?”

These two companies are not of the same order of magnitude at all. It is completely incomparable.

“Then…are you going to dig, or me?” Avery asked.

Ben Schaffer said, “Let’s go together. It would be easier if Elliot went to dig. It’s just that I asked when Elliot could return to Aryadelle, and he said he couldn’t come back for the time being.”

Avery’s eyes drooped slightly, “He can only go back to Aryadelle when Kyrie dies. Now Kyrie is in the intensive care unit, maybe he will hang up at some point.”

Ben Schaffer sighed, “Mr Foster didn’t tell me this. He called me and only told me about your company. I feel like a pawn, he doesn’t take me as a brother at all.”

“No.” Avery explained for Elliot, “He just doesn’t want you to worry. In case you run to find him, it will only make it more difficult for him. The various legal provisions of Yonroeville are different from ours, except for a few major power families and the life of ordinary people is like a straw.”

Ben Schaffer said, “I know, I will not go to him. I manage the company for him, which is the greatest help to him. But I also want to know his situation.”

Avery said calmly, “I can tell you about him. His current wife’s name is Rebecca, the only daughter of Kyrie. Rebecca loves him very much, and they plan to have a baby through test tube. Of course, the baby can’t be Elliot’s. This is just to fulfill Kyrie’s request. Because this child will be born with the surname Jobin, and will stay in Yonroeville in the future to inherit Kyrie’s family business. Elliot wants to Find an opportunity to kill Kyrie.”

Ben Schaffer nodded: “Thank you for telling me this. If he told me that, I wouldn’t be afraid. But how easy is it to kill Kyrie? There are a few confidants…”

Avery said, “Well. But Elliot also has helpers. The other brothers are all on Elliot’s side. Give Elliot a little more time, and he will definitely be able to go back to Aryadelle.”

Ben Schaffer nodded, and after a moment of silence, he said, “Don’t disclose our cooperation for now. We will make it public when we find Wanda’s core team. It will be more exciting to catch Wanda by surprise then.”

Mike brought a glass of water to Ben and said, “Sure enough, You are really bad.”

Ben Schaffer took the water glass, drank it all in one gulp, and put down the empty water glass, and then said, “I have the right to think that you are complimenting me. Now that it’s settled, I’ll go first and find you when I get in touch with Wanda’s team.”

“Okay.” Avery sent Ben Schaffer to the door of the office, then walked back and closed the office door.

Mike sat in the chair that Ben Schaffer was sitting on just now, looking at her with all his time: “It’s still Elliot. Although he is not the boss of the Sterling Group now, the people of the Sterling Group still recognize him.”

“Don’t say such things. Avery walked to the office chair and sat down. “The Sterling Group was founded by Elliot, and Ben Schaffer certainly recognizes him.”

“In the future, your company will not be entirely yours. They can drive them away with a little tricks.” Mike reminded, “You have to think clearly.”

“Is it so clear for me and him?” Avery didn’t care. She said, “If he really wants my company, I can offer it with both hands.”

After saying this, her heart beat faster. She couldn’t help thinking of what Elliot said in Yonroeville.

Elliot said he was going to take everything from her.

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  1. Jennifer Valdez

    Just give it, anyway you were willing to give your company to that father & son before, so why not to Elliot? Become a house wife is it not good? Less problems & worries… Children is growing without their parents.

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