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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1406 by

Chapter 1406

Henry was stunned by the eloquent answer.

Looking at Shea’s appearance, Henry was a little weak and his mind was particularly clear.

Shea even looked wiser than two years ago.

Cole said, “Aunt, it’s really chilling for you to say something like this to my dad. My dad is your eldest brother.”

“Then don’t come to me again. I don’t want to see you at all.” Shea said indifferently.

Adrian also said, “I don’t want to see you either. You draw my blood, you are a bad person.”

He looked at Cole coldly, and Cole was speechless, not knowing how to refute.

Mrs. Scarlet said, “Shea and Adrian know exactly what you and your son are thinking about. Especially you as the eldest brother, if you don’t take care of your younger siblings and if the old lady is still alive and see you like this, I don’t know how chilling it will be.”

Henry: “Shut up.”

Mrs. Scarlet said to the bodyguard: “Keep the gate, and don’t let the father and son come in. If the two of them approach in the future, drive them away immediately.”

After Mrs. Scarlet finished speaking, she took Shea and Adrian back to the villa.

Seeing his father’s face ashen, Cole immediately took his father’s arm and left: “Dad, I think Shea seems to have recovered a lot from before. She doesn’t look stupid now.”

Henry looked gloomy: “The daydream can wake up. She is not stupid now, she is just aggressive.”

Cole said, “My daydreams are shattered, and Avery’s life is not easy. Seeing Avery being forced into this by Wanda, my heart is more balanced. Many high-level talents have come here, and Tate Industries will go bankrupt soon. This wave of Wanda is to kill Tate Industries and become the industry leader. When Wanda monopolizes the domestic market, there will be no Tate Industries in the future. The Industries have a chance to come back to life.”

Henry snorted coldly: “When did you have a grudge against Avery? Avery is bankrupt, can we get any benefits?”

Cole opened the car door and said, “I have no grudge against her, but I don’t see it either. She’s good. Besides, don’t we still have a lot of money? If Avery goes bankrupt, maybe we won’t be rich.”

Henry said, “Cole, this money is our last foundation, if you lose everything, then I really can’t control you. You saw it just now, Mrs. Scarlet’s attitude towards me…”

“Dad, I won’t mess up again. I’ve spent money. I can find a job and I’ll keep the money for your retirement.” Cole was a little tired after struggling for so long, but he also realized, “Dad, I have only you as a relative, and you have already sacrificed everything for me, and I can’t go on.”

Henry sneered: “Don’t say it nicely, you have to do it. When did you ask me not to be hype?”


The next day.

After Avery sent her daughter out, she went to the company with Mike.

On the way to the company, Mike analyzed the current problems the company was facing with her: “What we lack the most right now is actually not money. It should be said that what we lack is not small money. If we really want to be tough with Wanda, we can also hire cattle. Forced R&D team. Spend more money on R&D. The point is, we don’t have that much money.”

“Your predecessor, do you have a grudge against you?” Avery raised her cheeks, asked.

“Yeah! He has a grudge against me. He knew that after I recovered from the surgery, he wanted to get back together with me, but I never gave up on him. As a result, he held back such a bad move. It’s a pity that I’m not as good as him, otherwise I’ll have to teach him a lesson.” Mike mentions this, his teeth itch with hatred.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you admit that you’re not as good as others.” Avery said.

Mike blushed: “In a short while, Hayden will surpass me. And I believe that Hayden will definitely surpass my sc*mbag predecessor in the future. I want Hayden to surpass and avenge me.”

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