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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1405 by

Chapter 1405

“Okay! If you can do it, then I’ll forgive you.” Layla stretched her hand and pulled the hook with her.

On the other side, Mrs. Scarlet hugged Shea tightly.

“Shea, do you know how sad I am when you die? Do you know how sad your brother is? You are still alive, why didn’t you tell us earlier?” Mrs. Scarlet let go of her and looked at her carefully, ” you lost so much weight and suffered a lot, right?”

Shea explained, “I got sick. I almost died. Big Brother Adrian saved me.”

“You are not allowed to mess around in the future. It’s not good, how can you draw so much blood? You don’t take care of your body like this. Do you know how uncomfortable your brother is?”

Shea lowered her head, took Mrs. Scarlet’s hand, and shook it: “I know I’m wrong. When my brother comes back, I’ll apologize to him.”

Mrs. Scarlet hugged her tightly again: “Shea, it’s fortunate that you’re okay. You’re okay…”

“Well, Mrs. Scarlet, Look at my brother.” Shea stretched out her hand and pulled Adrian to her side, “His name is Adrian, he’s my brother. He is very kind to me.”

Mrs. Scarlet said, “I’ve seen him. Avery brought him back before, yes I took care of him. He is just like you, very sensible. Adrian, thank you for saving Shea. You will live with Shea in the future, and I will take care of you.”

Shea pulled Mrs. Scarlet, walked aside, and chatted alone: ​​”Mrs. Scarlet, I… I like Wesley. I want to be with Wesley in the future.”

Mrs. Scarlet was stunned for a moment: “You want to marry For Wesley?”

Shea nodded shyly.

Mrs. Scarlet, “But your brother, Elliot…”

“I’ll tell him when he comes back. If he doesn’t agree, I’ll beg him.” Shea said stubbornly, “I’m sure he’ll be soft-hearted.”

Mrs. Scarlet was both angry and funny: “Does Wesley know what you’re thinking? If Wesley dislikes you, don’t you feel ashamed?”

“If Wesley dislikes me, then I will be friends with him.” Shea has a set of ideas.

Mrs. Scarlet said helplessly, “I think you like him and pamper you with everything. If he hadn’t drawn your blood, you wouldn’t have gotten sick at all.”

Shea: “Mrs. Scarlet, don’t blame him. I begged him. He’s very nice, so I like him.”

Mrs. Scarlet frowned, “I want to meet him another day. He can’t do that. Otherwise I wouldn’t feel at ease to hand you over to him.”

Shea smiled at Mrs. Scarlet: “Don’t be angry, I’m so hungry, I want to eat your food.”

“Go wash your hands.” Mrs. Scarlet led her to the bathroom.

After dinner, Mrs. Scarlet took Shea and Adrian back to Elliot’s villa.

They entered the door on the front foot, and Henry and Cole came on the back foot.

Henry said strangely, “Mrs. Scarlet, Shea and Adrian are my relatives. You have no reason to stop me from entering, do you? If you insist on stopping, then I can only call the police.

“When the two of them came back, Avery had confessed that Henry and Cole must not see them.”

“If you call the police, I can also call the police.” Mrs. Scarlet confronted him head-on, “You are just related by blood, it doesn’t mean they are your playthings”

“Don’t you think you are the master of the Foster family?” Cole roared arrogantly.

At this time, Shea walked over from the living room with Adrian’s support.

“Shea, I’m your eldest brother.” Henry saw Shea and immediately opened his mouth.

Shea looked at them coldly, “Although I have a blood relationship with you, I don’t recognize you as a big brother. Adrian doesn’t recognize you either. There is no law that stipulates that you must recognize each other if you are blood related.”

Henry said bitterly, “Shea, did Avery teach you to say that? She deliberately provokes the relationship between our brothers and sisters, you can’t fall for her trap.”

“Henry, I know what you want. .Sterling Group belongs to Elliot, you can’t take it away. I’m not a fool, and I’m not an item. If you dare to call the police and say that I have a low IQ, I have no self-care ability, and you want to control Adrian and me, then we can test it and compare it with one another. Who’s IQ is high, and who’s IQ is low!”

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  1. Hey up, way to go Shea and Adrian… They both more intelligent than these father and sons brain who like a leech sucking someone’s fortune instead of using their hands to work for theirselves….

  2. Whoo hoo you tell him Shea! Great chapters! Can’t wait for more please. It’s morning where I live and this is close to the first thing I do each morning. Check for new chapters. I can’t get enough of the good stuff. This is absolutely a book I am going to want to read multiple times. Or at least once more so I hope when it is complete it will be available for sale! I’m a book on the shelf kind of person. This is my first E-book and kinda first romance novel as well. I am actually a huge Koontz fan. I believe the sinister twist is why I actually like this Novel. I am enjoying the love story part as well, and am a little offended by some of the plots. But overall this book has kept my in suspense from beginning on. I kinda got bored when Elliot became an absolute love struck, push over, coward type of a man. He seems to now be in love without loosing his edge, I like him this way.
    How great would it be if Rebecca tries to hold on to Elliot using his and Avery’s child as an excuse. Only to discover that Xavier has the (magical) frozen embryo put somewhere to actually be implanted back in Avery at a later date. That would be awesome! To prove Xavier actually did have a conscious. Instead I have a feeling it’s gonna end up being Rebecca turning evil and going after the two of them, or maybe even Xanders girlfriend going after them. Oh wait maybe Xanders girlfriend finds the email kidnaps the baby, gives it back to Avery, and kills Rebecca after discovering Rebecca had Xander killed.
    Who knows I’m just speculating 🤔 and can’t wait to see what really happens! My imagination is going wild!

    1. I love your speculations. I thought of some scenario’s, but the frozen embryo didn’t occur to me. Love that one….

  3. I’ve tried to follow Your post, very hard to follow and extremely confusing, to not end up with the next chapters was disappointing.

  4. My understanding is that it’s an ongoing novel, so possibly it isn’t finished yet. This site has more chapters available than all other sites. Plus the translator is nice and actually engaged in conversation with us. Haven’t seen that on other sites. Plus he/she offers us these chapters free, while others ask for payment on each chapter and even after paying you don’t get as many as you do here.

    1. Not to mention other sites don’t upload new chapters until this site does. So I think they may be copied from here.

  5. If you click the home page down at the bottom you can find previous chapters here. If you haven’t already read them.

  6. Now I remember who Nick is..he was the one who helped Avery to escape from the mansion in the forest, to return her a favour. He gave her a dagger to protect herself from the wolves. Chapter 396…

    1. YaY Shea.. thank you for the chapters. I really wish you would post or send your email so I could paypal you. Won’t use the link

  7. Do you ever reply to any post? And why can you only read such short chapters ever so often it’s very irritating. Why can you not just buy the entire book I’ve looked everywhere?

  8. It is about time that aome of Elliott people ( Ben and Chad and Jun) step in to help Avery and Elliott. With Wesley ,Shea and Adrian fighting Henry and Cole. Obviously Shea and Adrian know that Henry and Cole have no ounce of familial care and love they just want to control them for Elliott assets. Mike and Hayden should be able to help Tate industries Hayden took down Christian. I believe he could take down Wanda. Still waiting to see if Xander really had a conscience and did not harm Averys embryo or planted it into Rebecca. As for Rebecca turning evil. She already is. Waiting to see next plot because I am sure there will be. Time for the evil ones to receive rwtribution

    1. MJ, very well said. I agree with everything you said! I’m really hoping Xander did the right thing and didn’t give Avery’s baby to Rebecca.

  9. At end of 1405, when I click on ‘next’ for next chapter it takes you to a different book.
    Some other sites have published, When His Eyes Opened, also, and show chapters 1406-10 or more, but, they do not make sense.
    Your chapters are more understandable – but we are left hanging for hours, or more, in the middle of tense of a very tense cliff hanging story! Appreciate your work! Pls post more, so we get end this story & book, and relax, a little. Thank you.

  10. I am curious now to think, what if Xander did not take the embryo out of Avery and place it in Rebecca. I don’t believe we have anything to say she has proof the baby is in her. So, what if Xander didn’t go through with transfer. Only telling Rebecca he had done it to make her happy and let Avery leave. I mean, Avery didn’t feel any different right? She surely should have felt something had that procedure been done. This is only wishful thinking of course. We will only know for sure what happens once we get more chapters. I am very interested to find out more. Maybe she starts to have signs of pregnancy!

      1. That is my problem!! She didn’t feel any different. So maybe he decided against it but made sure Rebecca believed it.

  11. How the heck did those idiots even get inside Elliotts villa? That’s absurd as before nobody could even enter without security knowing. Other than his genius children of course. Did all of Elliotts people just forget about him?

  12. Henry and his son are proving their stupidity by being so desperate for money. they should have started their own business after Elliot bought the Old Mansion. Shea is gonna teach them a terrible lesson and I’m praying for Elliot to come back very soon.

  13. While I appreciate the translation, it takes longer and longer to get new pages to read. Makes it easier for someone to completely walk away from this outlandish story line…
    Also, it says you can be reached on Telegram, but what’s the name to link to…?

  14. I can’t wait to read what’s next. I am hooked on this story. I hope this will be available in book form at the end. Checking for new pages every hour…so far nothing has been posted today.

  15. Jennifer Valdez

    I don’t understand why they had not yet called the lawyer to transfer all Elliot’s property back under his name. They could do it even if they’re still in Bridgedale… This writer is slacking too much… and make us stupid beyond compare.

  16. I just read chapters on novelebook dot com and there were chapters I never saw on this site. Now I have some backtracking to do and see what else I missed! I won’t be back here.

  17. Angie McDonnell

    This thread is broken, I have finally found this translators next chapters by googling book title and chapter numbers. You do need to jump ahead to chapter 1409. I’m not sure how much of the story has been skipped or if it is just an error in the numbering. Hope this helps

  18. I have been patiently waiting for chapter updates on here with the hopes that the translater would see these coments and insert the missing chapters or renumber the ones he has updated. Regretfully, as invested as I had become in the novel, I will not be finishing it, nor will I be using this site for any new novels

  19. Não consigo parar de ler, está história vicia… Shea vai ficar cada vez mais forte e com certeza se casará com Wesley … também acho que Ben, Chad e Jun poderiam participar mais… nossa tanta coisa… e Elliot é Avary … viajo com eles… da até pra sentir de verdade seus sentimentos… ufa

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