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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1400 by

Chapter 1400

Hasn’t she already left? How could she be here?

Elliot had an ominous premonition in his heart.

About half a month ago, Xander was killed, and at the same time, Xander’s girlfriend came.

Naturally, she could not accept the news of Xander’s death, but she still reluctantly cremated Xander’s body.

Elliot sent someone to take her and Xander’s ashes to the airport.

He thought Xander’s girlfriend had left that day. But he just saw a waiter holding a tray, and that waiter seemed to be her.

She may have returned after returning Xander’s ashes.

And why she came, it’s hard to guess. She definitely didn’t come to be a waiter, she definitely came to seek revenge for Kyrie.

Elliot strode towards the room where Kyrie was resting. Before he could get close, there was a piercing noise.

The men’s screams and the women’s screams were mixed together.

When Elliot entered the lounge, he saw Kyrie’s chest with a dagger stuck in it.

And Xander’s girlfriend had been kicked to the ground by the bodyguard, blood dripping from the corners of her mouth.

“Mr. Foster. You came just in time. I don’t know how this woman got in. Do you want to interrogate her first, or just kill her?” A bodyguard asked, stepping on the woman’s face.

Another bodyguard called an ambulance.

Just when Elliot was about to speak, Lorenzo strode in.

After Lorenzo saw what happened, he immediately drew his gun and aimed it at the woman’s head.

“Don’t kill her yet.” Elliot stopped immediately, “The matter hasn’t been investigated yet…”

“What’s there to investigate? This woman is Xander’s girlfriend. She is here to avenge Xander.” Lorenzo recognized her identity after seeing her face clearly.

So Lorenzo thinks that there is no need to investigate, just kill her directly.

Elliot frowned and scolded Lorenzo, “Go to the doctor first to stop the bleeding for your foster father. Didn’t you see him bleeding a lot?”

Lorenzo turned back and saw Kyrie’s eyes staring Like a copper bell, with a painful expression on his face, he immediately said, “Foster father! I’ll find a doctor right now!” After speaking, he quickly ran out to find a doctor.

After Lorenzo went out, Elliot looked at the woman on the ground.

The woman gasped for breath, lowered her eyes, and dared not look at him.

Although Kyrie was stabbed, he did not die. His eyes were looking fiercely at the woman on the ground.

Elliot said to the bodyguard, “Take her out. I have a question to ask her. This is the Jobin family’s hotel, how did she get in? I think the management should change.”

After he finished speaking, he walked out first.

The bodyguard immediately dragged the woman to keep up with him.

Not long after, Lorenzo brought the doctor to the lounge.

Seeing Elliot’s absence, Lorenzo immediately asked the bodyguard, “Where is Elliot and that woman?”

“Mr. Foster went to investigate how that woman got in.” The bodyguard said.

“Haha! I think he wants to let that woman go.” Lorenzo’s words were settled, and another bodyguard strode in.

“Where is Elliot?” Lorenzo asked.

“Mr. Foster killed that woman. Waiting for the ambulance outside now.”

“Are you sure he killed that woman?” Lorenzo frowned, not quite convinced.

“I saw it with my own eyes. He just broke the woman’s neck.” The bodyguard said.

“Where’s the corpse?” Lorenzo was going to see the woman’s corpse.

23 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1400 by”

    1. I’ve enjoyed these chapters. I hope it continues to move along. It’s hard to tell how much time has passed in this book. Hopefully they soon learn what Dr X did, but it will be 9 months before Elliott comes back. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take 18 years to figure it out.

  1. I sure hope these tests tell her she had been pregnant. I dont think Elliot killed Xanders girlfriend. If so he’s still got that really bad side.very glad we finally know Shea and Andria are okay. Please put your paypal email to send a thank you

    1. Just a strange thought…..what if the embryo in Rebecca is not Averys. Since Wesley is conducting a full body physical we might get some answers. Either we find out that she had an embryo extracted or here is a really odd thought that Xander double crossed Rebecca and Avery is still pregnant. It would be happy if she was still pregnant however I doubt the author would lean toward this scenario.

      1. I guess it still with avery coz may be xander change his mind after feeling guilty ? can wait the story in another chapter

      2. I’ve been thinking the same. Why doesn’t she know? She said there were no abnormalities with her body so she’ll soon find out.

  2. I am so aggravated that it says Kyrie didn’t die. I hope he ends up dying from his wounds. Also, didn’t Rebecca say Elliott could leave if she was pregnant?? What I don’t understand if Xander was going to do what he did why not just implant a different child into Rebecca? He could’ve always frozen Avery’s embryo. Since he didn’t feel she could successfully carry the baby, and both live in the end that Avery could still carry the child once she had the operation, and was healthy again.

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