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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1398 by

Chapter 1398

Elliot heard the words, stunned for a moment, and then said coldly: “It’s good.”

Rebecca said gently, “Well, I’m also very happy. I wanted to tell you the news last night, but you came back a little late last night, I’m afraid It affects your rest at night, so I didn’t tell you. After breakfast, let’s go to Dad’s house and tell Dad the news.”

Elliot: “Okay.”

After breakfast, the two went to Kyrie’s house. .

Kyriee is infusion. But when he saw them coming, he had a good look on his face.

“Dad, how is your health? Did the doctor say that you will need to infuse for a few days?” Rebecca walked to the bedside and held Kyrie’s big palm.

“Today is the last day. Go to the hospital for a re-examination later. Let’s see how the recovery is.” Kyrie squinted his fox eyes and asked, “You two come here together, do you have something to tell me?”

Rebecca said with a smile: “I and Elliot have also come to see you together before. The reason why we don’t come together is not because you have arranged too much work for Elliot. He doesn’t have enough time to rest every day. “

“A man should focus on his career.” When Kyrie said this, he glanced at Elliot.

Rebecca smiled and said, “Dad, I have good news to tell you. I’m pregnant. I just found out.”

Kyrie’s eyes lit up, a little surprised: “So soon?”

Rebecca said: “Don’t you really want to hug your grandson? Why is it too fast?”

“Hahaha! I just didn’t expect you two to be so fast. It’s good to be pregnant. I just don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl.” Kyrie smiled and danced, “It doesn’t matter if the first child is a boy or a girl. I like them both. You are still so young. You will have more babies in the future.”

“Is there anything like you?” Rebecca coquettishly said, “When are you going to the hospital? I’ll accompany you later.”

Kyrie said, and added, “You’re pregnant now, just stay at home and have a good rest. I’ll review it, and I’ll be fine. If there’s nothing wrong with my review, we’ll have a party in a week, and welcome baby. It’s coming.”

“Okay.” Rebecca agreed and looked at Elliot, “Elliot, what do you think?”

Elliot: “It’s good.”


A week later.

Avery felt that her body was almost recovered, so she went for a review.

The inspection results showed that the recovery was good.

“Brother Wesley, can I be discharged from the hospital?” Avery raised her eyebrows proudly, “You can’t ask me to stay for another week, right? I lie down every day and my waist is about to break.”

“It seems that I don’t need to live anymore. But You were making a fuss about being discharged from the hospital a week ago, but the test results at that time were not very good.” Wesley turned over the old accounts with her, “I don’t even know what you thought at the time. In my heart, you are obviously a very rational person.”

“Brother Wesley, please stop talking. I wanted to be discharged at the time because I thought my body was recovering well. I think back now, although I was recovering well at the time, it was far from enough to be discharged from the hospital. I have realized that I was wrong.”

“It’s good to know that I was wrong. Don’t make yourself sick if you don’t want to be hospitalized.” Wesley asked, “Would you like to rest here for a few days before returning to Aryadelle?”

Avery shook her head: “I miss Layla and Robert so much. I can’t wait to buy a ticket to go back to Aryadelle today. But let’s go back tomorrow. I’m also reluctant to leave Hayden.”

Wesley smiled: “Fortunately there are only three children, if there are more Well, I don’t think you’ll think about it.”

“You don’t understand.” Avery walked towards the ward, “I didn’t understand those who had children before I gave birth. Brother Wesley, after you return to Aryadelle this time, you will be old. Stay in the country honestly, and accompany your parents well. In the years since you disappeared, they have aged a lot.”

Wesley: “Actually, I prefer to stay in Bridgedale.”

Avery: “But you will still go back to Aryadelle. Right?”

Wesley: “Well.”

Avery: “Actually, you can find a woman to marry and have children…”

“Avery, please let me go.” Wesley begged for mercy, “When I return to Aryadelle, My parents will definitely urge me, so I won’t bother you to rush me.”

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