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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1395 by

Chapter 1395

After ordering, Gwen said to Adrian: “Avery’s company is in trouble, I think Avery must be in need of money now. Adrian, you are the boss of the Sterling Group now, you play the role of your boss, Give some money Avery.”

Adrian: “Okay! What should I do?”

Gwen: “You call Ben Schaffer and say you want to invest in the Tate Industries…or you just say If you want to give money to Avery, he will understand if you say so. You are the boss now, and he will definitely listen to you. And he should also want to help Avery.”

Adrian nodded: “I don’t have his number.”

“I have.” Gwen turned on the phone, found the blacklist, and reported Ben Schaffer’s number to him, “Do you remember what I said to you just now?”

Adrian: “I want to give money to Avery.”

“Yes! You said that after he connected.” Gwen urged him to dial Ben Schaffer’s number.

The call was made, and after a while, Ben Schaffer was connected.

“Hello.” Ben Schaffer’s low voice came from the phone.

After Ben Schaffer’s voice came, Gwen immediately winked at Adrian and asked him to speak.

Adrian looked at Gwen and winked, his mind went blank for a moment.

After Ben Schaffer ‘hello’ for the second time, Gwen scolded Adrian, “You idiot.”

Hearing Gwen’s voice, Ben Schaffer was stunned for a moment: “What are you scolding me for? Is this your new number?”

“No. This is your boss’s number.” Gwen said angrily.

Ben Schaffer was stunned again: “This is your second brother’s new number? Aren’t you in Bridgedale? Did you go to Yonroeville?”

“Can you figure out who your current boss is? Just your brain, How did you become the chief financial officer?” Gwen mocked mercilessly.

Ben Schaffer blushed immediately: “You said Adrian. This is Adrian’s number?”

“You don’t even save your boss’s number, do you look down on your boss?” Gwen said.

Ben Schaffer: “Okay, don’t laugh at it. I’m done. Tell me, what are you looking for?”

“Adrian will tell you.” Gwen handed the phone to Adrian.

Adrian took the phone and said politely to Ben Schaffer: “Hello, I want to help Avery.”

Ben Schaffer: “What?”

Gwen listened to his puzzled tone and immediately grabbed the phone: “Adrian wants to help Avery. Adrian is now the boss of the Sterling Group, so he can freely distribute the money your company makes, right? He wants to give money to Avery, you are in charge of finance, so this matter is left to you.”

Ben Schaffer finally understood the purpose of their call.

Ben Schaffer said, “It’s good for you to have this kind of heart. I’ll call Mike later to see how much he needs. Although Adrian is the boss of the Sterling Group, not all the company’s money is his. Yes, I hope you two can understand this.”

Gwen: “Then he must have a lot of money, right?”

Ben Schaffer: “Well.”

“That’s not it. Give Avery the money that belongs to him.” Gwen said.

Ben Schaffer: “Gwen, are you using the Sterling Group as an ATM machine? Sooner or later, the shares of Adrian will be transferred back to Elliot. Elliot may come back at any time.”

“My second brother will be back and will definitely help Avery.” Gwen said firmly, “You didn’t spend your money, what do you feel bad for?”

“It’s not that I feel bad, but I think you are too self-motivated. The current problems of the Tate Industries are not only the money issue, they need to adjust now…”

Gwen interrupted him, “Don’t tell me this, I don’t understand. You go and contact Mike. If he asks for money, You pay him. This is your boss’s order.”

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  1. 😅😅😅 At least this chapter is lighthearted, gwen, Ben and Adrian conversation made my day… At least they are thinking more straight compared to what’s been happening on previous chapters of other characters….

  2. Jennifer Valdez

    That’s true…at least everyone can speak human language now…lol… I hope Hayden will check Xander’s emails…

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