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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1393 by

Chapter 1393

Avery: “Well, I’m not picky eaters. You can buy whatever you want, don’t buy too much.”

Wesley: “Well.”

After Wesley left, Avery felt that her heart was floating in the air and gradually fell.

She lay down on the hospital bed, turned on her phone, and dialed Mike.

The call was quickly connected.

“I am now hospitalized in Bridgedale, and it is estimated that it will take ten days and a half to be discharged.” Avery told him about her situation.

Wesley: “You finally escaped from the devil’s lair.”

“But Elliot is still there.” Avery lowered her eyes, worried for him.

“It’s better than both of you being there. And Elliot has dealt with them before, so he won’t necessarily suffer.” Mike said here, the conversation changed, “Avery, I may bankrupt your company.”

Mike had told her before, so she was mentally prepared.

“What’s the situation with the company now?” Avery asked.

Mike has never told her the specific situation, so she has no idea.

After Mike explained the situation to her, she was not so pessimistic.

Avery said. “Don’t we still have the latest product to produce? Let’s boil it first. It’s really not possible, we can cut off part of the production line first. Geckos can survive by docking their tails, and we have to find a way to survive now.”

Mike listened After hearing her words, her nose became sour: “Last night, Layla heard from somewhere that the company was in crisis. She gave me a card, saying it was the money she earned, and let me use it to save your company.”

Avery Terribly sour.

“I went to check the balance in that card today, and it’s close to 20 million. Why does she have so much money?” Mike was puzzled.

“That’s not Layla’s money.” Avery said hoarsely. “Layla’s card has always been with me. The card she gave you last night was probably given to you by Eric.”

Mike: “Oh! I see. I said how did Layla know what happened in our company.”

Avery: “Eric always silently helped me when I was in trouble.”

Mike: “I’ll invite him to dinner another day.

“After thinking about it. I have a headache now, I will rest for a while.” Avery lay down on the hospital bed.

Mike: “Okay, now the company’s people are unstable, and it’s hard for me to leave. You take care of your illness, and I’ll wait for you to return to Aryadelle.”

Avery: “Well.”

3 hours later.

Avery woke up and opened her eyes.

In the ward, Hayden, Gwen, and Adrian were all there.

Seeing them, Avery wanted to sit up immediately.

“Mom, lie down.” Hayden strode to the side of the hospital bed and said to her, “I’ll call Uncle Wesley.”

After Hayden went out, Gwen and Adrian walked in front of her.

“Avery, you need to get better soon. When you are discharged from the hospital, I will take you to see the company opened by Hayden.” Gwen said.

Avery nodded.

“Avery, my sister really wants to come with me, but Wesley said she can’t go out yet.” Adrian’s gentle eyes showed a bright and gentle luster.

Avery: “Adrian, are you feeling better?”

Adrian: “I’m fine. My sister has also gained weight.”

“That’s good.” Avery felt more at ease.

Life isn’t all bad news after all.

After a while, Wesley stepped forward.

In his hand, he held various checklists that Avery had previously been in Yonroeville.

“Avery, I took the test you did before to show the doctor.” Wesley took out one of the sheets, and continued, “You had a general anesthesia the day before the operation, what did you do with the general anesthesia?”

“Xander said Do an angiography again.”

Wesley frowned, “I didn’t see your second angiography. Besides, you don’t need to have two angiography. Why did he give you general anesthesia? How could he do that? Don’t you think it’s strange?”

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  1. Hey up.. Wondering if this is really the flow of the story or the author read the readers side about suspecting Xanders doing to Avery…. 🤔😁

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