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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1390 by

Chapter 1390

Kyrie looked furious, as if Elliot had done something wrong to him.

“You are ill now, you should rest well and don’t think too much.” Elliot stopped Kyrie and continued, “Rebecca said that she is not feeling well, I will go back and see her.”

His light tone made Kyrie feel like a fist. smashed in cotton.

After he left, Kyrie was very upset.

Kyrie said to the bodyguard, “He is more and more able to hide his feelings. Don’t look at how much he seemed to respect me just now, but he actually hated me in his heart.”

“Just because of that doctor named Xander. I don’t think he is?”

Kyrie frowned, “Of course he’s not for Xander…he’s for Avery. You didn’t hear him say Avery is not good? Avery is in a bad mood because of Xander’s death.”

The bodyguard laughed and said, “If she hates it, she hates it but she has no power, even if she hates you, she and also Elliot can’t do anything. this is your world. If you are willing to reuse him, he is a thing, if you don’t reuse him, he is a piece of sh*t!”

“He is still better than Lorenzo. I need him to do things for me.” Kyrie’s voice was low Come down, “but I don’t have to worry, Rebecca will definitely be able to keep him.”



Tate Industries.

Mike convened a senior management meeting to truthfully inform everyone about the problems the company is currently facing.

Mike said, “It’s me who has implicated the company. Now that Avery is not in the country, she has no energy to manage the company, and she can’t solve the problems the company is facing now.”

“It means that our company only has the latest models. The product was not stolen.” An executive asked in surprise.

Mike said, “Yes. Except for the latest models, if other old models continue to be produced, there is only one situation, that is, they cannot be sold. Wonder Technologies has not invested any research and development, so they can be sold at low prices. And our cost is placed in In front of them, it is impossible to fight a price war with them.”

The vice president wondered, “Then what should we do? Should we cut off the production line and lay off a large number of employees?”

Mike didn’t answer. If he wants to keep the company alive, this is the only way to go.

“I heard that Wonder Technologies has spent a lot of money to hire a research and development team abroad, and they should have a lot of new products to launch next.”

“I suddenly felt that our company was at a dead end and came to a dead end. How could this be?”

Mike: “Blame me. If it wasn’t for my stubborn ex who came out to make trouble, our company would never have done this.”

The vice president said, “Director Mike, since Avery is not to blame, then we don’t have the right to blame you. If the company really can’t go on, then go bankrupt. It’s not like the company has never gone bankrupt. Although I’m not very good at finding a job at my age, it’s good. I’ve saved a lot of money in the past few years…”

“Hey, are you really going to go bankrupt?” Someone sighed.

“Unless someone invests and changes the direction of development. Why can Wonder Technologies ride on our face? The first and biggest reason is that they have a lot of money. Wanda has made countless investments, even if they burned it in the early stage. A lot of money goes in, but it doesn’t affect the normal operation of their company at all and they continue to attract investment…”

“Who will invest in us? We offended many investors when our company was booming.”

“Yeah! Avery doesn’t accept investment from outsiders at all.”

“Then it can only go bankrupt. But even if the Tate Industries goes bankrupt, it will not affect Avery’s technology in Bridgedale at all.”

“I can come back and rebuild the Tate Industries.”

No one answered.

Because everyone knows it’s unlikely.

Wanda’s Wonder Technologies almost emptied the Tate Industries this time.

Reality is reality, Avery has no cards.

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  1. Thanks for posting more chapters. Story is really starting twist. Can’t wait for the next group of chapters.
    Story is really great.
    Thank you 😊

  2. The story seems to be unending. It was intended to be romance but is continuously evil. Ideally it should have been Rebecca losing the child but apparently the writer intends to move the story to 18 years hence when avery will receive email from xander which seems quite ridiculous. The writer should end the story on a happy note now and find sone way to tell avery that her embryo was transplanted to Rebeca in present and not 18 years later

  3. It’s ridiculous what Xander did but that shouldn’t have warranted his death. It’s just so ridiculous with this writer that doesn’t want any happy life for Avery and her children. I wonder if Avery’s bodyguard didn’t know about Xander’s and Rebecca’s plan to transplant Avery’s baby to Rebecca, he knew that Avery was pregnant. I really hope Elliot will come to know the truth about Rebecca’s pregnancy.
    I really hate it when writers tend to promote so much evil and allow evil doers to win and make the good people to suffer.

  4. It was nice to have multiple chapters to read. I’m hoping since I didn’t notice them until late, and just finished that soon there will be more chapters to read. I’m thinking of taking time off of reading so when I come back I don’t have to go through the waiting game.

  5. I know it’s fiction…but, a woman would know if someone messed with her female parts even after being under anesthesia. But, Here I am..still waiting for the next
    Thank you for translating and sharing!!!

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