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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1389 by

Chapter 1389

“Elliot, the job I gave you, you did a good job.” Seeing him, Kyrie said with kindness, “By the way, how are you talking to the second and fourth brother? They should have been looking for you?”

Elliot nodded: “I have met with them. The preliminary opinion is that the property of the sixth and the youngest…”

“That’s my property. The property of the youngest has long been mine. I bought it from their widow in a reasonable and legal way.”

After the death of the sixth and the youngest, Kyrie did everything possible to buy out their property at a low price.

It is obviously a buyout, but it is actually a robbery.

The second and fourth broke up with Kyrie because of this.

If Kyrie used this despicable method to deal with outsiders, that’s all.

The sixth and the youngest are their allied brothers, how can they embezzle their property? Even if they want to embezzle, they will share it with their brothers. How can Kyrie take it alone?

Besides, the sixth and the youngest were killed in order to settle the mess for Cristian, and it was really disgusting that Kyrie did such a thing for the sake of profit.

“Brother, I propose to donate one third of the income from this part of the industry to the state treasury, and another third for public welfare. In the end, we only get one third of the proceeds.” Elliot was afraid that Kyrie would get angry and explain, “We can donate only a small part of the money through accounting. In this way, we will only lose a small part of the profit.”

“Well, even if it is only a small part of the profit, I don’t want to lose it.” Kyrie grimaced, gritted his teeth and said, “If it wasn’t for the sake of me and their former brothers, I would never suffer this loss.”

“It’s not good for us to fall out with them. Let’s take a step back, in order to move forward better.”

“Just do as you say.” Kyrie said. He asked the bodyguard to hand over cigarettes.

The bodyguard immediately lit a cigar and delivered it to him.

“You haven’t recovered yet, so it’s best not to touch the cigarette.” Elliot reminded to Kyrie.

“I smell it, I don’t smoke.” Kyrie held the cigarette in his hand, “Now that I have you to help me, my Jobin family will only get better and better. Of course I want to live a good life.”

Elliot: “Well.”

When the cigar was finished, Kyrie threw the cigarette butt into the trash can.

“Elliot, did you come to me just to talk about this?” Kyrie squinted his fox-like eyes and said, “How is Avery? I heard that she had a major operation.”

“The operation is success, but she is not very good.”

“Why is she bad?” Kyrie asked knowingly.

Elliot said calmly: “Her classmate is dead. His name is Xander, a neurologist. He specially called over to let this classmate operate on her. He was killed in the early morning of the day of her surgery.”

Oh…” The corners of Kyrie’s mouth rose, evoking a sarcastic arc, “I killed him.”

Elliot suppressed all his emotions in his heart, and his tone was calm: “How did he provoke him, Are you?”

Kyrie exhaled, “Of course he didn’t offend me. I think about it, but I can’t get angry. My son can’t just die like this. Otherwise, how lonely he would be on Road. I can’t kill your son to vent, let alone Avery, otherwise you will be angry with me. I can only kill the people around Avery to vent my anger.”

Elliot pursed his thin lips and did not speak.

Kyrie has done all the bad things in his life. For him, killing someone is as random as stepping on Avery.

Elliot got up from his chair, “You have a good rest, I will see you tomorrow.”

After Elliot finished speaking, he strode towards the door.

Kyrie looked at his arrogant back and shouted to Elliot uncontrollably: “Don’t think I don’t know you’re angry. I promised to let Avery leave, enough to give you face. Don’t be shameless. If you dare to betray me, I will not let you leave the Aryadelle to live.”

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