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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1382 by

Chapter 1382

Wesley called Avery but no one answered, so he dialed Xander’s number, but no one answered.

Today is the day was Avery’s surgery day, and he wanted to know the situation of the surgery.

Just when he checked the flight in Yonroeville and planned to go to Yonroeville, Avery’s phone came back.

“Brother Wesley, my mobile phone is charging in the ward.” Avery discussed the surgical plan with the doctor, and only returned to the ward just now.

“Are you operating today?”

“Well.” Avery was stunned for a moment and told him the matter, “Xander has returned to Aryadelle, so I asked the doctor in this hospital to operate on me.”

Wesley was taken aback: “What’s the situation? What’s the urgency? Can’t you go back to Aryadelle after the operation? When did he leave?”

“He sent me a message at 4:00 in the morning, and he probably left when he sent me a message.” Avery’s mood has calmed down down.

“Why didn’t you have an operation before leaving? Are you in a hurry for this day?” Wesley was puzzled.

“Maybe his condition is in a hurry. And this is not a major operation for me…”

“Craniotomy, why is it not a major operation? Xander is a fool. Either he will not agree to perform the operation for you, since he has agreed. How can he go back on the last day? I’ll call him later.” Wesley’s tone was very serious.

Avery immediately said, “Brother Wesley, don’t call him. He must have his own difficulties. I’ll call him after my operation is over.”

Wesley: “Is the doctor over there okay? “

“I don’t think there should be any problem. Kyrie always comes to this hospital to see a doctor every time he is sick.” Avery changed the subject, “How are Shea and Adrian?”

“They are fine.” Wesley lived with them and waited for Elliot and Avery to return, “Shea is much better, and Adrian takes good care of her.”

Avery: “I miss you so much.”

Wesley: “You need to have peace of mind. The most important thing is to recover from your illness now.”

Avery: “Well.”

Wesley: “Then I won’t bother you. Send me your bodyguard’s number. I’ll wait for you tonight and contact to your bodyguard.”

Avery: “Okay.”

After speaking, Avery sent the bodyguard’s number.

At 11 p.m.

Elliot returned to the villa.

In the living room, there was a floor of flowers, and Rebecca sat beside him, putting in a bottle.

Seeing Elliot coming back, Rebecca immediately put down the scissors and flowers in her hands and asked, “Elliot, is my dad coming home?”

“Well. He’s home now. How are you?” Elliot sat down on the sofa and glanced at the flowers she had arranged.

Rebecca sat down beside him and said, “It’s a little better today. I heard that Avery has an operation today. After her operation is over, you can go and see her if you want. It’s a pity that she doesn’t want to see me otherwise I would also like to see her. I’ll go see her with you.”

Elliot looked at the sincere expression on Rebecca’s face, and said solemnly, “Don’t go to her in the future.”

Rebecca: “Okay. I didn’t expect you to hate me so much.”

Elliot: “Since you are in good health today. It’s not that uncomfortable anymore, then you can go see your dad later.”

Rebecca said, “Well. I’ll put these flowers in the vase and go there. Elliot, are you hungry? Would you like something to eat? The nanny made the soup…”

“I’m not hungry. Since you’re fine, I’ll go first.” His voice settled, a look of disappointment flashed in her eyes, and he immediately explained, “Your dad gave me some work has been arranged, and I have to deal with it.”

“Well, you go. I’m just worried that your body can’t take it.” Rebecca escorted him out.

After he left, Rebecca returned to the living room.

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