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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1380 by

Chapter 1380

Avery changed her hospital clothes, put on a mask, followed behind Elliot, and left the hospital in a low-key manner. Coming out of the hospital, Avery immediately took his arm.

Avery: “Let’s find a hotel nearby. If Xander and my bodyguards know that I’m staying at a hotel with you tonight, they will definitely laugh at me.”

Elliot: “It’s because it’s more convenient to take a bath.”

Avery: “Oh, it’s really convenient to take a bath in a hotel.”

“You’re a patient now, so I’m not that rude.” Elliot defended himself.

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “What are you explaining to me. Are you a beast? I have the answer in my heart.”

“What answer?” Elliot looked at her blushing face.

“Sometimes a beast, sometimes a gentleman.” Avery gave the answer and asked him at the same time, “Elliot, what is your impression of me?”

Elliot replied without hesitation, “It’s the same as your evaluation of me. You seduced me first. “

Avery clenched her palm tightly, “Oh! I don’t believe Rebecca didn’t seduce you. Are you hooked?”

Elliot: “Didn’t I already hook you?”

“You can too in two boats.” Avery fanned her eyelashes.

“Really?” Elliot looked at her innocently.

Avery was irritated by his airy rhetorical question. She pinched him at the waist.

Elliot immediately clenched her hand and gestured forward with his eyes: “Just go to the hotel in front.”

Behind them, Lorenzo’s black eyes stared at them until they entered the hotel.

Lorenzo got a call from Rebecca, so he came out of Kyrie’s ward. Unexpectedly, when they got out of the elevator, they saw Elliot and Avery coming out of another elevator.

They only saw each other in their eyes and didn’t notice him at all.

Rebecca can endure Elliot’s private relationship with Avery to revive but Lorenzo can’t bear it.

Elliot’s behavior simply ignored the Jobin family.

Moreover, Rebecca said that she didn’t care, how could she not care in her heart?

It’s just that the adoptive father relies too much on Elliot, so Lorenzo can’t do anything to Elliot.

After Lorenzo smoked a cigarette on the side of the road, he took someone into the car.

The next day, 7:00 in the morning.

The warm sunlight came in from the window.

Avery woke up and saw Elliot lying beside him, as if he was dreaming.

As if the two of them never misunderstood and quarreled, he didn’t leave the country, and she didn’t get sick.

They slept in the same bed every day and woke up to his familiar face every morning.

His eyes suddenly opened and he saw Avery staring at him.

“What are you looking at?” After Elliot opened her mouth, Avery kissed him on the cheek: “You sleep a little longer, and I’ll go to the hospital by myself.”

Elliot: “I’ll take you there.”

“No need. You’ve been busy these days. I haven’t rested well. After my surgery, you can see me again.” Avery said and sat up.

“I’ll see you at night.” Elliot looked at her back and said.

45 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1380 by”

  1. Right now I am so disgusted that Xander did that. Rebecca lied to him and even wants to kill him so the truth does not come out. Xander and Rebecca deserve many bad things coming to them. I know this is only a novel but I am appalled. I believe this story will drag on and on from one dark plot to the next. How sad, Are we waiting in vain for a good outcome? How can there be a good outcome whenever its one tragedy after another.

    1. MJ, very well said. I absolutely agree with everything you said. I to hope Xander, Lorenzo, Kyrie and Rebecca die a slow painful death. This story needs happiness (and fairness) for once!

    2. I agree! It seems that just when you think things are going to work out and there is going to be some sort of happiness, it is killed by the next sInister plot. It is an ongoing forever process to the end. I too want Xander, Rebecca, Kyrie and Lorenzo to suffer horrible things. I feel like Rebecca should have a miscarriage of this baby, due to the sudden death of her father and Lorenzo before it is revealed she is pregnant.

    3. Vivian Isioma Archibong

      MJ, Rebecca is as evil as her dad. The nanny already knows her secret. Who knows what will really happen as long as the nanny is alive too. I’m not enjoying the novel anymore

  2. Yeah, many twists and turns in this novel though a lot of it is self inflicted by the protagonists.
    I would like to be able to read consecutive chapters on this site without having to skip through other chapters from other novels here.

    1. I agree it’s as if they are dangling the chapters in front of our eyes Surely this book could be published in it’s entirety.

  3. Did I miss Xander taking the baby? How does Avery not know. She’s been pregnant 3 times.
    I’ve waited all weekend for one chapter…sighhhh

    1. It’s a month or so she hasn’t noticed anything yet since it hasn’t reached the period for morning sickness.

    2. April, I agree with you. There’s no way Avery wouldn’t know. Speaking from experience she definitely would know, and she’s a doctor. And like you said she’s already had 3 kids so she would know when something happened down there. And Rebecca would have had to stay in the hospital, not instantly be sent home. It’s ridiculous how the author expects us to believe such nonsense. Even more ridiculous that we’re expected to believe that even if they kill Xander the truth will be hidden. Obviously there’s other doctors and nurses who were in the operating room to.
      It’s time for this HORROR story to end! The pain and suffering Elliot, Avery and the kids have been through is DISGUSTING! The kids are innocent and should NEVER be brought into the adults drama, especially an innocent baby who isn’t even given the chance to be born knowing it’s biological mommy. Absolutely disgusting to even consider doing that to someone who can’t even defend themselves! What’s the point of continuing the story when nothing good ever happens? The story is so predictable over and over again the evil ones can do whatever they want and nothing happens to them. Hopefully the story turns around and finally shows happiness, love, and the bad people paying for the horrible things they have done.

      1. I thought I have read all the chapters so far but it seems I have missed some. When did Rebecca get the baby implanted and when did she mention that she wanted Xander dead? I find it interesting that Rebecca may be pregnant and had no sex with Elliott or anyone. Isn’t that going to cause questions? And what has happened to Shea and Adrian? So many questions…

  4. I so hoped Xander would get some sense. Now the baby is in Rebecca, she wants Xander dead. Lorenzo knows Elliott and Avery went to the hotel together. I am afraid this is going to get very bad. And they won’t find out about the baby and no one to do Averys surgery 😒

  5. Rebecca has already bought the idea of her nanny to kill Xander, meanwhile she’s not sure if the child will survive or not. I hope it fails. She doesn’t know that xander has sent an email to Avery that will deliver in 18 years time.

  6. Thank you for this chapter! Very anxious to see read where this is going. The story lines has been so depressing, it gets old. Hoping for some positive, happy events amad ending.

  7. Absolute rubbish.
    You mean this stupid actually manned up and did that despicable act.
    I am so flabbergasted that he could actually do that as a doctor and Avery not knowing at all, even at that, how about other attending nurses cos there’s no way he did that alone without any nurse around.
    Also, thank God he will be getting what is due him which is a painful death. I am sure that email will definitely get to Avery on time.

  8. What nonsense. The story would have ended in aryadelle long time ago. This extended story in yonroville is so pathetic. The very strong character of Elliot has become a stupid and lame man. Avery, the worlds best neurologist didn’t find out her stomach was cut open and closed and what about tapes and post surgery weakness and all? How could rebecca move right after such complicated surgery? The writer is out of his mind or thinks the readers are stupid illiterate who don’t know anything?

    Translator doing good job 👍

  9. Avery knew she missed her period but put it down to stress and her tumor because Xander never told her about the results. He lied. What a great doctor! His decision will continue to wreck havoc for Avery and Elliott. Maybe the baby will die or not take in Rebeccas body. He will pay the price either by losing his fiancée or life. Rebecca Lorenzo and Kyrie are equally evil only Rebecca hides hers with fake sweetness. Other possibility is Xander didn’t do anything but faked it using another embryo. Remember Rebecca said she would help Xander and Avery leave if he did this. How stupid was he to think that she will not use this child to trap Elliott and hurt Avery. This child is even more pathetic than Robert. The child is only a tool that will be used to gain the Jobin empire. On a medical note an embryo is small enough that it can be extracted from one uterus to another using a modified IVF type procedure, but conditions are complicated and must be optimal. How can a neurosurgeon be practiced in this type of procedure. So Avery may not know because she would not have been cut open. Otherwise she would have noticed a cut after spending time with Elliott at the hotel. Does the author think that we don’t see the problems and how fallible this story line is. This storyline has a lack of conscience and honesty but is totally filled with flaws how is the reader supposed to believe this.

    1. MJ, Well said I totally agree with you.
      Without going into details……
      After having an embryo removed and gone through IVF I can honestly say yes a woman would know that something happened.
      I really hope something good finally happens after all the hell they have been through. This novel definitely needs some happiness.

  10. Amelia Hillmon

    I would just like to have more chapters because I am looking forward to a happy ending, especially with everything Avery and Elliott has been through

  11. Avery should bleed or see signs of blood following this procedure. It does not make any sense. I also hope the baby doesn’t grow in Rebecca’s womb and she has a miscarriage. Avery and Elliot deserve better. They put that Lorenzo guy to see them, why can’t they just be happy. The author is not seriously. This is the worst twist. Avery’s company is no more and Elliot’s company is no more too so they are both destroyed. Who needs Wanda engineering the downfall of Avery’s Tate industry.

  12. SMH!! Yes, I am not understanding this at all. It sad to say, but considering Rebecca’s malicious intent. I hope she will not be able to hold the baby, at all. I pray the author will allow Xander to complete Avery’s surgery before he is killed.
    Rebecca, is Kyrie’s daughter and she’s been taught well, as far as, wickedness. Her plan may be to kill Xander so that Avery’s surgery will not be completed, hoping she may die and Elliot will be with her forever. She has reneged on the entire agreement of she and Xander. However, Xander has betrayed a good friend in cahoots with the enemy. Making this type of decision without discussing this with Avery or Elliot. He knows this is wrong or he wouldn’t have written the letter. Now, she has conspired to kill him. (…reaping what you sow) Now, someone has mad a decision to end his.
    I am thinking if Xander ends up dead, that Avery will try to investigate his death. She will reach out to Hayden to check his computer and Hayden will find out about the baby. I don’t believe this will drag on for 18 years, before Avery or Elliot finds out. Perhaps, Rebecca is self sabotaging, and not realizing it by killing off her witness that the baby she is carrying is Avery’s, and Elliot returns to Aryadell with Avery, as I am sure he promised Layla on the balcony.
    Once Elliot kills off Kyrie, he will definitely return, and Rebecca will try and keep him there and confess with no proof of the operation. Until, the baby is born. This is a mess, but I am being optimistic.
    Thanks for the translations!!

  13. Realistically is there actually a procedure that is done to remove an embryo and transplant into another host? This isn’t test tube baby. Also isn’t Xander a neurologist not an OB/GYN so isn’t specialised in this field. It’s ridiculous.

  14. This makes me sick that dr X did that. This book is going to go on forever because as much as I would prefer the embryo not to survive in this fashion, it will and it will make the story. That poor child.

  15. Christene, I’m no doctor but I have gone through IVF and had to have an embryo removed and with the way it was worded in the story I’m very confused how it could be done like that…..??? The way the story made it seem like it was a piece of cake and could instantly be done without Avery even knowing and Rebecca instantly going home is very confusing to me. Maybe someone else knows if it’s possible? Is this the way it’s done in different countries? And yes you definitely need a OB/GYN, not a brain surgeon

  16. By the time Xander is dying, I hope he gets to know who is behind it…….helping a lunatic……stupid doctor!

  17. I thought I have read all the chapters so far but it seems I have missed some. When did Rebecca get the baby implanted and when did she mention that she wanted Xander dead? I find it interesting that Rebecca may be pregnant and had no sex with Elliott or anyone. Isn’t that going to cause questions? And what has happened to Shea and Adrian? So many questions…

  18. Absolutely ridiculous. How can a neurologist operate for OBGYN. Just wondering how would a doctor not know about her own pregnancy.
    Even without morning sickness doctor would most likely be aware of it.
    IVF has pretty much same process in every country

    1. Yes, the author has taken his/her readers for a crazy ride ..he thinks we are all dumb to digest and accept what Dr. Xander or better still Dr. Quack did..he has violated the rules and regulations of the medical field. He has committed a serious crime…’human trafficking’..So many discrepancies right from Avery missing her periods sans having a
      pregnancy test done to a neurosurgeon dabbles with gynaecology hehe ..
      An author has the right to write anything as someone puts it..but please get the research and facts right. This way, the readers could accept them with a peace of mind…
      My many thanks to the translator who has done a good job…

  19. Ready for some more and glad our translator is back. Hope you had fun and ready and waiting on the huge update!!

  20. With how much the story twists I’m really wondering if the baby Rebecca has in her belly was even Avery’s baby. He could’ve just implanted Rebecca with any baby she wouldn’t have known until birth if she did a DNA. They would all have already been able to leave if he just did that. Alls they said was Rebecca now has a baby in her belly. They didn’t confirm Xander did what he promised Rebecca. Lorenzo is probably going to kill Xander before Avery’s surgery. I feel if Avery’s baby was taken it will be revealed once a new doctor takes over Avery.

  21. Now I truly know why I buy books instead of reading online books. I started this in the hospital. Most authors reaearch and at least make the book realistic. I am torn between cutting my losses and walking away from this book or seeing how absurb this gets. At first I enjoyed the book, but it has taken some weird turns.

    1. True, the author just playing with our emotion by keep dragging the story from one tragedy to another. None of the character become better in their judgement and decision although so much obstacle they have come through. Online book should have standards and limit at which point to put a stop instead of just let the author enjoyed torturing the reader with never ending horrible tragedy happens to Elliot and Avery just to keep the reader stay tuned.

  22. Please dont ask for more chapters, i think the author just playing around with us reader with all its miserable idea on how to suffer elliot n avery so that we all keep on reading. So stupid. Just give the end of this story. Dont start everything back to square one for the tragedy after tragedy..

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