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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1379 by

Chapter 1379

Elliot: “Treat at home?”

Kyrie: “Well, the doctor said my problem is not serious.”

Elliot: “Okay. Then I’ll pick you up tomorrow.” After Elliot finished speaking, he looked at Lorenzo, “Then I’ll have to work hard for you tonight.”

Lorenzo didn’t speak.

After Elliot left, Kyrie looked at Lorenzo.

“I know you’re upset that he stole Rebecca, so there’s nothing you can do, who makes you less capable than him?” Kyrie’s voice came coldly, “If you don’t agree, you should devote yourself to learning from him. If you want surpass him, you can replace him.”

Lorenzo said, “I know.”

“Why is Rebecca uncomfortable?” Kyrie asked.

Lorenzo said, “Miss Jobin didn’t tell me in detail. She just said that she can’t come to see you for the next two days. When the matter is completed, she will explain it to you as soon as possible. She should have some plans.”

“You don’t care about Rebecca’s age lightly, She is definitely not a brainless woman.” Although Kyrie was weak, his eagle eyes were shining brightly, “As long as Rebecca can put the interests of the Jobin family above love, I don’t worry about the Jobin family at all. I’m afraid…”

Kyrie frowned and said to Lorenzo, “Rebecca has fallen into it. She has fallen in love with Elliot. She sent me a message and told me. You need to be there from time to time. Talk to her and remind her.”

Lorenzo said, “Okay, I will!”


Inside the villa.

Rebecca was very happy while drinking the soup made by the nanny. Now, there was a little life in her belly. Although this little life may not survive smoothly, there was still hope.

Rebecca finished the soup and chatted with the nanny, “I can’t let anyone know that this child belongs to Avery. The child is in my body now, and he is my child.”

The nanny gave her an idea: “Miss, why don’t you find someone to kill Xander? Only when Xander disappears from this world will the truth not be told.”

Rebecca frowned. She had a good impression of Xander, but at the moment, Xander was indeed a huge obstacle.

If Xander ever tells the truth, the child in her stomach will be snatched away by Avery.

Rebecca must not let this happen.

“Miss, leave this to Lorenzo. You are now pregnant with a child, take good care of your body and don’t think about anything.” The nanny said.

Rebecca nodded. She immediately picked up the phone, and dialed Lorenzo.


Neurosurgery Inpatient Unit, Ward v03.

The arrival of Elliot made Xander and the bodyguards retreat wisely.

“Why are you here?” Avery was about to discuss the treatment plan with Xander, but Elliot suddenly came in.

“Kyrie will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. He asked me to go back to accompany Rebecca.” He sat down on the chair beside the hospital bed, “I’ll stay with you and go back later.”

“Go back to accompany Rebecca?” Avery said and also there was jealousy, “Did you listen to what I told you before?”

Elliot hesitated for a moment and explained, “Rebecca is not feeling well today.”

“I am not feeling well either. I will have surgery tomorrow. Tomorrow, after Kyrie is discharged from the hospital, you can’t come to the hospital and you can’t come to see me.” Avery was not only uncomfortable, but also felt uncomfortable, “You stay with me tonight.”

Elliot softened, “After your surgery, I will take the time to see you.”

Avery: “I want you to accompany me tonight.”

Elliot: “Okay.”

“You have surgery tomorrow, so I’ll go to bed with you.” Elliot thought about it and discussed with her.

Avery got off the bed and said, “I’m going to sleep in the escort bed too. I’m not a patient yet.”

“Have you taken a bath?” Elliot asked.

Avery: “No! How about you?”

Elliot shook his head and suggested, “Why don’t we go to the hotel!”

Avery blinked: “Okay!”

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  1. I can’t believe this old man called Kyrie is blaming Elliot that he stole Rebecca, meanwhile he’s the one who forced Elliot to marry Rebecca, Elliot doesn’t love Rebecca at all.
    Xander succeeded in transplanting Avery’s baby into Rebecca’s womb.

  2. How on earth do you transfer embryo from a womans body and she wont know. I think im done with this book already. This is now sounding stupid

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