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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1378 by

Chapter 1378

Avery took the checklist, looked at the results and then frowned, “It seems that our previous plan needs to be changed.”

Xander said, “Yes. I was about to tell you this. Your condition has deteriorated too fast. You must operate as soon as possible.”

Avery looked over to the balcony glanced at it, then put away the checklist: “Wait until the evening.”

Xander said, “Okay. Have you eaten yet?”

Avery said, “Not yet. The bodyguard went to buy it.”

Xander took out his mobile phone and said, “I’ll call and ask him to bring one for me.”

Avery walked towards the balcony, wanting to hear what Elliot and the child had to say.

She had just reached the door when the door was pulled open.

After Elliot finished the videocall, he handed her her cell phone back.

“What did you tell your daughter?” Avery took the phone and asked.

Elliot’s handsome cheeks were slightly red: “Ask your daughter. I have to go up.”

“You won’t be able to come over later at night?” Avery hesitated and asked.

Elliot’s face turned a little red again: “It depends. I’ll send you a message later.”

“Okay.” Avery sent Elliot out of the ward.

After he left, she went back to the hospital bed and sat down.

Xander joked: “You two are dating in the hospital, I have never seen a patient with such a good mentality as you.”

“This fully shows that I trust your medical skills too much. I think you can definitely cure me. That’s why I’m in the mood to date.”

Xander sat down in the chair next to him and said, “Seeing that the relationship between the two of you has improved, I’m really relieved for you. You paid so much for him, if he insisted on staying here, that’s so unfair to you.”

“It’s not fair or unfair. I came to him voluntarily. Even if I can’t save him, I won’t hate him.” Avery picked up the water bottle and took a sip, “Xander, why did you give me general anesthesia? It’s just for an examination…and I have to have general anesthesia during the operation.”

Too much anesthesia is not good for the body.

Xander was also helpless.

Avery had to be given general anesthesia to get the embryo out of her body without her knowledge.

Xander said awkwardly, “Actually, I didn’t inject you with general anesthesia. The dose is less than the amount of general anesthesia. In your situation today, when I’m considering surgery, should I give you a lower dose?”

“If the dose is less and there is no general anesthesia, then it won’t kill me? I’m very afraid of the pain.” Avery said, the bodyguard came back with dinner.

At upstairs.

Kyrie had woken up, but he was weaker now.

Elliot entered the ward, saw Lorenzo, and said, “Go back to rest with Rebecca.”

Lorenzo said badly, “Didn’t you see that Rebecca was not there? She is not feeling well, so she left long ago.”

Elliot: “What’s wrong with her?”

Lorenzo: “She’s your wife, you ask me?”

Elliot immediately took out his mobile phone and called Rebecca.

Soon, the phone was connected.

“Rebecca, I heard that you are not feeling well, what’s the matter with you?”

Hearing Elliot’s question, Rebecca smiled softly: “I’m fine. It’s just that my stomach hurts a little. Maybe it’s time for my period? I’m resting at home now. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Elliot said, “If you are not feeling well, go to the hospital for a checkup.”

Rebecca: “Well, it’s not that uncomfortable. If it’s really that uncomfortable, I’ll go to the hospital. It’s a pity I couldn’t take care of Dad in the hospital today.”

Elliot: “Don’t worry, Lorenzo and I will take care of him.”

“Elliot, thank you. Thank you for your hard work.” Rebecca said gratefully.

After hanging up, Elliot walked to the hospital bed and looked at Kyrie: “Brother, how are you feeling now?”

“Dizzy.” Kyrie frowned, “Why don’t you go back to accompany Rebecca. I…I’ll probably go home tomorrow.”

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  1. And so i’ll stop reading from here onwards.. This novel is creeping me out. The writer seems to be confused and keep mixing the genre of this novel. Is it romance, sci-fi, futuristic or horror? So unrealistic!

  2. Jennifer Valdez

    Despicable… parents were not allowed to know that their child was implanted to someone else tummy!🤬🤬🤬🤬

  3. The writer is psycho. How can the writer imagine this really disgusting attitude done by a professional doctor?.. This story is not a love story, it just i think the writer get climax just to create more n more absurd journey on elliot n avery.

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