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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1372 by

Chapter 1372

“Did you go to the wrong ward?” Avery asked.

It was only 7:00 in the morning and Avery had just woken up.

“That’s right, I came to see you specially.” Rebecca put the insulation box on the bedside table, “I heard that you were also in the hospital, so I asked the nanny to prepare an extra breakfast.”

“The reason you did this?” Avery wondered.

“Because you are the woman Elliot likes. I did this to tell you that I don’t want to be jealous of you. Even if Elliot keeps this relationship with you, as long as he doesn’t abandon me and recognizes me as a wife. I can have a relationship with you. You live in peace.” Rebecca said generously.

Avery carefully distinguished the expression on her face and finally found that Rebecca didn’t seem to be acting.

“Miss Jobin, I’m not the same as you. I’ve known Elliot for almost ten years. My relationship with him is more than family. Besides, I don’t accept the existence of a third person in my relationship.” Avery shows her attitude.

Rebecca frowned slightly: “But Elliot has promised my father that he will stay Yonroeville forever.”

“Hahaha…I know, Elliot once promised me that he will love me forever.” Avery put her on the bedside table to keep warm cup, hand it back to her, “My bodyguard will buy me breakfast, you can go see your father.”

“The breakfast is not poisonous. If you don’t eat it, then give it to your bodyguard.” Rebecca refused to take back the breakfast, “I’m going to see my dad.”

Rebecca said, and left.

The bodyguard came out of the bathroom, saw the breakfast brought by Rebecca, and opened it immediately.

It has pork ribs and yam soup, egg custard, pastries and porridge.

“It’s quite rich and smells good. Boss, do you really not eat it?” The bodyguard put the thermos cup in front of Avery and gave her a look.

“Your rival gave you breakfast, do you want to eat it?” Avery was a little hungry, but he was determined not to eat this breakfast.

“Okay, then I’ll eat it. When I eat it, I’ll buy it for you.”

Avery lifted the quilt, got out of bed, and went to the bathroom to wash. When she came out of the wash, Xander came over with breakfast.

“Have you bought breakfast?” Xander put the breakfast he brought on the table.

“Rebecca brought it to my boss. My boss doesn’t eat it, so I ate it.” The bodyguard teased, “Rebecca is a talented person. She said that she can bear my boss when she is big or small.

“What should be big or small?” Xander didn’t react for a while.

“It’s the big wife and the little wife.” The bodyguard picked up the pork ribs soup, took a sip, and made a satisfied voice, “My boss can’t stand Rebecca’s grievance.”

Xander thought it was extremely funny and said, “It really makes me Eye-opening.”

“You said she was a dignified young lady of the Jobin family, and she looked like a flower, so why did she have to hang herself on Elliot’s tree?”

Xander: “Isn’t it the same for your boss? It means that Elliot has indeed been there.”

“Can the two of you stop discussing my personal affairs in front of me?” Avery ate the breakfast brought by Xander and begged, “Or, let me finish breakfast and then you can talk.”

The bodyguard smiled at her. “Then let’s talk about something to make you happy. Last night, you and Elliot were hugging in bed. Did you two make an appointment to go back to Aryadelle together?”

Avery was about to speak when a voice came from the door of the ward. There was a knock on the door.

The door to the ward was half-open. After the knock on the door, they all looked towards the door.

Avery saw Elliot and his bodyguard Ali standing at the door.

Ali knocked on the door.

“Miss Jobin said she brought breakfast to Ms. Tate, so Mr. Foster came to see.” Ali said.

Avery immediately asked the bodyguard to return the insulation box.

“Breakfast is not bad. But don’t give breakfast any more in the future. It’s impossible for our boss to agree to Miss Jobin’s request.” The bodyguard stuffed the insulation box into Ali.

“What request?” Elliot said alertly.

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