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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1370 by

Chapter 1370

The voice of the bodyguard was settled, and Elliot immediately strode towards Ward v03. He didn’t knock on the door, just pushed open the door of the ward and went in.

The light in the ward is on, and Avery has closed her eyes and rested. But she didn’t fall asleep. She heard the movement and opened her eyes immediately. She thought it was the bodyguard who came after taking a shower, but unexpectedly, it was Elliot.

Seeing him come in, she jumped and sat up.

“You lie down.” Elliot walked to the side of the hospital bed and looked down at her, “A tumor grows in your brain?”

Avery just lay down when she heard the words behind him, and her body suddenly became hot: “Go and ask.”

“What your bodyguard said.” Elliot sat down in the chair next to him, “I know I’m sick, why don’t I treat it well? When I should recover my memory, it will naturally recover.”

“I’m afraid you will fall in love with Rebecca. My son, get used to the life here and never want to return to Aryadelle and my illness is not particularly serious, it’s okay to delay it.” Avery expressed her concerns.

“Yes, delay it, from the early stage to the late stage. When you are dragged to death, even if I recover my memory, I can be with Rebecca with a clear conscience.” Elliot followed her words and said calmly.

Avery: “…”

Why is your mouth so poisonous?

“Didn’t I plan to have surgery?” Avery blushed slightly and asked sternly.

“Why didn’t you keep procrastinating?” Elliot asked back.

Avery sighed: “You’ve already agreed to Kyrie’s request, what else can I do? Unless you want to get out of here, I can’t do anything about it.”

“Finally, I know how to accept my fate.”

“I didn’t think about dragging my illness.” Avery was alive and well, but she didn’t want to die.

“After your surgery, I will find a way to get Nick to send you back to Aryadelle.” Elliot hesitated for a moment, then said, “I may not be able to return to Aryadelle soon. You go back, and live your own life first.”

“You might as well not say that.” Avery had a headache.

“Go to sleep.” Elliot ended the conversation.

Avery: “I can’t sleep when you’re here.”

Elliot: “Then I’ll go.”

“Don’t go.” Avery reached out and took his arm, “You stay with me for a while.”

Elliot looked directly into her face: “You are now Patient, it’s hard to sleep late.”

If Avery wasn’t sick, Elliot could stay up late with her, but when he thought of a big tumor growing in her brain, he didn’t want to let her mess around.

“Then you sleep with me for a while.” Avery refused to let go of his arm, “Anyway, Kyrie will not be awake for a while.”

Elliot thought for a moment, and felt that this was inappropriate, but it didn’t hurt.

“Have you not had a good rest these days? Look at your dark circles.” Avery sat up, moved in, and forcibly pulled him down on the hospital bed.

Although the bed in the VIP ward is a bit more advanced than the ordinary one. It will still look crowded when the two of them lie down together.

After he lay down beside her, she reached out and hugged his body: “Did you smoke?”

“Did you choke on you?”

“No.” Avery put her head on his neck and said hoarsely , “You used to only smoke when you were upset. Although the current difficulties seem difficult for us to overcome. we will definitely overcome them. We have come through so many ups and downs in the past.”

“Why are you marrying Rebecca?” Avery suddenly said after a moment of silence.

Elliot was stunned for a moment, not expecting her to mention this sensitive topic.

“Why?” Avery curiosity was piqued. “Even if you don’t remember me, you are not someone who can marry a woman casually.”

His voice Calmly came, “It was Kyrie who asked her to come to me. Kyrie asked her to reveal to me that if I marry her, with my ability, everything in the Jobin family will be mine in the future.”

65 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1370 by”

    1. This novel is frustrating. I hate having to wait to read chapters. I’m going to get bored waiting on the next chapter. I won’t take long to loose interest and stop reading this.

    1. I just can’t figure out why she hasn’t mentioned Shea yet. That’s the whole reason all this has taken place. If Elliot knew she was alive and because Adrian was the donor. Elliot would had least be happy Shea was alive. He wouldnt hate Adrian. Would understand why Avery did what she did. Even though it was so stupid how she did it.. this could be fixed. She just has to sY about Shea before Xander does this terrible thong to her

      1. Darla, I think Avery mentioned it to Elliot already when they met after elliot’s surgery but seems elliot didn’t take notice much of it coz he felt more anger to Avery that time…

        1. how could elliot be angry when he does’nt remember what to hate with avery? the author is ridiculous to toy with the readers.

        2. Must have missed it. For awhile I was going back and forth on a different site to get chapters. Even though both sites now are at the same place in the story. The other has more chapters somewhere I must have missed it. Lol.its made me so angry she hadn’t said anything.looks like that was my fault not seeing it

          1. Yep just went back to desirenovel the last chapter I read on it was 1265 which she did tell him. Not sure why I didn’t remember it. That was the last chapter that site had

      2. If I’m not mistaken Avery mentioned that Shea is still alive when he confessed to Elliot and mentioned also that Adrian will return all the shares back to him. That’s what I’m confused.
        It seems Elliot character is so lame now

        1. Yes Darla, Chief, Zoe… The night it was announced that Elliot and Rebecca had Wed was when Avery went to him, and confessed everything. That was when he pushed her down and the bodyguard came to pick her up. I also have wondered since then why it has not been brought back up. Elliot said to Hayden that he remembered everything except Avery…. That leads me to believe that he would remember Shay and therefore hearing that she is alive, you would think would be amazing news. Very curious!

          1. Maybe all along Elliot has a plan or else his character is nothing but a wimp 🤦🏻‍♀️
            Same thing as Avery’s character where she is so busy helping others before her children 🤦🏻‍♀️
            Dr. Xander’s character is out of the line too 🤦🏻‍♀️

        2. Yea I remember her telling him.about the shares. Just totally gorgon she told him the rest till I just went back and looked. Now I’m just really confused why it didn’t effect Elliott.
          I guess that’s what happens when you read it from 4 different sites. Been able to stay with this one recently because it’s kept up better then the others

      3. Avery did mentioned about Shea and Adrian but Elliot doesn’t remember or not care about them anymore.

      4. She did when she first found him and explained why she did what she did. It’s weird he didn’t react to shea being alive at all. It would be nice though if she stopped neglecting her kids Mike and business. And she is pregnant again (not that she knows yet). I’m really hoping this whole transplant story doesn’t happen. Leave that place get back home deal with Wanda and let’s end this story.

  1. Jennifer Valdez

    It’s disappointing to know that Elliot could stoop low as to marry another woman for the sake of money & power. This is not a smart move at all… I thought Elliot was intelligent, so why he didn’t use his own intelligence to climb up the ladder instead of being a puppet?🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    1. Because they took advantage of him right after he had his surgery. They knew it was a sensitive time for him & could easily be manipulated.

    2. I totally agree. I can only think of is because of his lame surgery or else it doesn’t make any sense. It wasn’t Elliot character at all.

    3. Jennifer I agree. It’s already been said that even without Sterling Group he was still insanely rich so why would he want what Kyrie has? Obviously he already had more so it doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand how he married Rebecca when he’s still married to Avery? I understand different countries have different laws but once you are married shouldn’t you still have to divorce before you can marry someone else? This isn’t like his character at all. Even if he was hurt by Avery why would he abandon his kids just to marry Rebecca so he could take over Kyrie’s business? For someone who used to be a smart man I seriously can’t figure out why he did the things he did? Even stranger how Hayden at 7 years old could take down Cristian but Elliot with all the power he has can’t do anything to Kyrie? Why hasn’t Elliot secretly brought in his own men? In the past he never had trouble dealing with anything so it’s ridiculous to say that Kyrie has control over him…….

      1. Well captured dear.
        I hate it when writers start making their lead characters lame and weak after initially portraying them as having strong, intelligent and no non sense ass lickers.
        For detrailing in his portrayal Elliott’s character as weak, unintelligent and easily deceived person is completely ridiculous. Elliot is someone that always has multiple plans at play all times, with many resources and connections at his disposal.
        Also, for making an expert doctor to make decisions which is completely out of the oath and code of ethics he swore is completely absurd.
        This writer really needs a psychotic evaluation .

  2. The last update, I read in 6 minutes!! Am constantly googling for any updates, on any site!!
    It’s finally getting interesting, again, annnnnd….updates are short, slow down, or stop for a few days. Very frustrating. Am hoping more than 1 person is translating & publishing.
    Good story, even with many culture, and terminology differences.

  3. I just can’t figure out, why we can’t get a couple of chapters through out the day? Instead of 3 chapters a day. This is getting annoying, I’m about to just give up on reading this and make my own ending. 😆🙁

  4. Ridiculous….Avery tells him the truth about the tumor and he cruelly answers that if she dies he can be with Rebecca. Maybe she has always lied because she knows that he doesn’t trust her. I think they transferred the monkeys brain into Elliott making him a buffoon who is with Rebecca for the Jobin wealth and power. The picture painted by the author seems that to love you are opening yourself to a lifetime of anguish and pain. Also no matter how smart, talented and independent these 7 year olds are , if they are human they will suffer mentally because their parents seem to have abandoned them. I also believe Rebecca and Lorenzo have been mentally manipulated by Kyrie. As for Xander , what an idiot. He is the definition of an unscrupulous doctor who thinks he is God and can manipulate and take away a person’s autonomy because its for their own good. Not sure where this story is heading. If Averys child gets transplanted into Rebecca I can honestly say that I will be thoroughly disgusted. Author please give us some joy and let Avery and Elliott and their children know that if they love and fight together they will become stronger and conquer the 😈 evil.

    1. She said to him that if they work together they will defeat evil when she was with him in hospital.
      I hope the op get cancelled and Rebecca doesn’t get the baby or if done Rebecca won’t have the baby because Elliot will be there before the op. They get to go back and have surgery in Bridgedale if it’s postponed
      Christian can help.

  5. Elliot was brainwashed and after his surgery he was filled with hatred. Thinking he had lost everything and he needs Kyrie to make it. Also Kyrie just wanted to control him….

  6. I hope Avery learns about her pregnancy during her pre op examination. Elliott and nick need to get her out of there for her to go back home. Allow Tammy to carry her baby for her so she can still have the surgery!!

    1. JD, perfectly said! I agree with you! It would be nice for something good to finally happen to Avery and Elliot. Having Tammy carry the baby is a great idea. To give Avery’s baby to Rebecca to be raised as a Jobin is beyond disturbing! It’s not right for Xander to make that decision for Avery. How can he say he’s a doctor and believes in life and then turn around and let Avery’s child be raised in a horrible environment where it’ll have no choice but to turn out to be a terrible person just like the rest of that family! Xander is a HORRIBLE person who deserves to die a slow death and then rot in hell for even thinking of doing something that awful. I really hope Avery doesn’t lose her baby to Rebecca. Even more confusing how Xander thinks that Avery wouldn’t know. Impossible for Avery NOT to know that he performed that kind of surgery on her.

  7. Does anyone know where we can get better information on how many chapters are left. And another website to finish this book?

  8. This is not the correct way to read a book like this is ridiculous how long it takes to get chapters . I’m losing internet more and more .


    waiting for more chapters my last read was 7/8/22 at about 12pm, usually there are more updates by now when will there be more

  10. the translator has a life and it is my understanding that he/she is attending a family event. Many other sites for other novels only update 1-4 chapters a day. I for one appreciate all this translator does. We should stop complaining that the chapters are to short or not enough are uploaded. I know we all want to continue reading to see what transpires next but are we saying that the translator may not spend time with family ever. Despite being at a family event translation is still happening but with less chapters. Many other online novels take weeks and months to update when you are in the middle of a story. I have read a story that was excellent and after reading 1600 chapters they said update coming soon( that was in October 2021) So lets give a thankful shout out to the translator for all the hard work. Wishing everyone joy and happiness

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