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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1365 by

Chapter 1365

“The inpatient department is over there, let’s go.” Ali, the bodyguard, saw that the two of them were standing still, so he opened his mouth to break the silence.

The three walked towards the inpatient department.

Arriving at the neurology department, Avery said to Elliot, “Let your bodyguard pay the fee.”

Elliot immediately took out a card and handed it to the bodyguard.

After the bodyguard left, Avery took Elliot into the doctor’s office.

There are two doctors sitting in the office. Elliot was a little surprised to see the two of them coming in.

Avery directly pulled Elliot into the bathroom attached to the office and closed the door.

“Didn’t I tell you to refuse? Why didn’t you listen to me?” Elliot asked Avery first.

“Why should I refuse to see Kyrie?” Avery has her own ideas. “Nick told me that as long as Kyrie dies, your promise to him will not be fulfilled.”

Elliot was shocked by her bold idea. He said, “You want to take this opportunity to kill Kyrie?”

“Can’t you?” Avery raised her eyebrows, “I can do it without knowing it, and I promise not to let others see that I did it.”

Elliot: “Do you think they are reasonable gentlemen?”

Avery was stunned.

“If Kyrie dies accidentally, even if you didn’t kill him, his subordinates would kill you. Not to mention you killed him.” Elliot rejected Avery’s idea.

Avery: “I don’t want to kill him, do you want me to treat him? What a joke…”

Elliot looked at her gown again, and asked, “Why are you wearing a hospital gown? Are you sick?”

Avery blushed nervously, remembering the lie she told Mike, so she said: “Gynecological disease, I need a minor surgery.”

An unnatural look flashed in Elliot eyes: “Wait when they come over, You just pretend your stomach hurts and say you can’t help. If Kyrie wakes up and sees you, he’ll definitely remember Cristian’s death! He’ll never be grateful to you. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Oh…. ..” Avery lowered her eyes sadly, and soon raised her eyes to look at Elliot again, “You promised Kyrie that he would never leave the Yonroeville, and you promised him to have a child with Rebecca, which is against your will, right?”

Elliot’s adam’s apple rolling up and down sensually.

“Elliot, if you don’t let me kill Kyrie, then you can find a way to kill him.” Avery’s eyes suddenly turned cold, her tone even colder, “Please give me a happy answer, If I do it, or you do?”

“Are you forcing me?” Elliot frowned.

If Avery killed Kyrie rashly, her bodyguard and classmate would all have to die.

“Yes, I’m just forcing you.” Avery felt like she was going crazy, if she didn’t force Elliot, life would drive her crazy, “Either you don’t care about my life or death. Kyrie is going to deal with me and talk to me. What does it have to do with you? You have always wanted to protect me from here. Your feelings for me, who can you deceive? Do you think your new wife, Rebecca doesn’t know anything.”

Elliot looked at her aggressive look. His eyes were getting thicker, and the teeth were clenched.

‘Bang bang bang’. There was a knock on the door.

Ali, The bodyguard went to pay the bills and came back. He didn’t see the two of them. After asking around, a doctor told him that the two of them were in the bathroom.

–Two adults in one bathroom?

–Even if the two of them were going to plot something, they won’t run to the bathroom to plot it.

With a ‘squeak’, the bathroom door opened. Avery bent over with a pained face, while Elliot held her arm and helped her out of the bathroom.

Ali was shocked, “What’s wrong? Dr. Tate, are you alright?”

Avery gasped and said intermittently, “I…I’m afraid. I can’t help Kyrie because I am too sick.”

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    1. Yes,Avery keeps repeating her mistakes,lying about even simple things,she feels she can take on the whole stress and pressure

  3. Rebecca really has one nerve to even think about taking another woman’s child from her and then think that same woman should save her father! The father that openly hates her and did everything he could to break up her family. The entitlement and lack of care about anyone else besides herself is uncanny! smh! she has never placed her self in Avery shoes! not once!

  4. She lies too much and is always there us problem as a result of her lies. She does not trust Elliott and he is so sincere to her.

  5. Can truth ever come out of avery’s lips!
    Why does she lie this much!
    She Still hasn’t learnt the importance of telling truth!

    1. Need more chapters. I want to know what going to happen to Rebbecca father. This can come to end. So Elliot and they get away before Rebbecca take her baby.

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  7. Please put out more chapters. The chapters are very short and as something happens we have to wait hours for more to be uploaded

  8. Yes Avery lies, but what would you do if time and time again you were misunderstood and Schemed against? Maybe her lies are self preservation. What has Elliott really done to make her trust him? He also lies and loses his temper. The main problem is not the lies but the lack of communication of their true feelings. Yes her lies have caused problems within their marriage but why blame everything on her solely when the evil people never get punished for the horrible things they do. I think in her mind she believes she needs to save everyone even at her own expense. I truly wish she would see that she should be concerned with her husband and children only. She seems to be one of those people who feels she needs to fix things or control the situation. I do hope a happy ending for them but I think this saga is going to go on for a long while.

    1. MJ, very well said I totally agree with you. I’ve read a LOT of stories but sadly this is the only one that treats the lead characters so HORRIBLE! How is it possible that it’s close to 1400 chapters and the author still hasn’t figured out how to make them an unbreakable couple that stands beside each other and fights for their happiness? I’ve never read a story where the evil ones ALWAYS win over and over again. How can Xander be a doctor (and friend) and make such an important decision for Avery? Why would he think it’s ok to let an innocent child grow up in a terrible family like that? Honestly the way this story is going is disgusting! It’s time for Avery and Elliot to live a happy life with their kids. It’s unrealistic how Elliot can’t save them with his resources. Why hasn’t he secretly brought in his men? If Hayden could instantly get rid of Cristian then why can’t Elliot get rid of Kyrie? It doesn’t make sense!

    1. I feel that Elliott should come to see Avery in the hospital the next day while he visits Kyrie. At that time he will see she has brain surgery. While Elliott is at the hospital he should over hear Averys doctor and nurses about implanting her baby into another women. Then I think Elliott will find out that Rebecca is the one pregnant with Avery and Elliotts baby. I think Avery should go home to recover and take care of her other 3 kids. Meanwhile, the plot will thicken until Rebecca gives birth and Elliott brings their baby home to Avery. I think to wait 18 years to find out about the baby is unimaginable. During this time Avery will continue to be heartbroken and I feel like her other 3 children will miss out on their father if he doesnt return for years. Look how Elliott felt when he found out he was switched at a young age.

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    Starting to think you’ve given in translating this and gone to another novel

    1. No. For the next 3 days there will be less chapters because he is going to his family’s wedding. He will still try to translate 10 chapters a day or so.

      1. How do you know he’s going to wedding? Do you know the translator? If so, can you ask how many chapters needed to be translated?

      2. What language it is? I think I can help translating, it’s not that difficult…and if he is going to visit family on an event, why not entrust someone else with translating we al wait here like idiots

  10. I have to wait for them to go 18 years to hear the news of her child ? How won’t she realize she had an operation other then the brain? Two separate different areas of surgery lol
    This is getting ridiculous to say the least
    A page is a chapter , by the way this is going will take a year to read if it ever has an ending

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  12. It’s official I hate Xander. Taking way Avery baby in her stomach and not telling her until 18 years later. If I was her finding that out 18 years later I would be more pissed. If I was hear finding out about Xander getting rid of my baby and not telling me it and transfer the baby to my enemy. I would feel betrayed and angry.

  13. I started reading this book on an app linked off of a preview on Facebook. The one on the app changed a few of the character names, but not some of the major characters.
    The messed up copying & pasting. Some chapters were out of order & repeating… a lot of readers were upset.
    While scrolling through the comments, someone mentioned being able to read the book for free by googling their names. I originally read it off of another website & in the middle of the text it said that the text was translated by this website. It’s pretty frustrating to see someone else stealing & taking credit from this person when they’re working hard on this.
    Thank you for all the work you put into this! I love this book & it’s so hard to put it down. Im always so sad when i realize that I’ve read everything that’s currently available.

  14. Thank you for translating for us, you have been moving it along for us and we appreciate it. You are working on so many titles at once, hopefully you have some help.
    Hope you have a nice time at the wedding.
    And we look forward to any you give us and will be glad when it’s like 100 or so at once! We’ll be waiting!!

  15. People in these comments are truly in titled! How many times does she have to tell you that she is translating a Chinese Novel!!! She can’t help if the chapters are to short. She has a family and kids to take care of as well if you can’t be patient than just move on to another book. She translates more than one book on a day. If you want to find the novel google it in Chinese, if not than shut up, be patient, and tip her via her PayPal!

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  20. Jennifer Valdez

    Avery is still a big liar… her lies will be paid not only by her & Elliot but also by their child in her tummy… if it’s a girl & it looks like Avery, then Elliot might doubt the child’s identity. But if it’s another boy & it will look like Elliot then it will be another problem… worse, 18yrs later the child will be the eldest son’s greatest enemy.

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