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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1364 by

Chapter 1364

“Avery, although my boss doesn’t like you very much, if you can cure my boss, I will help you speak nicely in front of him.” Lorenzo said in a rough voice.

Rebecca questioned, “Avery, are you really that powerful? However, if you can cure my father, I will also speak for you in front of my father.”

Elliot turned sideways and pulled out his phone from pocket and send a message to Avery.

Avery’s phone vibrated lightly. She turned on her phone and saw the message from Elliot.

There were only this message – ‘No’.

Elliot told her to refuse to see Kyrie Jobin.

She held the phone and said to Rebecca lightly, “I have to go first to check on your father’s condition. After that I can say answer of your question.”

After her voice was settled, the door of the emergency room opened.

Elliot watched her resolutely stride into the emergency room, his fingers clenched.

Avery clearly saw the message he sent her but–

–why didn’t she listen to him?

–Who is Kyrie?

–Hasn’t she experienced it during this time?

Not to mention Kyrie’s personality, just say Kyrie’s confidant Lorenzo, like Kyrie, has a cold and cruel temperament.

If Avery promised to help Kyrie to heal, but failed to cure Kyrie in the end, Lorenzo would definitely kill her.

Elliot asked her to refuse because he didn’t want Avery to jump into the fire pit. Even if Avery could cure Kyrie, Kyrie would never be grateful to her.

About half an hour later, the door to the emergency room opened, and Kyrie was pushed out.

“Doctor, how is my father?” Rebecca asked the doctor who came out first.

The doctor said, “Ms. Tate said you invited her to treat Mr. Jobin…”

“Avery, you promised to treat my father? Is my father seriously injured? Does he need surgery? When will he wake up?” Rebecca asked eagerly.

“How did he get hurt?” Avery asked.

“The servant and the bodyguard said that my father fell down when he went downstairs.” Rebecca’s eyes were red, “Maybe my elder brother’s death made him a little dazed.”

“His brain hemorrhage is not too serious . . However, further examination is needed.” Avery glanced at the bodyguards surrounding here, and said, “So many of you are here, affecting other people to see a doctor. Just leave a few people here, others first Go back.”

Lorenzo immediately said to Rebecca, “Miss Jobin, go back first. Elliot and I are guarding here, your father will be fine.”

Rebecca glanced at Elliot, and then looked uneasy. He glanced at Avery.

“You go back first.” Elliot said.

Rebecca immediately nodded meekly: “Then I’ll come back tomorrow morning.”

After the bodyguard sent Rebecca away, Avery strode towards the elevator.

Elliot and Lorenzo followed.

The elevator door opened, and Avery said to Lorenzo, “Go take care of Kyrie for an examination. After you get the results of the examination, go to the neurology inpatient department to find me.”

Lorenzo nodded and gestured to Elliot: “What?”

“He’s going to pay the fee, and there are some hospitalization procedures to be done.” Avery teased, “What? Are you afraid I’ll eat him?”

Lorenzo’s face turned black.

Several bodyguards followed into the elevator, and when the elevator door closed, Avery immediately looked at Elliot.

This is the first time they have officially met since Cristian’s death.

Avery hasn’t seen Elliot for a few days, and Elliot has lost a lot of weight.

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