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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1360 by

Chapter 1360

Although Xander said so, Rebecca was still full of confidence. If she can succeed, then she can keep Elliot.

As long as Elliot never knows that the child’s biological mother is Avery, then the child is hers.

After Xander completed the hospitalization procedures, he did not immediately return to the hotel to find Avery.

Because he privately decided to give Avery’s child to Rebecca, if Avery knew, she would definitely be angry. But if Avery doesn’t, the baby in her womb will die.

Between life and death, Xander prefers to let the child live.

–Hayden’s face kept appearing in his mind. What if the baby in her belly is as smart and capable as Hayden after birth?

–Moreover, even if the child did not grow up by her side, as long as she told the child the truth about her life in the future, she could let the child choose where to live.

The more he thought about it, the more determined the plan was.

They are now trapped here and cannot leave, but as long as the child is transplanted to Rebecca, they can successfully leave here.

Now operating on Avery and leaving here are the most important things.

Back at the hotel, Xander entered his room. Although he has firmed up his inner plan. He is inevitably uneasy. After all, it was the first time to do such a thing.

Xander walked to the desk and opened the notebook. He opened Avery’s surgical plan and checked it carefully. After confirming that it was correct, he frowned and opened the mailbox.

He was sure that he didn’t have the courage to tell Avery about this in person in the future, so he planned to write an email to Avery.

Of course, this email will not be sent immediately.

He clicked the timer to send out. After turning on the timing function, he hesitated when choosing the time. After one year, three years, five years, or when that child is an adult?

After struggling for a while, he chose to send this email eighteen years later.

When the child is an adult and when Avery finds the child, he can let the child choose to live with the biological mother or the adoptive mother.

He picked up the water glass, took a sip, and then began to write the text of the email –


[When you see this email, please think back to the scene when we were in Yonroeville 18 years ago. Because this email was written to you eighteen years ago by me sitting in my hotel room. Please be patient and read it before contacting me. Whether you resent me or understand me, I accept it.

About a week ago, you said that your period was delayed. I took you to the hospital for a check-up, but you fell asleep on the medical bed. The doctor gave me your ultrasound form, and I was speechless in shock.

You have a tumor in your brain, the tumor was pressing on the nerves in your brain, and the tumor was growing, you must had surgery as soon as possible. You also called me to help you in Yonroeville because of this. How can you get pregnant at a time like this?

Of course it is pointless to pursue this. I thought about telling you this, but your bodyguard told me that you like children very much, and you have a stubborn temper. After knowing the existence of this baby, you may risk your life to give birth to this baby. I feel desperate.

Between you and your baby, of course I choose to protect you. So I decided to secretly abort your child while you were under anesthesia.

As a result, an accident occurred.

You haven’t forgotten that your son Hayden came to Yonroeville and killed Cristian with the help of the nanny, so we were trapped in Yonroeville and couldn’t leave, right?

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  1. Jennifer Valdez

    Really? Let the mother know 18yrs later? Let Avery think Elliot betrayed her? I reqlly love & hate this novel… the writer seems to be a psycho… same as the characters… And how can he operate Avery & take out the fetus without her knowing? Where is Xander’s conscience???

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