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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1358 by

Chapter 1358

A woman, coming to see andrology, is quite puzzling.

Rebecca winked at the accompanying bodyguard and asked the bodyguard to step back first.

Rebecca asked Xander, “Why are you in the hospital? Are you coming to see the male department?”

Xander scratched his head awkwardly: “No, I came with you.”

“You followed me?” Rebecca frowned warily.

“No, you misunderstood me. I came to the hospital today for something. Didn’t I tell you before that Avery and I are classmates? I’m also a doctor. I also eat dinner with the vice president of this hospital, .”

After getting his explanation, Rebecca let go of his vigilance.

“I’m not here to see a doctor, I’m here to ask some questions.” Rebecca woke up this morning and found that Elliot was no longer around.

The nanny said Elliot left early.

Elliot didn’t say where he was going or when he would come back.

Rebecca felt uncomfortable, so she came to the andrology department of the hospital to ask about the men’s problems, whether they could be treated well, and the impact on having children.

Rebecca’s actually quite shy. Her family education is very strict. Before marrying Elliot, she had no close contact with the male person.

If she wasn’t forced to, she would never come to the male department.

“Consulting questions about andrology?” Xander’s mouth raised a smile, “You see there are quite a few patients today, why don’t you ask me first, in case I can answer your questions?”

Rebecca glanced at the male department. If she went over, there was need to line up. It’s just that there were a lot of male patients queuing outside, which made her a little embarrassed.

Rebecca struggled again and again, walked out of the male department, and decided to ask Xander first. If Xander didn’t understand, she would come and ask the doctor.

The two sat down in a breakfast restaurant outside the hospital.

Xander had breakfast, so he ordered a drink and Rebecca didn’t order anything.

“Doctor Xander, is it true that a man can’t do it after he is 30 years old?” Rebecca asked in a low voice.

Xander choked abruptly: “No, isn’t it? Why do you ask that? Who in your family is not good?”

Rebecca frowned: “Keep your voice down. Who do you think is not good in my family? Could it be my father? Even if my dad is dead, he won’t tell me.”

“Oh…then you mean…Elliot?” Xander didn’t think about him because he should be fine.

Otherwise, Avery wouldn’t be pregnant again so soon.

“Don’t say it. Otherwise he will be angry.” Rebecca took a deep breath, “Last night my dad asked us to have a baby quickly, so when I got home, I wanted to make out with Elliot, but he didn’t have no interest on me. He said he couldn’t do that.”


Xander wiped his mouth with a tissue.

–This Elliot is very interesting.

–There is absolutely no problem with him, and he was able to refuse Rebecca.

–Rebecca looks sweet and cute, and has a good figure. Most men can’t hold her when they see her.

–But when Elliot faced her, his heart was still in the water which could only show that he had other women in his heart.

Rebecca frowned, “Doctor Xander, isn’t this disease incurable? Of course, no matter if it is cured or not, he doesn’t intend to cure it. But my dad asked me to give him a baby.”

Xander said, “Elliot won’t let you touch it? Even if it’s not very good in that respect, as long as it’s not a problem with sperm quality, it won’t affect fertility.”

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  1. So… He is willing to kill Avery and Elliots baby and at the same time, telling Rebecca that she only needs Elliots sperm. Seriously?

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