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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1357 by

Chapter 1357

After returning to the room from dinner, she has been in this state until now. She kept asking herself in her heart, did she really reach a dead end? Is it really desperate?

No inner voice responded to her.

Because Avery knows better than anyone that in the current situation. she is not only unable to protect herself, let alone save her and Elliot’s love.

Even if Elliot recovered his memory now and called her to say that the woman he loved the most in his life was her, it would not help.

In the face of life and death, everything seems so insignificant.

About 2:00 in the morning, when Avery was about to turn off the lights to sleep, the screen of her mobile phone suddenly lit up, and a text message came in.

Seeing the message was sent from Elliot, her heart beat violently, as if she was resurrected from a dying state.

Elliot replied to the message she sent the day before yesterday: [Wait a minute.]

After reading these words over and over several times, 10 minutes passed.

She hesitated whether to reply to him, and 10 minutes passed. Just when she made up her mind to send him a message and ask him about his next plan, half an hour passed.

–It’s already 3:00 in the morning, Elliot must be asleep, right?

–Message him now, it’s too late.

–Everything is too late.

–If she had told him the truth earlier, he would not have come to Yonroeville in a hurry.

–If he doesn’t come to Yonroeville, he won’t become Kyrie’s pawn.

–Or, if she listened to him at first and left Yonroeville earlier, Hayden wouldn’t sneak up to kill Cristian, and Elliot wouldn’t be bound here for the rest of his life.

–Really I did a lots of wrong steps?

Her head suddenly throbbed violently. After taking a deep breath, she opened the drawer, found the painkiller and quickly put the tablet into her mouth.

Elliot asked her to wait, not knowing how long it would take.

Perhaps, Avery can do the operation here first. Regardless of whether Elliot can return to Aryadelle in the future, she will live well and raise their three children.

Painkillers work quickly. When the pain in her head subsided, she turned off the bedside light.

A few hours later, it was dawn.

At breakfast, Avery told Xander that she could have surgery first.

Xander was very excited.

“But I didn’t fall asleep last night. I have to go back to my room to catch up after having breakfast.” Avery didn’t fall asleep for a minute last night.

She was very sleepy now.

Xander said sympathetically, “Well, don’t worry. As long as you agree to the operation, you’ll be fine in a few days. I’ll go to the hospital to book a ward and an operating room for you.”

Avery: “Xander, thank you.”

“It’s not too late for you to thank me when the operation is successful.” Xander brought her a glass of warm milk and continued, “Drink the milk first, then sleep well.”


After breakfast, Xander went to the hospital.

Entering the hospital, he was suddenly attracted by a familiar shadow.

Why did Rebecca come to the hospital?

Xander couldn’t help but follow in Rebecca’s footsteps and followed her.

It was mainly because Avery was not in a hurry to be hospitalized, so he let himself gossip like this.

When he saw Rebecca walking towards the male department, Xander strode forward and stopped her: “Miss Jobin, why are you coming to the male department?”

5 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1357 by”

  1. So Avery just realized it now? Lies and secrecy, the writer’s favorite words and where really the novel revolves. Even Xander, a doctor, hide the truth from Avery that she is pregnant and what’s more, he wants to kill the baby? Isn’t it against code of ethics? Isn’t the patient the one who decides if they want to get the treatment or not? How come? Sorry writer but there are really absurd scenes that i dunno it amazes me or frustrates me coz it’s unrealistic. But still thanking the translator of this story for the efforts.

    1. Aptly captured dear!
      We roll with all the unrealistic and absurd scenes and assumptions cos it is actually fiction.
      Many thanks to you the translator and the writer.
      Pls, keep the chapters coming

    2. They are really some absurd scenes in this story, right from when Avery returned with the two children, they’ve always been some things that don’t match up, but what do we the readers do, we just follow suit.

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